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Falcom Twofer

Here is a Falcom Two-Pack:

Falcom Live 2007 Original Sounds
Ys Origin Original Sound Track

Despite it saying "Live", so far I haven't heard anything live, just a selection of tracks from Falcom's history, not necessarily a bad thing, but maybe poor choice of words (Shoko Minami ftw). And another stellar "Ys" soundtrack from Falcom Sound Team jdk, a must have.

posted by Godai on 21 April


comment #1

Definitely agree with that last statement. Make that the last TWO statements, including "Download". xD

comment posted by Muzza on 21 April

comment #2

I've got the scans for both albums, and the inserts for "Falcom Live 2007" do show at least 3 or 4 singers on stage, but totally unrelated to the actual contents of the album. I'm guessing they played some of these songs live, but this album is for people just getting acquainted to their sound.

comment posted by Apostle on 21 April

comment #3

Falcom forever. Awesome releases. :)

comment posted by Kanji on 21 April

comment #4

^ Amen. Thank you so much Godai.

comment posted by MasterZophar on 21 April

comment #5

I checked the Falcom official site out of curiosity and it seems the Falcom "Live" 2007 album simply contains the original versions of the songs performed at the live show.

comment posted by alfacore88 on 21 April

comment #6

Falcom Live is worth getting for "YSY" alone. It's such a beautiful song.

comment posted by VanRaily on 21 April

comment #7

Thanks for this. I have been out of touch with releases and always love to get a new Falcom album, being the Falcom nut that I am. :D

comment posted by Naka on 22 April

comment #8

Hey Naka. :)

comment posted by Godai on 22 April

comment #9

Hey Godai :) How's life?

comment posted by Naka on 27 April

comment #10

Thanks for this awesome release. I'm trying downloading it right now without
luck, can someone please seed this for a while? Again thank you so much.

comment posted by oviwan on 19 July

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