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Let’s Cross the Atrantic! (or OutRun 20th Anniversary Box)

We've got a doozy of a 11-disc box set tonight:

OutRun 20th Anniversary Box

This massive collection of Sega nostalgia (and new material!) is a must-have...with more than 20 renditions of "Magical Sound Shower", how can you go wrong? :)

posted by Godai on 18 February


comment #1

What, eleven discs and only twenty-three versions of MSS? What a gyp. :(

Actually, if there were a two disc Outrun: Magical Sound Shower set, I'd have to purchase at least three copies immediately.

comment posted by CHz on 18 February

comment #2

For some weird reason, my uTorrent doesn't want to download the torrents via RSS anymore.. when I click the entries manually there, I get "can't open file" despite all working fine in Firefox.

Any ideas what might be wrong? Might be a coincidence, but before the recent host/tracker changes it worked fine.

comment posted by gloomb on 18 February

comment #3

Oh yeah, very nice release indeed, this one.

comment posted by gloomb on 18 February

comment #4

Holy crap! 11-disc box set. Very interesting.

comment posted by Outsider on 18 February

comment #5

Moar boxsets like this.

comment posted by Knurek on 18 February

comment #6

Wow! Nice, I had been looking forward to this release. Thanks!

comment posted by aclors on 18 February

comment #7

Dear God.

comment posted by Ragnatic on 18 February

comment #8

Wow, awesome! Best stuff in a long time. =]

comment posted by Freezard on 18 February

comment #9


comment posted by NightsB on 18 February

comment #10

Just 20 renditions of MSS?

I wonder how many renditions of Passing Breeze there are.


comment posted by AlucardDracula on 18 February

comment #11

Any suggestions on a single disk or two, I don't feel like getting all eleven.

comment posted by Tom Kenney on 18 February

comment #12

Awesome! So it's not just me that loves that song?

comment posted by some guy on 18 February

comment #13


comment posted by Younes on 18 February

comment #14

I agree with Tom Kennedy, I need a suggestion for two of the best ones cuz i dont know if i want to download 11 cds of music for a game ive never played.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 18 February

comment #15

Erm you don't need to play this game... if you like old C64 music or bitpop then you will love this but probably you already heard OutRun if you did so guess you should listen to the modern remixes for a start then.

If you didn't hear the soundtracks of OutRun 2 that were already released here I would say download those: CD #9 for the awesome Euro Remixes and #3 for the "normal" versions. Basically there are only 4 different tracks with loads of remixes of them, but there are a few other awesome tracks as well like Risky Ride Guitar Mix and Shiny World Prototype.

Still... the best remix of Magical Sound Shower is the one from Instant Remedy. ;)

comment posted by Freezard on 18 February

comment #16

I'd definetly recommend Outrun 2 music. The Euro remixes are just great to listen to.

comment posted by Emil on 18 February

comment #17

Sorry to double post - The songs I was talking about are on Disc 9.

comment posted by Emil on 18 February

comment #18

O_O Awesome! I love Magical Sound Shower :P

And yep, the Instant Remedy version is still the best :)

comment posted by maxmontezuma on 18 February

comment #19

So, um, Godai. Just a question.

Are you planning on releasing that Kingdom Hearts complete boxed set whenever it comes out?

I'd get it myself but it's 125.66 USD (15000 yen). :|

comment posted by urutapu on 18 February

comment #20

Holy god. Greatest release, ever. Incredible.

comment posted by Tyler on 18 February

comment #21

Absolutely AWESOME! Greetings from Spain ^__^, we love OutRun here too! (at least I love it XD)

comment posted by Reit Zephyrox on 19 February

comment #22

I'm also experiencing the same problem as gloomb. uTorrent won't download torrents automatically anymore.

comment posted by ashmountains on 20 February

comment #23

Richard Jacques rules baby.

comment posted by Mosabsolum on 20 February

comment #24

This is the fastest download speed I've ever seen (from Indonesia), and I can finish it within 4 hours!

Although my internet connection is poor, but I will try seeding for this stuff as long as I can...

comment posted by Rama on 20 February

comment #25

Oh S**** jun Senoue's Lift you up tune is Killer!!!!!!!

Thank you!!!
(you should look for Mother3i album only available on Japan itune and HMV)

comment posted by Draker on 21 February

comment #26


They don't release iTunes albums here. (You're perfectly able to buy it yourself...)

comment posted by urutapu on 21 February

comment #27

Woooa! The best box since Breath of Fire's!!
But, please guys, seed...it's about 1kbps here...

comment posted by JuM on 18 March

comment #28

Man! I don't know who seeded it, but thanks, thanks, thanks a lot!

comment posted by JuM on 19 March

comment #29

Please seed guys.

comment posted by kun on 18 February

comment #30

Seed please

comment posted by Jim Rome on 14 June

comment #31

Leaving here, after all this time, my big thanks for this lone seeder that is helping me to download this.
Thanks a lot man!

comment posted by someone on 08 August

comment #32

Anyone willing to seed this? I got halfway through and all the seeds dropped away.

comment posted by karasu on 24 February

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