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Mamma mia, let me show you my Pokemans…Believe it!

Tonight we catch up with some 2006 albums that fell through the cracks:

Mario Basketball 3on3 Original Soundtrack
Naruto Konoha Spirits Original Game Soundtrack
Nintendo DS Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Super Music Collection

"3on3" is by Masayoshi Soken who was featured on "Seiken Densetsu 4". "Naruto" is actually pretty good, so give it a listen. "Pokemon Diamond & Pearl" is 149 tracks of pokeman goodness!

Edit: Just realized a little booboo I made, had to kill the torrent.
If you started it, you'll have to start again.

posted by Godai on 01 February


comment #1

They do, actually. Both games were developed by Square Enix.

comment posted by Godai on 01 February

comment #2

The original Pokemon had nice, cheerful music as far as I remember. Haven't played the other ones but the soundtrack should be good.

How come Masoyoshi Soken is involved with the 3on3 soundtrack as well? Seiken Sensetsu 4 and 3on3 don't have the same development studio in the background, do they?

comment posted by Emil on 01 February

comment #3

Whoo @ Pokemon. Already got 3on3, but I'm intrigued by Naruto. Thanks much.

comment posted by Muzza on 01 February

comment #4

Atreus, We read the comments and we encourage them! Thank you for your kind words.  Tell your friends about us.

Also wanted to mention about Kumi Tanioka doing alot of chorus work lately. Funny, isn't it? She did chorus on "Mario Basketball 3on3" as well as "Seiken Densetsu 4". She has to be one of those voices singing "Three on Threeeee"...so awesome! :)

comment posted by Godai on 01 February

comment #5

Yay, finally Pokemon is up! Can't wait to listen to that remix of Neo Tokyo (Pulseman). Thanks!

comment posted by aclors on 01 February

comment #6

Thanks for this release. Finally I'll be able to blast the Mario Hoops menu music on the freeway. THREE ON THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

comment posted by Metaly on 01 February

comment #7

And I thought the last non RPG by Square(Enix) was RadRacer for the NES. Still I find it a bit akward that Square Enix was the developer, I automatically assumed some internal Nintendo dev or maybe 2nd party like most of the other Mario licenses. Oh well.

comment posted by Emil on 01 February

comment #8

Emil, I'm guessing you weren't around much during the PS1 era.

comment posted by Metaly on 01 February

comment #9

At first I thought "mario basketball..? ewe", but then you mentioned the composer :3 Thanks!

I love you guys, you're easily my favorite Game OST team..you rip great stuff, -and- rip it using Lame Presets. Don't know if you often read the comments, but I wanted to express my gratitude.

comment posted by Atreus on 01 February

comment #10

Sorry buds, but I love cheesy techno beats.

No soundtrack is planned for Smooth Moves, you might want to try the Gamingforce Forums for a possible audio rip.

comment posted by Godai on 02 February

comment #11

Metaly, you are right, I never had any PlayStation console. I was Nintendo only for a very long time. The 360 is my first non-Nintendo console next to my TV, standing along niceley with my Wii.

comment posted by Emil on 02 February

comment #12

Godai: Gotcha. I was elated when I saw the SD4 soundtrack posted, as well. The Seiken Densetsu series is easily my favorite ever, though Seiken Densetsu 2 takes the cake. Fantastic game, fantastic soundtracks.

Out of curiosity, Godai: Do you know either (a)if a Wario Ware: Smooth Moves soundtrack is planned or (b)if there's a gamerip around? I've been searching but haven't seen anything as of yet.

comment posted by Atreus on 02 February

comment #13

the techno!! it burns!!
I think it would be good to mark releases so the people who cant stand techno beats know what is techno and what is rpg style melodies. I realize there are people who like both kinds but a little or to mark it would be helpful.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 02 February

comment #14

I love the Wario Ware Smooth Moves title song. Although it's kind of technoesque.

comment posted by Emil on 02 February

comment #15

Yup, that's why I mentioned this release was a little catch up. It'd be great to have EVERYTHING right away, but...it doesn't work like that. All of our albums are bought
and ripped by our staff and contributors (i.e. - No rips from lossless sources off Japanese P2P networks). That being said, not everyone has the dough to buy an album as soon as it comes out. We usually do a decent job of getting the major stuff out at a decent time, I'd like to think. Can't win 'em all.

comment posted by Godai on 03 February

comment #16

suprised yer only putting the D/P ost up now... it came out dec 22nd.. and varios torrent sites not dedicated to music have had it since then

comment posted by Arkz on 02 February

comment #17

I'm going to end up downloading both versions to find out myself but does anyone know the difference between #gamemp3's and #PocketMonster's versions of Diamond/Pearl music collection?

comment posted by SuperRobotTaisen on 03 February

comment #18

Regarding WW Smooth Moves: Damn. Thanks for the tip. Hadn't though to try GF yet.

comment posted by Atreus on 05 February

comment #19

Reseed please

And thanks in advance

comment posted by pink872 on 17 May

comment #20

Say, is this 3 on 3 soundtrack the European one? Or does the official actually contain "You're Too Blind To See It"?

comment posted by Ross on 19 September

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