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2D or not 2D

Tonight's release is the latest soundtrack from Gust:

Mana-Khemia Original Soundtrack

So just as "Atelier Iris 3" makes it's North American debut, here you have another Gust production featuring music by Ken Nakagawa and Daisuke Achiwa, with vocals by Haruka Shimotsuki, Noriko Mitose, and others. Also featured on electric guitar is Toshinori Hiramatsu!

posted by Godai on 02 June


comment #1

Yeah! Awesome! Thanks for this :)

comment posted by leingod on 02 June

comment #2

Thank you very much ;D

comment posted by Pikopii on 02 June

comment #3

Awesome, I've been wanting this for quite a while now. Gust Sound Team ftw, basically. Thanks for the release!

comment posted by Muzza on 02 June

comment #4

I miss 2d so much...back to the good old days you could feast your eyes on intricate, warm graphics and always be aware of what was hitting you in the back!

comment posted by FMsaziri on 02 June

comment #5

Yes! I just love this team of super-talented composers! Looking forward to hearing this very much. Thanks! :D

comment posted by animetayl on 02 June

comment #6

Never heard of this game or this album, but what a surprise! It´s really pretty and so pleasing to hear. Oh, yes, long live 2d. Thank you!

comment posted by Aisling on 02 June

comment #7

I didn't like these composers at first but their music is starting to grow on me. This album is quite nice. Thanks!

comment posted by Sirusjr on 03 June

comment #8

I hope nobody minds, but I would like to request the soundtrack for the game 'Metal Saga'. I looked around the site and haven't found it. I also looked around and didn't find any mention of where one can post requests or how. So if I have ruffled any feathers with this post I apologize. Thanks!

comment posted by Shpank on 03 June

comment #9

It's not as good as Atelier Iris 3, which I thought was just incredible on every level; MK is, however, still a blast to listen to. Love Ken Nakagawa.

comment posted by Bryce on 03 June

comment #10

More GUST music, and I must concur with previous statements; you gotta lova this music =) Thank you sincerely gamemp3:s

comment posted by Gameguardian on 03 June

comment #11

Can I request reseed of this torrent?

comment posted by Li on 26 May

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