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#gamemp3s Archive Torrents: The Remix (R)

Kaz Hirai has been looking forward to this torrent for quite some time. Fifty albums are available to download from popular series such as: Radiant Silvergun, Radiata Stories, RIIIIIIIIDGE RACER, Rockman, Rogue Galaxy, and Romancing Saga. Help us out and seed as much as you can.

posted by Msia on 30 March


comment #1


Did you guys skip one of the Rockman Zero Remastered albums?

comment posted by Judge on 30 March

comment #2

Thanks guys . I’m Still Waiting for Armodyne / Yasunori Mitsuda . :D

comment posted by Younes on 30 March

comment #3

Hypocrites. Last time I tried to make the Ridge Racer joke, my comment was removed!

In return, you owe me. Don't delete this:


(I've attacked your weakpoint for massive damage)

comment posted by Ramza on 30 March

comment #4

2 Gb of Mega Man? Count me in! :P

comment posted by pleaseiwantthem on 31 March

comment #5

Hell yes, been my most anticipated letter since G. What's even better is that "S" and "T" are just around the corner.

Anyway, gotta hand it to you, Msia, for sticking it out and getting this far already in the torrents. It's definitely appreciated man.

comment posted by Antignition on 31 March

comment #6


comment posted by Kilu on 31 March

comment #7

Thanks for the kind words guys.

comment posted by Msia on 31 March

comment #8

Thanks a lot for another great package, I stumbled on gamemp3s.net last friday and it has really made my weekend downloading all these classic and great soundtracks. Looking forward to the "S" and I'll definitely seed as long as possible. Thanks again!

comment posted by High-Rise on 31 March

comment #9

Cool. I'm still on letter C but I'm sure I'll be on R soon.

comment posted by Moodock on 01 April

comment #10

Again I have more excellent reasons to fill up my hard drives. Thanks #gamemp3s!

comment posted by heptadragon on 01 April

comment #11

The Riviera Perfect Audio Collection seems to be missing from the torrent.

comment posted by RPGAdvocate on 01 April

comment #12

For the nth time, 2007 releases are not included (at least not intentionally on 2 previous torrents).

comment posted by Msia on 01 April

comment #13

I just noticed that Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero 1-3 is in this torrent... I didn't even know gamemp3s had released those albums! Talk about great surprises.

What are the odds of adding RTRZ 4 Physis to the release list?

comment posted by Desides on 02 April

comment #14

Yeah, I totally asked where that album was.

comment posted by Judge on 02 April

comment #15

can i have a heads up the size of the S torrent anyone?

comment posted by Volkov on 03 April

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