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Magical Tempest Tane

Some new albums and three doujin discs from Magical Trick Society:

CADENZA -Gyakuten Saiban 1-
Dragon Spirit ~ Lead into Genesis
Over the Sky -Final Fantasy XII-
Tales of the Tempest Original Soundtrack
Tindharia no Tane

The first three, as I mentioned, are doujin arrange albums of "Gyakuten Saiban ~Yomigaeru Gyakuten~ (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)", "Dragon Spirit", and of course "Final Fantasy XII" (Just came out in PAL regions, go you guys!). All three are awesome listens, so please do so.

"Tales of the Tempest" is the DS "Tales" game and music is by Motoi Sakuraba.

Finally, "Tindharia no Tane" is the new vocal album by Haruka Shimotsuki (Ar tonelico, Atelier Iris, Rosen Maiden) and is a collaboration with Noriyuki Iwadare (Grandia, Lunar, True Love Story, Radiata Stories, etc.)!

posted by Godai on 01 March


comment #1

Awesome, thanks for all of the great releases here! (Magical Trick Society ftw)

comment posted by Muzza on 01 March

comment #2

Wow, wow, wow! You outdo yourself each and every time Godai and team! I am truly lucky to be a part of the gamemp3 society =) I am deeply grateful and I will listen with awe on this, as I've done to everything you've helped us come across over the last years =)

Thanks again / Best Wishes - Gameguardian

comment posted by Gameguardian on 01 March

comment #3

No offence but these arranges sucks really bad, horrible music IMO. Another Sakuraba? Don't care ( long long time ago I liked him very much, but a lot of things changed since than... but not his music:/). Tindharia no Tane is... very nice:).

comment posted by herbaciak on 01 March

comment #4

herbaciak: No offense but your taste in music is horrible.

comment posted by Msia on 01 March

comment #5

I'm amazed that there even are Gyakuten Saiban arranges. I loved the music of the game but I never thought it had the potential to bring out a soundtrack or even arranges because it seems a bit simple compared to many other soundtracks that get arranges (mostly RPG soundtracks I guess) So thanks very much for this :)

By the way: I also was suprised by how good the music in Trauma Centre (Nintendo DS) was. Is the music of this game available in some form too?

comment posted by Emil on 01 March

comment #6

Nobody babelfish'd it, Judas...that's how it is written, not my fault they don't know English.

comment posted by Godai on 01 March

comment #7

I wonder who Babelfish'd the translation for Tales of The Tempest, it's terrible. "As For Me, National" "Are Mountain"?, "A Crisis It Approaches, And To Come"???

comment posted by Apostle on 01 March

comment #8

Yeah Judas, wake up. It's a Sakuraba tracklist. Engrish ftw.

comment posted by Ramza on 01 March

comment #9

Alright then, I was going by the tracklist in music.yahoo.jp, which isn't romanized.

comment posted by Apostle on 01 March

comment #10

Ramza is so right. Sakuraba FTW.

Anyway, you guys have been releasing so much amazing stuff lately, I may run out of room in my MP3 player. Dunno what I'd do without you guys!

comment posted by Blues on 01 March

comment #11

Haruka Shimotsuki...loved it...

comment posted by Riacrdo on 02 March

comment #12

Msia: offence not taken... but it's still bad music:P.

comment posted by herbaciak on 02 March

comment #13

Oh well, I really liked some songs in the Tales of the Tempest OST, but of course, not like Sakurabas other work, like Baten Kaitos or Star Ocean or even Tales of Symphonia, but nevertheless, you can still hear that it's him =)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 02 March

comment #14

Tindharia no Tane it's great

comment posted by id.CLAD on 02 March

comment #15

Uh, I was supposed to be getting some sleep but I wanted to listen to a bit of the FF12 arrange first. And now it's a half hour later? Totally incredible work. Thanks for getting it out there.

comment posted by Metaly on 02 March

comment #16

Finally getting to play FFXII as it's come out in the UK! Thanks for the new albums

Godai - should be able to get those Mother albums to you with in the coming days. RyuFAN

comment posted by RyuFAN on 02 March

comment #17

Would anyone know where I could get the album art for the: Over the Sky -Final Fantasy XII- album?

comment posted by soniclover on 02 March

comment #18

Magical Trick Society is awesome, visit their site (linked) below for their arrange discography (10 cds) and samples/covers.

comment posted by Carl on 02 March

comment #19

I can provide the album scans for Over the Sky if you still need them, soniclover.

comment posted by Godai on 02 March

comment #20

Cool that you started with doujin, and thanks for the new albums as always.

comment posted by Freezard on 02 March

comment #21

Godai - Album scans would rock.

comment posted by ashmountains on 02 March

comment #22

Thanks for the "Over the Sky"! :D Very happy as well because I got my copy of FFXII over here in AUS and its factory sealed. I really wanna open it, but I'm just gonna go buy another copy.

And yes, I agree, the scans for "Over The Sky" would ROCK!

Thanks again.

comment posted by leingod on 03 March

comment #23

Yes, the scans from the site given are alright. They aren't in the good quality and size I want them to be though.

Some good albums scans would be great Godai.

comment posted by soniclover on 03 March

comment #24

Dalmasca Estersand is far much better than the original...

comment posted by Ooze on 03 March

comment #25

and the English tracknames of ToT seems still bablefished one.
"朕は国家なり" means "L'état, c'est moi".

comment posted by Ooze on 03 March

comment #26

Mm. Motoi Sakuraba.

comment posted by Jeff on 03 March

comment #27

There is an english tracklist for ToT in the booklet, its normal Sakuraba fare. Stop talking about babelfish already.

comment posted by Godai on 04 March

comment #28

Oh,I see.Sorry for silly posts.

comment posted by Ooze on 04 March

comment #29

Yeah I agreed! Magical Trick Society rocks! :)
Listen to Preludio and MintJam too!!

comment posted by Elrinth on 05 March

comment #30

Wow, really great stuff!!! The Dalmasca Estersand remix from Magical Trick Society just rocks. Too bad there's not a remix for the boss's theme... But well, this album is incredible!! Thanks for it!

comment posted by Poppu on 05 March

comment #31

I guess they decided four battle themes for an 8 track album was enough ;)

The MTS stuff is kinda hitting and missing for me, but it's cool to get an arrange album of sorts for FFXII. I'd never heard Dragon Spirit before, but there seem to be some good tracks there too.

comment posted by Toma on 07 March

comment #32

Thx alot MTS hits me quiet good at Phoenix Wright and Final Fantasy XII arrangements.

Very happy and will seed this :D keep up the good work.

comment posted by webcider on 07 March

comment #33

Magical Trick Society is amazing. I wonder if we'll be lucky to hear the other albums? ;) I'm especially interested in the Shooting Battle one. As for Tales of the Tempest, you can never listen enough Sakuraba. And I like Haruka Shimotsuki's voice, it's nice to hear so many of her songs at once... :D Thanks a lot, Godai!

comment posted by Parn on 08 March

comment #34

Great release,thanks for the upload ! But could somebody please seed that ? Especially the Dragon spirit ost ! Would be great ! Thanks !

comment posted by iosomewhere on 16 June

comment #35

Thanks..and seeding now :)

comment posted by iosomewhere on 17 June

comment #36

Could someone please seed this again, if it's not too much trouble? The three Magical Trick Society albums sounds great so far. Thanks so much.

comment posted by porcupine on 16 August

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