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Three more new albums tonight/this morning:

Dragon Shadow Spell Soundtrack
Sekaiju no MeiQ Original Soundtrack
Senko no Ronde -Carpe Diem- sound tracks vol.2

"Dragon Shadow Spell" is the hit Flight-Plan (Summon Night series) title that probably won't come out here. "Sekaiju no MeiQ" will be known as "Etrian Odyssey" and is coming to a DS near you in May (in North America), music is by Yuzo Koshiro (!). Finally, the second volume of G.Rev's "Senko no Ronde", music by Zuntata alumni, Yasuhisa "Yack." Watanabe.

You might also notice there are two new sections to the sidebar, Upcoming Releases and Album Scans. The former is so that we don't have a million people asking what if we will release "X" album, I haven't completely updated it yet (I'm tired), so check back later for a more complete list. The latter is self-explanatory, permanent (I hope) links for some of the scans of new releases here at #gamemp3s. These are provided by the rippers at their own whim, so do no ask for scans for "X" album, if I have them, I will provide them. Enjoy!

posted by Godai on 24 March


comment #1

Whee, downloading right now!

I think the Upcoming Releases section is smart, and the Album Scans awesome. A suggestion: group 'New Releases', 'Upcoming Releases', and 'Release History' together so the sidebar is less cluttered.

comment posted by ashmountains on 24 March

comment #2

Upcoming releases is great. Although it takes a bit of the suspension. I'd probably wait for the releases themselves to tease me.

But I could not help and did take a look. Some great releases coming up. Okami Piano, Ridge Racer 7, Gyakuten Jazz and Dead Rising. Great!

comment posted by Emil on 24 March

comment #3

Awesome, some more Yack. One of my favourite composers. I like the look of Dragon Shadow Spell...a shame they won't bring it over. At least we can all enjoy its music.

comment posted by Muzza on 24 March

comment #4

Wow, whoever came up with the idea for an Upcoming Releases section deserves a nice, juicy steak for dinner. Unless he's vegetarian.

comment posted by SteakHouse on 24 March

comment #5

Thank you, thank you...for Carpe Diem. Yack = God.

comment posted by mememe on 24 March

comment #6

Great, Senko No Ronde!

Nice features you've added to the sidebar as well. A lot more efficient.

comment posted by soniclover on 24 March

comment #7

Is "X" album really that popular?

comment posted by Tom Kenney on 24 March

comment #8

Not as popular as "XXX".

comment posted by Msia on 24 March

comment #9

Um, speaking of XXX, any word on Accent Core?

comment posted by Johnny on 24 March

comment #10

Upcoming albums! Thank you.

And now I know you are releasing the KH boxed set. Hooray. :x

comment posted by urutapu on 25 March

comment #11

...Oh. The colon-x emote looks so angry. D: :D, then.

comment posted by urutapu on 25 March

comment #12

Holy crap, Dragon Shadow Spell... Amazing. I live for songs like Everyday Life. Just so enjoyable.

comment posted by MalaiseDivinity on 27 March

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