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#gamemp3s Archive Torrents: The Remix (H-J)

Tonight we don't just have one new letter, but three of them! 45 albums to download with lots of favorite series such as Halo, Hitman, Ibara, Initial D, Jet Set Radio, and Jumping Flash. Help us out by seeding this torrent as much as you can so we can all enjoy this great music.

posted by Msia on 21 February


comment #1

Nice. I'll be seeding this one. Hopefully I can put more forth since I've been slacking.

comment posted by MalaiseDivinity on 21 February

comment #2

Yeeeeee! Finally! It's great to have over a TB space on the PC.

comment posted by SkyDiver on 21 February

comment #3

Many thanks!!!

comment posted by MasterZophar on 21 February

comment #4

Very good, initial d, great, :) thx gamemp3s

comment posted by id.CLAD on 22 February

comment #5

I have been dying for the next archive release. Thanks alot, you guys rock. Cant wait for the next!

comment posted by Mr.Me on 22 February

comment #6

Woo, you are killing my HD. :D

comment posted by Kilu on 22 February

comment #7

That's hot.


comment posted by AlucardDracula on 22 February

comment #8

Why is this missing the Jeanne d'Arc Original Soundtrack?

comment posted by Sadrius on 22 February

comment #9

Because that was released in this year. The Archive torrents only include albums released by us prior to this year.

comment posted by Msia on 22 February

comment #10

Jesper Kyd just rules... always ... no exception ...
Ok, maybe if he had a clone ;)
That man is going to empty my purse.

Thanks for the good stuff guys. Seeding now.

comment posted by Molloy on 22 February

comment #11

Oh shit, I've been skipping some releases this year because I figured they'd be included in the archives :(

comment posted by Sadrius on 22 February

comment #12

Great job! Thank you very much for the release, it's really appreciated.
I was wondering... How much space does it takes to keep ALL of gamemp3s releases up to now?

comment posted by BraiNz on 23 February

comment #13

You guys are awesome! Love all the tunage. I did, however, find a small problem with this release - the first Immortal soundtrack is missing track 01 DATA. Not a huge deal, but being the completist I am, I thought you should know :)

comment posted by Windrunner on 24 February

comment #14

The first track on the cd is just that, data.

comment posted by Msia on 24 February

comment #15

I stand corrected, thanks for clearing that up.

comment posted by Windrunner on 25 February

comment #16

Sweet Hako no Niwa and Hopeful Weed, two great albums :D

comment posted by SleepyHead on 25 February

comment #17

Im suprised no one has said anything about The Neverhood soundtrack Imaginarium. Best Soundtrack i heard in a long time defo as good as Katamari. Thx tons Gamemp3s for letting me get to discover these gems, its work like that which really gets my respect.

comment posted by webcider on 07 March

comment #18

this is nice but everytime i click on the download links for the torrent, it says not available. re-up plz?

comment posted by Miku on 05 July

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