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More Yuzo + Classics

Another blast from the past:

Gradius In Classic I
Gradius In Classic II
Symphonic Suite from Actraiser
The Super Shinobi & Works

Two more Yuzo Koshiro albums, and the London Philharmonic Orchestra playing "Gradius" tunes. Please enjoy these newer rips of classic albums.

posted by Godai on 16 June


comment #1

A big THANKS... heros of quality , and waiting for more Yuzo Koshiro albums . :-)

comment posted by Younes on 16 June

comment #2

ActRaiser Symphonic Suite gets the #gamemp3s treatment?

You people are amazing. Thank you.

comment posted by Desides on 16 June

comment #3

How did you guys manage to track down Symphonic Suite to get a new rip? Isn't it one of the rarest albums out there?

The symphonic Gradius is also wonderful. Time to delete my ancient rips. Thanks!

comment posted by Metaly on 16 June

comment #4


They all rule. :)

comment posted by AlucardDracula on 16 June

comment #5

All of these are rare and expensive, so they cost the ripper a pretty penny, I'm sure.

comment posted by Godai on 17 June

comment #6

Amazing! I love it when #gamemp3s releases rare/older albums. Thanks!

comment posted by ashmountains on 17 June

comment #7

Never expected to see a fresh rip of Actraiser's Symphonic Suite
Many Many Thanks you guys

comment posted by RyuFAN on 17 June

comment #8

I can just agree with previous statements. You are the kings of this court, and I love every VGM release that you make. Not only do you have great taste, you also make an effort that is astounding!

Thanks gamemp3s!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 17 June

comment #9

Yay for Super Shinobi & Works! With my main VGM drive being out of action for a while, I'd been wanting another rip of this one. I was holding out for Best Collection Vol. 2, and hoping that the "Works" stuff would be included there (

comment posted by Warpstar on 17 June

comment #10

More Koshiro... oh, this is beautiful! Love to all of you guys! Thanks for your great effort, as always.

comment posted by Aisling on 17 June

comment #11

This looks great, thank you very much. ^^ I love you guys.

comment posted by Michael on 17 June

comment #12

OMG Awesome release Symphonic Gradius and Actraiser Symphonic release im in heaven MANY THX!!!

comment posted by webcider on 17 June

comment #13

Even in this age, Symphonic Suite Actraiser still goes for about the price of a medium-range point and shoot digital camera, right? Kudos for whomever bought and provided this one.

It's a real shame no one has had plans (especially in lieu of Koshiro's Volumes and Actraiser on Virtual Console) to do a sound remastery/reprint of this godly release.

comment posted by XISMZERO on 17 June

comment #14

Awesome! Time to get rid of old untagged 128kbps rips... =) An interesting thing about Gradius in Classic: it has a lot of music from the MSX-only Gradius games. And you can never have enough of Yuzo Koshiro. ;)

comment posted by Parn on 18 June

comment #15



(Just not in that way.)

comment posted by Sir VG on 18 June

comment #16

Thanks you for those awesome Gradius albums + Actraiser. (L)

comment posted by Freezard on 18 June

comment #17

Ahh, it's been years since I last heard the Actraiser Symphonic Suite. Just as good as I remember it being. Can't wait to listen to the other ones as well.

comment posted by Toma on 18 June

comment #18

holy crap this is some good stuff. many thanks to the ripper (who I hope will enjoy these albums as much as I'm sure we all will) and to #gamemp3s for being awesome in general.

comment posted by heptadragon on 19 June

comment #19

Its funny because I don't really get into Yuzo's music in its original form and it isn't until it is released as symphonic/classic versions that I truly enjoy them. Must be something I am not hearing in the original version that others are.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 20 June

comment #20

'Synphonic suite' is the actual title as it appears on the album cover and side. Most people think it's a typo someone at an infosite made and 'correct' it, but that's how it's spelled... >_>

comment posted by EvilAshe on 22 June

comment #21

Is it just me or is this file actually invalid? Just so you know, I'm not complaining, I would just love it fixed. You guys are still awesome. Thanks.

comment posted by Lord Stig on 08 April

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