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#gamemp3s on Granado Espada

#gamemp3s has started playing the open beta of Granado Espada on the Orpesia server. We also just started a guild so if you're interested in playing leave your family name below and we'll send you an invite.

posted by Msia on 24 June


comment #1

I might give it a whirl, after the massive download finishes.

comment posted by LCC on 25 June

comment #2

Wow! Looks like something I'd actually play. I might try it out on my new PC when I get it on Saturday, so I'll just download the client before hand because this thing is huge! :)

comment posted by leingod on 25 June

comment #3

Sword of the New World just sounds so lame. Why couldn't they leave the name alone? I hope at least the music is still good.

comment posted by TheZen on 25 June

comment #4

yeah, my brother mentioned this a few days ago, but still hasn't given me the installer he already downloaded. And I'm too lazy to download it myself. Ha. It looks pretty cool though.

comment posted by Kilu on 25 June

comment #5

FWOAH! This game looks awesome! Definitely having a look at this! Thanks for the heads up. I never would have heard of it otherwise

comment posted by Adamtehgreat on 25 June

comment #6

Granado Espada is awesome! So addictive and fun!

comment posted by Albedo Piazzolla on 25 June

comment #7

Did you guys give up on PSU or something?

comment posted by Frame Gride on 26 June

comment #8

*sigh* I've been wanting to play this for a while, but I don't know if I have the time to dedicate to it. It looks fun and the music is pretty darn good.

comment posted by Tokyo Kitty on 26 June

comment #9

Hi guyz! :)
This game looks awesome, since I'm on holidays I'll have time to try it and maybe join the guild but I'm kind of new to guild so you'll have to tell me how it works :P.

See u!

comment posted by Lai on 26 June

comment #10

Another koreagrind. If you've played one of them you've played all of them. Sure they make games look pretty and this one has nice music, too. But that's all it has going for it, it's just a massive grindfest. And I personally didn't like the monster design - leaping crocodiles lol what the hell. I quit after one day of closed beta.

comment posted by Mazinger on 26 June

comment #11

I tried to use Hasselhoff as my family name but they didn't let me. The name has ass in it, so boo.

comment posted by Kilu on 26 June

comment #12

I make Mazinger's words mine. I played the closed beta as soon as it came out, but I quit a week and a half after. I played like 3 to 5 hours a day, and seeing the kids who started 1 day before me reach level 60, 70 while I had a 3 chars at 20 high, a couple 30 low was pretty much the end of it for me.

The graphics were nice, though, even on low end systems. The soundtrack was pretty good, too... I actually have to admit what sparked my interest in GE was the soundtrack posted here a few months ago :D

comment posted by Seraphic Fate on 26 June

comment #13

lol i already lv 60+ in the Japanese version of Granado Espada....
It a great game, great graphic and lot and lot of cool music(can compare with RO)

comment posted by dragoon86 on 26 June

comment #14

The game is worth checking out for its amazing visuals and soundtrack. Everything else is average at best, unfortunately.

comment posted by Rock on 27 June

comment #15

Would you recommend this game to a MMORPG newbe? Actually, I've never played a MMORPG before and this one looks cool...

comment posted by Zeta on 27 June

comment #16

After a few days all I can do is agree with Mazinger. Grind grind grind.

comment posted by Kilu on 28 June

comment #17

I guess i'm on it now. Family name ElSeeSee.

comment posted by LCC on 28 June

comment #18

Oh yeah, I'm also in the Orpesia, family name Stobbart.

comment posted by Kilu on 29 June

comment #19

I'll ask the other vice leader to invite you guys. Since they released the new patch a few days ago I can't use my keyboard in game at all so I guess I can't play till its fixed.

comment posted by Msia on 29 June

comment #20

Hey my family name is Skullgrin please invite me :D

comment posted by Prime on 29 June

comment #21

My family name is Koets.
Great Game great music!

comment posted by Worp3 on 08 July

comment #22

The game is going live on Tuesday and everything's being wiped tomorrow. We'll post more info in the forums for those who want to join us.

comment posted by Msia on 08 July

comment #23

Omg!! I love you guys. I'll join you. I got 3 vets!!! My family name is ZanClan

comment posted by Missnuki on 01 May

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