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One today:

Guilty Gear Sound Complete Box

Thanks to Kaleb.G for this one.

edit by lavender:
There was a mistake in the SFV for this release. Rather than remake the whole torrent we're just gonna post the corrected file here. See download #2 at the bottom of this post.


comment #1

Yeah, huge thanks to Kaleb.G ~

Of course, me being a GG-fanatic, most of the stuff in this box is old stuff, except for the last disc and finally somekind of composer breakdown for later games. Too bad that the original GG didn't get one.

comment posted by Razakin on 29 May

comment #2


comment posted by Kilu on 29 May

comment #3

It's HUGE! I really should play Guilty Gear for once. It's one of the games I always wanted to try but never actually got around playing them. I have the DVDs of the various evo tournaments though and it looks quite fascinating.

comment posted by Emil on 29 May

comment #4

Nice one, but the RSS feed still doesn't work in uTorrent any more :(

comment posted by gloomb on 29 May

comment #5

The RSS feed worked for me...

comment posted by GenericLoser on 29 May

comment #6

Aah... seems like my client wasn't up to date, strangely enough. Oops. So I guess the feed does work, I'll see if the problem shows up again when the next release is due.

comment posted by gloomb on 29 May

comment #7

Odd, this may be the first time ever that people are actually leeching a torrent here at gamemp3s. 118 peers and 0 seeders. In any case, I'm gonna leave this open overnight to share and hopefully complete this download. Regardless, good work, Kaleb.

comment posted by D-5 on 29 May

comment #8

Thanks for another release. I'll also be seeding this one for a day or two.

comment posted by Visionnerz on 29 May

comment #9

I was hoping this was an updated collection with the Accent Core stuff.

Still, awesome to have.

comment posted by Johnny on 30 May

comment #10

D-5, I had the download running since the torrent went up and it hasn't finished yet although I already have a share ratio of 1.xxx. It's probably just a weird ratio between seeds/peers because I guess many peers have it downloaded nearly completely and missing only a small part thus they don't show up as seeds. I imagine that there will be quite some seeds today when the peers finish. I guess the initial seed wasn't running long enough - I don't think that there are only leechers. Usually the download finishes pretty fast.

comment posted by Emil on 30 May

comment #11

Emil: Well, this torrent is about 900 megs, so seeding that by yourself to get additional seeds takes sometime, but thankfully there's more seeds now.

(And saying yourself, I meant that Godai is seeding himself)

comment posted by Razakin on 30 May

comment #12

Nice release! BTW, is GF still exist?

comment posted by ranny on 30 May

comment #13

Disc 8 fails SFV checking. (Yes, I retorrented. The entire thing.)

comment posted by Desides on 30 May

comment #14

A new SFV file has been added as "download #2", so please grab it.

comment posted by Godai on 30 May

comment #15

The album list is updated now too!

comment posted by lavender on 30 May

comment #16

Thanks guys - there's some amazing guitar at work here in those albums!

comment posted by jkage on 31 May

comment #17

ranny: gamingforce now uses .org instead of .com.

comment posted by korki on 31 May

comment #18

OK. Can we get Rockman Zero Physis now?

comment posted by Eleo on 01 June

comment #19

can sb help to reseed?,cant move at 99%

comment posted by zakus on 28 January

comment #20

Can someone please seed? Stuck at just 20%.

comment posted by pandaren on 05 March

comment #21

Can someone please seed this?

I'm stuck at 94.8%.

comment posted by Ban Mido on 02 March

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