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Luminous Arc

One single and one album from the DS game, "Luminous Arc":

Kaori Oda / Brilliant World
Luminous Arc Original Soundtracks

Yasunori Mitsuda wasn't as involved as I had hoped in this soundtrack, Akari Kaida (Breath of Fire III), Shota Kageyama & Kazumi Mitome do the bulk of the work. I like the theme song, kinda reminds me of late 90s anime theme songs.

posted by Godai on 23 March


comment #1


you can listen 2 tracks very beautiful, thx Godai, you are the best music game fan :).

comment posted by id.CLAD on 23 March

comment #2

A shame about the lack of Mitsuda involvement, but it should still be a great listen. Thanks for the album and single!

comment posted by Muzza on 23 March

comment #3

Where is Portrait Of Ruin OST!! :P

comment posted by Rictrunks on 23 March

comment #4

Thanks, btw. do you people plan on releasing Senko no Ronde second soundtrack? Came out yesterday.

comment posted by mememe on 23 March

comment #5

Any Mitsuda is better than none...
Thanks #gamemp3s!!

comment posted by Epsilon on 23 March

comment #6

Rictrunks: yes, I've ordered that. Expect it to be released at the end of the month or beginning of April sometime.

mememe: yep, I got my order in the mail today. I'll probably rip and send it to Godai sometime tonight.

comment posted by bishop743 on 23 March

comment #7

Akari Kaida is certainly not my favorite of composers. Too bad Yasunori doesn't make more of a presence.

comment posted by animetayl on 23 March

comment #8

A bit disappointed as many are about the lack of Mitsuda presence, but this certainly doesn't seem to be a bad effort on the part of the composers who made it, at least from what I've listened to so far.

comment posted by Toma on 23 March

comment #9

been waiting for this one. Speed was absolutely killer. Thanks for the upload.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 23 March

comment #10

Just noticed the Luminous Arc soundtrack on this list of the most expensive items on Amazon. Hope you got yours elsewhere!

comment posted by Metaly on 23 March

comment #11

I must say, 'Brilliant World' is a really nice song.

comment posted by ashmountains on 24 March

comment #12

Hi, can anybody seed this torrent, plz, I really want it^^

comment posted by Dark Onyx on 03 June

comment #13

Yes, I need seeds!

comment posted by mattiator on 25 November

comment #14

I am re-seeding my luminous arc soundtrack now, but I still dont have the single, sorry :( *wants it, too*

comment posted by mc217 on 04 January

comment #15

found the single too! :D seeding now!

comment posted by mc217 on 04 January

comment #16

Thanks so much for these albums. My fave is that piano piece "Prelude" on the title screen. Before I got the mp3 for it, I'd listen to that music over and over on my DS, lol <3

comment posted by Lily on 08 April

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