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A Warning

It has come to my attention that some of our rippers have been getting e-mails from #gamemp3s users requesting that the ripper provides scans of the item they ripped. This will not be tolerated.

Scans are provided if the ripper desires to make them available, and I make them available as a courtesy. Neither the ripper or myself has any obligation to provide anyone with scans, the ripper having actually purchased the album with their own money, and myself being the admin of #gamemp3s.

If I hear of any more e-mails being sent to our ripping staff, I will remove the scans section completely. Thank you.

posted by Godai on 04 April


comment #1

I get the scans always of the Net and google inmage search can be quite useful at times.

comment posted by SkyDiver on 04 April

comment #2

A few freeloaders always ruin things for the rest. It's amazing how these people think they're entitled to everything.

comment posted by Desides on 04 April

comment #3

Beggars can't be choosers. Be thankful that we have anything at all.

comment posted by TheZen on 04 April

comment #4

In the context of that post, Godai, "requesting" doesn't sound all that bad. If these emails were of the "annoying, hounding, demanding" type, then I could see something worth getting bent out of shape and OOH, STERN LANGUAGE about.

comment posted by Judge on 05 April

comment #5

While I always prefer to have scans, I'd never expect the ripper to include them, and I'd certainly not contact the ripper to provide them post release. Google the catalog # people, you can at least find covers pics, which is the most important ones anyway. As said, beggars can't be choosers.

comment posted by SonRyu on 05 April

comment #6

Judge, These are sent to people's personal e-mail addresses, it is automatically "annoying, hounding, demanding". No requests should be made, if I'm able to do it, I will.

comment posted by Godai on 05 April

comment #7

You tell 'em!

comment posted by Kilu on 05 April

comment #8

maybe it would be a good idea to put a warning in big letters on the very scans section ;)?

yeah, it would look ugly and all, but as we say in Spain "big remedies for big diseases" (hope this saying doesn't sound too strange to you, I couldn't think of a better translation or an equivalent English one).

comment posted by radorn on 05 April

comment #9


It's nice to have album art with a digital music file.

Sometimes it's hard to find a decent resolution of the album cover on the company sites. When you do.. it's rare that it's a decent size and more often than not it's been aggressively compressed for display on a web page. Sometimes you get lucky, but with a lot of these imported releases foreigners have difficulty navigating sites while looking for a picture to use as the album art.

Many popular software music apps have been finding new creative ways to display the album artwork if it's available. It sucks when the only thing you can find is a small 150px compressed jpeg on the companies site only to have it scaled to double or triple that size in your music app. :(

Godai, I didn't even know you had a Scans section. :( I took a look at it and downloaded the Portrait of Ruin scans. You went overboard. I think that people who want the complete scans should buy the album.. as they most likely will be interested in more than one track. For the ones that may only end up keep a couple of tracks a lot of your effort is wasted. I'd be happy if there as a VGA sized scan of the cover and that's it.

I'm sure a lot of people end up finding album art or maybe making their own. Maybe it would be nice to have uses contribute album art that can be posted directly to the site?

Just a thought..

comment posted by k3yb0ard on 05 April

comment #10

I forgot to say ~Thank You~ for your hard work. You're crazy!

I would never even know of some of the Japanese composers or musicians if it wasn't for your effort.

comment posted by k3yb0ard on 05 April

comment #11

SonRyu said it all. Keep up the great work Godai & co.

comment posted by Man_s on 05 April

comment #12

Thank you for the effort #gamemp3 crew!

Hounding folks isn't very nice though. However just like the "This coffee is HOT" warnings supplemental guidance is sometimes necessary.

So in all fairness now folks know better since it has been SAID and no longer requires inference or pre-internet social conditioning. :>

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 05 April

comment #13

I have a feeling we'll be clarifying the exact nature of the 'scans' section shortly.

comment posted by lavender on 05 April

comment #14

Good work, gamemp3s staff, keep it up! And thanks for all your efforts, we really appreciate it! :D

comment posted by clement on 05 April

comment #15

Thank you so much, I never even thought about scans until now. From now on, please provide scans of the item I just riiiidge racer!!!

comment posted by some guy on 10 April

comment #16

After all, it is #gamemp3s, not #gamealbumscans. Lawl.

comment posted by Blues on 11 April

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