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Okay, short update, more!:

Akumajo Dracula Gallery of Labyrinth Original Soundtrack
Musou Orochi Original Sound Track

Okay, so I'll do a little write-up. "Gallery of Labyrinth" (aka "Portrait of Ruin"), features 2 versions, the DS sound and the original sound source, music is by Michiru Yamane and Yuzo Koshiro. "ARMODYNE" is all Mitsuda. "Musou Orochi" is a bit of a rehash music-wise, but yeah. (Scans are up.)

posted by Godai on 31 March


comment #1

Thanks so much
Look forward to listening to them ^^

comment posted by RyuFAN on 31 March

comment #2

"Hail from the Past" is a great song, gotta love Yamane. And Koshiro's "The Tears Go Awry" sounds like an outtake from his ActRaiser work. Along with Sekaiju no Meikyuu, looks like the "Stickman is back", if you get my meaning.

comment posted by Apostle on 31 March

comment #3

I can't wait to listen to Musou Orochi OST, many thanks *hugs*!

comment posted by Elisa on 31 March

comment #4

Thanks , a really, really BIG thanks!

comment posted by Younes on 31 March

comment #5

YAY For Castlevania!

comment posted by Emil on 31 March

comment #6

Truly outstanding! I have been waiting a long time for this, and this is a godsend in game music! Thank you sincerely gamemp3!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 31 March

comment #7

Would I know that Castlevania game by another name? What game is that?

comment posted by Klondike on 31 March

comment #8

Klondike: Portrait of Ruin.

comment posted by Msia on 31 March

comment #9

YES! Armodyne!
Thanks so much! :)

comment posted by Lania on 31 March

comment #10

Optic Line and Samurai Scanners ftw!!!! I xxxxxxx love Musou Orochi's soundtrack!!

comment posted by superDioplus on 31 March

comment #11

Oh shit yeah. I've been eagerly anticipating Armodyne for a while now. :o

comment posted by Moogy on 31 March

comment #12

Thanks! And in case anyone cares, Armodyne is done by Yasunori Mitsuda so its gotta be worth it.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 31 March

comment #13

"Thanks! And in case anyone cares, Armodyne is done by Yasunori Mitsuda so its gotta be worth it."
Thanks. I tend to download that type of stuff just for the composer, and was dissapointed to see Godai didn't do his usual writeup :(

comment posted by Atreus on 31 March

comment #14

What's the deal with Musuo Orochi? Is it some kind of remake? There's some previously released stuff on here from Shin Sangokumosou 4.

comment posted by XISMZERO on 31 March

comment #15

XISMZERO, Yeah I was disappointed with the lack of new material. It's "Sengoku" vs "Sangoku" type game.

comment posted by Godai on 31 March

comment #16

Well orochi combines all the normal characters we know and love from the dynasty warriors and samurai warriors series and adds in more characters from chinese mythology. Like something along the lines of everyone has to come together to defeat a big orochi demon.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 31 March

comment #17

Thanks for the Castlevania, I'm listening to it now. Portrait probably has my favorite CV soundtrack since SotN.

comment posted by Metaly on 31 March

comment #18

The Castlevania soundtrack is indeed fantastic. Cannot wait to play this game - I bought it two weeks ago but I keep teasing myself with keeping it sealed until I finish Phoenix Wright Justice for All.

comment posted by Emil on 01 April

comment #19

Yes, Musou Orochi OST doesn't have much new material, but I'm a big fan of the "DW Mix" tracks like the theme of Lu Bu, so I like having all the versions of it :3.
Anyhow, Musou Orochi OST is great!

Many thanks again for the OST and the scans^^

P.S.: Emil?! Are you the Emil I know from CX?

comment posted by Sera on 01 April

comment #20

SWEET! I LUV how we get both versions of each track in Castlevania!


comment posted by JiJi on 01 April

comment #21

Loving the Demon Castlevania goodness.

Thank you for making this hunated listening session possible! :>

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 01 April

comment #22

A great Mitsuda album, a mixture of xenogears and xenosaga for some track.

THXXXXX godaiiiii

comment posted by id.CLAD on 02 April

comment #23

3 HUGE CHEERS FOR MITSUDA.....and I suppose Yamane as well XD. Thanks so much!

comment posted by egmcary on 02 April

comment #24

Yamane!!! Since Curse of Darkness she has been my Goddess of gamemusic... too bad I haven't played Portrait of Ruin yet. :p

comment posted by Freezard on 02 April

comment #25

Oh no... another Mitsuda's stuff, can't wait to see "complete" status :)

comment posted by Stan on 03 April

comment #26

Damn, the download is taking forever..
It stopped at 92.8%! What can I do? Hope in a miracle?..

comment posted by Cho Hakkai on 20 February

comment #27

Mine stopped at 98.6%. .
And I think many people stucked at 98.9%!

please tell me what to do m(_ _)m

comment posted by satoshizure on 17 December

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