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#gamemp3s Archive Torrents: The Remix (E)

Hope you all enjoyed the D portion of the remix. Moving along tonight, we have a bite-sized update with the letter E. Although there's only 14 albums, a few of these are some of my personal favorites: Ehrgeiz, Einhander, Espgaluda I & II, Estpolis Biography (Lufia), and Eternal Arcadia (Skies of Arcadia).

This is going to be the last update for the month and at least a week, maybe more. I have some things that require my attention outside of #gamemp3s so I am going to be pretty busy for a little while. Just wanted to say two things, first thank you to everyone who has been seeding the torrents as this would not be possible without your support. Second, this right now is the calm before the storm. The next two updates are going to be huge (~18 GB combined) so I highly recommend that you go out and get some more DVDs or a new hard drive as you are going to need it. You're on notice now, enjoy.

Edit: Sorry found two bad files and nuked the first torrent, everything's perfect now.

posted by Msia on 27 January


comment #1

Niiiiiiice! Espgaluda & Lufia!! I

comment posted by Shin Ein on 27 January

comment #2

I've got Estpolis Biography II in CD form, and had no idea there's an alternate version with the Game Boy soundtracks. Huh. Time to add to my collection!

Thanks, gamemp3s!

comment posted by Desides on 27 January

comment #3

You guys just keep spoiling us with these releases. Great stuff. :)

comment posted by Man_s on 27 January

comment #4

Kilu: I havent checked but my estimate of the entire archive is about 115-120 GB.

comment posted by Msia on 28 January

comment #5

Holy crap, I haven't even finished the D torrents yet. :D

Hey Msia, about how many gigs is the rest of the archives (F-Z) if counted together?

comment posted by Kilu on 28 January

comment #6

I have a backlog of gigs upon gigs of music now. These torrents are insane. Luckily i already have all the Final fantasy music i need; so F won't be too draining on me...

comment posted by Syl on 28 January

comment #7

Thanks so much, Gamemp3s. Even though I have a small amount of HDD space, I will keep up with all the downloads and do my part in seeding. Once again, this is HIGHLY appreciated.

comment posted by Rocky_Raccoon on 28 January

comment #8

Thanks. Also, awesome. If I'm lucky I'm gonna be able to squueze it all into my current drives. :D That's a lot of music.

comment posted by Kilu on 28 January

comment #9

Thanks for the upcoming break. I need to get some more media to keep up with these.

On a seperate note, does anyone remember when a song came out a few years ago that was supposed to be Lufia 3 for the PS or PS2? It was a fake but it was a good song, was curious if anyone else had it downloaded still.

comment posted by DonMartione on 28 January

comment #10

I can only imagine what the next torrent(s) will be like, considering that the next letter in the alphabet is the letter F. I mean, the main reason D was split up into two torrents was for Dragon Quest and Dracula. Will all Final Fantasy music be split off into its own torrent? ;)

Thank you for the updates. I seeded D part 1 all this weekend until I moved my computer to the front room in the house.

/me is downloading part 2 now...yay.

comment posted by Pakwan Kenobi on 29 January

comment #11

Volkov: I replaced the torrent about 15-20 min after I originally put the old one up on Saturday. You should be okay as long as all the sfvs check out, which they should.

comment posted by Msia on 29 January

comment #12

im not sure when I got this one...

what files were bad and what do i have to delete and redownload?

comment posted by Volkov on 29 January

comment #13

Lufia! I've been looking everywhere for you!

comment posted by Johnny on 29 January

comment #14

Oh jeez, #10...


comment posted by Judge on 29 January

comment #15

Ha, nevermind, #gamemp3s didn't release as many Falcom albums as I thought they had.

comment posted by Judge on 29 January

comment #16

ye ~good

comment posted by bill on 30 January

comment #17

DonMartione: If it's what I'm thinking of, it wasn't a fake, but was used for the trailer of the cancelled "Estpolis: Ruin Chasers" (AKA "Lufia: Ruins Chaser") for the PSX. Forfeit Island still has a copy of it posted, IIRC.

comment posted by Datana on 30 January

comment #18

Datana, YES you are correct! Thank you so much for the information. I just remember "The GIA" posting it back in the day before they went under and then the game just never came out. Thanks again!

comment posted by DonMartione on 30 January

comment #19

Well, it's good news for us completionists when most of a letter contains memorable soundtracks. Seeing as how i'll always get the torrent as long as the #gamemp3s brand name is stamped on it. Didn't feel like I was wasting any space at all with this one.

Thanks Msia.

comment posted by Antignition on 31 January

comment #20

Enthusia!! Awesome, thanks guys!

comment posted by Typhoeus on 05 February

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