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#gamemp3s Archive Torrents: The Remix (M)

I'm going to be out of town for 2 weeks for spring break, so before I go I decided to upload one last torrent to hold you guys over till I get back. Also, I made a slight error on the H-J torrent. If you downloaded the Jet Set Radio Original Soundtrack there are some PAR files there that are not suppose to be there so just delete them.

Anyways, there are 78 albums waiting for you including lots of favorites from these great series: Makai Senki Disgaea, Medal of Honor, Metal Gear Solid, and Mother (Earthbound). Help us all out and seed as much as you can, thanks and see you guys when I get back.

posted by Msia on 02 March


comment #1

Great, thanks for another archive torrent. Also, have fun on spring break!

comment posted by Muzza on 02 March

comment #2

Whoa, baby!
Spring break '07! Whoo!

comment posted by lostsupper on 02 March

comment #3

Man you rule

Nice move

Bye bye

comment posted by Legendary Jedi on 02 March

comment #4

Yeah bro , thanks so much and enjoy your time .

comment posted by Younes on 03 March

comment #5

Many nice tunes here, can't argue with that - YS music, hell yeah!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 03 March

comment #6


comment posted by Kilu on 03 March

comment #7

Been waiting for this one. Thanks!

comment posted by aclors on 03 March

comment #8

Metal Gear? I'm on this!

comment posted by AlucardDracula on 04 March

comment #9

I know that this doesn't have to do at all with this torrent, but when you get to the P archive, you might want to re-tag Panzer Dragoon Zwei because Yoshitaka is definitely not the composer.

comment posted by aclors on 05 March

comment #10

Hoefully there are actually real tage for Disgaea instead of 40 tracks of Untitled? That would be nice. Doubt it though.

comment posted by JB on 06 March

comment #11

I was saying we should have held off putting Disgaea in the torrent, and added in a tracklist, since one has been compiled since then. Didn't happen though, oh well.

Which Panzer Dragoon Zwei are we talking about here? The one that was released many years ago?

comment posted by Godai on 07 March

comment #12

So, um, Godai. Just a question.

Are you planning on releasing that Kingdom Hearts complete boxed set whenever it comes out?

I’d get it myself but it’s 125.66 USD (15000 yen), and I already own at least half of it. :|

comment posted by urutapu on 07 March

comment #13

Another note for the P archive, "Credits" in Perfect Dark has an audible glitch near the beginning. Quite small but I thought you may want to rerip that song. No need to do the whole soundtrack over again.

Other than that, keep up the awesome work, guys. Amazing site.

comment posted by JB on 08 March

comment #14

"Which Panzer Dragoon Zwei are we talking about here? The one that was released many years ago?"


comment posted by aclors on 08 March

comment #15

Q: Am I the only one having problems with the file's names? I'm talking about the long ones... like the ones from the "More Friends music from FINAL FANTASY..."
For example, the last song (One Winged Angel Live) has such a long file name that causes that the file cannot be opened on any program...
I cannot modify the name of the file with F2 either (the same happens with the M3U file), or the file proprieties (and more than half of the options of the right-click menu of the file disappear)... trying to change the file name on the DOS console doesn't work either.
13 Advent - One-Winged Angel (Live Ver.) [from FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN].mp3
Too many characters for the file... I mean, if I try to name a file with that name, I can only do it until "...CHILDREN]", after that XP wont let me write more characters...

Could somebody help me here? I need to find a way to rename the files so they can be played on any media player...

comment posted by Zeta on 15 March

comment #16

I believe you can "fix" the file name problem by putting the files in a shorter path. Such as C:\Music or something similar, instead of C:\Documents and Settings\Zeta\Desktop\Downloads\Bittorrents\etc.

The reason I have found is the the path (including file name) can be a max of 255 characters (or there abouts).

I had the same problem and this fixed it nicely! Because renaming all those songs would be a PITA!

Hope this helps.

comment posted by Simon Belmont on 16 March

comment #17

Which Bittorrent client are you using? I'm using µTorrent and I never had the problem that the filenames were too long - the client refuses to even create the files.

Anyway, you have to know that the path counts towards the limit as well. So it makes a huge difference if you download to C:\mp3\Final Fantasy or C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Downloads\Final Fantasy...

Personally I'm saving all my files in C:\mp3\game soundtracks\ and I found that the path is short enough to not cause any problems.

comment posted by Emil on 16 March

comment #18

Yep, the path of the file was causing the problem... Thanks Emil :) ...

comment posted by Zeta on 16 March

comment #19

XP has a stupid limitation with long file name which Vista doesnt have. Good for me since I got so many soundtracks in my archive that they end up with 100+ characters path.

comment posted by SkyDiver on 17 March

comment #20

Sonic and the Secret Rings OST going to be out soon?

comment posted by soniclover on 17 March

comment #21

For what? Terrorising your neighbours?

comment posted by Emil on 17 March

comment #22

Somebody obviously doesn't want to rock da place. :(

comment posted by soniclover on 17 March

comment #23

I'm just kidding. Some of the songs are cheesy enough to be considered good. Overall though it's like the other Sonic games released over the last years - a bit "strange".

comment posted by Emil on 17 March

comment #24

Still the best game since a while but the franchise is ruined anyway. Sega just doesnt know how to make good game anymore. Did the same shit with Shenmue I mean Shenmue Online? WTF???

comment posted by SkyDiver on 17 March

comment #25

There are rumours going around that Nights into Dreams for the Wii will be officially confirmed and shown next month.

comment posted by Emil on 18 March

comment #26

lets hope so...it's about time.

comment posted by SkyDiver on 18 March

comment #27

Let's hope is not April fools.................

comment posted by NINJET on 18 March

comment #28

Please RESEED!

comment posted by Lily on 12 July

comment #29

Could anyone reseed please.

Thanks in advance.

comment posted by pink872 on 29 August

comment #30

Please reseed.

Heck just reseed the entire alphabet.

comment posted by sfried on 18 December

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