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Yakuza love cats.

A nice little doozy for everyone tonight:

Ryu ga Gotoku & Ryu ga Gotoku 2 Original Sound Track

That is "Yakuza" to everyone outside Japan, "Yakuza 2" still hasn't seen release in these parts yet, but you can listen to the soundtrack now! The main composer is Hidenori Shoji (F-Zero GX/AX, Super Monkey Ball), and the "Ryu ga Gotoku 2" side also features six tracks from famed "Metal Gear Solid" composer, Norihiko Hibino! Both ending vocals are performed by Eri Kawai (Kirite, etc.). Enjoy this one!

posted by Godai on 30 January


comment #1

Wow! I was starting to think that Sega wasn't going to release a soundtrack. Time to buy!

comment posted by BlueNocturne on 30 January

comment #2

Where's the love? This soundtrack is awesome. If you aren't downloading it, you are doing yourself a capital disservice.

comment posted by Godai on 30 January

comment #3

I'm saving myself for Haruka.

comment posted by Msia on 30 January

comment #4

o_o awesome. Just awesome. Thanks SO much for getting this one yous guys.

comment posted by Keisatsu on 30 January

comment #5

fumio ito! guys, fumio ito! he did some outrun2 music!

comment posted by NightsB on 31 January

comment #6

Hmm. Wasn't interested.. until I saw the composers. Thanks!

comment posted by Atreus on 31 January

comment #7

Thank you very much for this release I knew I could count on you guys. Yakuza has the best ost ive heard in a while.

comment posted by Alba Meira on 31 January

comment #8

Can't get it till next weekend
Can't wait thou!
Thanks guys

comment posted by RyuFAN on 31 January

comment #9

Now if someone would be so kind as to explain the cat joke. . .

comment posted by Tom Kenney on 31 January

comment #10

Tom, It's a "What's Michael?" joke. It's a manga.

comment posted by Godai on 01 February

comment #11

Thanks so much!! I've been searching for the soundtrack for this for a while now. ^^ I'm so glad they released it! :)

comment posted by Raylin on 04 February

comment #12

Why is it that tracks 10, 11, and 14 of disc 2 have the artist name as "Norihiko Hibino" (with two spaces between his first and last name) while the rest of the tracks by him have his name as "Norihiko Hibino" (with only one space, like normal)? I checked the SFV file for the release and everything came up good. Just an odd tagging mistake?

comment posted by Pizzasrgo on 06 February

comment #13

Just so you know, there's an extra space between "Norihiko" and "Hibino" in tracks 210, 211, and 214.

I don't know how OCD you are.

comment posted by mazoboom on 06 February

comment #14

Thanks so much!I'm really wants that OST, especially because the battle with Nishiki music is totally AWESOME!

comment posted by Magnus on 06 February

comment #15

Is there any chance anyonce could upload it again? I'm really into the Yakuza game and just love the fighting music.

comment posted by Peter on 16 February

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