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Heart of Sword

Tonight we got three:

abingdon boys school / Nephilim
milestone -dj TAKA-
Monster World Complete Collection Original Sound Track

First off is the theme song to one of the games in our previous release, "FolksSoul". abingdon boys school is fronted by T.M. Revolution. Next up is dj TAKA, familiar to fans of bemani, this first album features original tracks and remixes by other bemani names such as AKIRA YAMAOKA, Osamu Kubota, DJ YOSHITAKA, L.E.D., TaQ, etc.

Finally, released back in March, the "Monster World" collection features music from "Monsterland" to "Monster World IV" spanning 2 discs. More for all you Sega fans(?).

posted by Godai on 06 July


comment #1

Nephilim is AWESOME. I really hope Abingdon Boys School releases a full on album eventually. Their song from Darker Than Black OP is awesome. Thanks for the release as always guys and I hope I like the monster world collection.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 06 July

comment #2

ABS has three single releases so far, and TMR has serious industry clout; it's highly unlikely that they WOULDN'T release a full album.

comment posted by lohengrin on 06 July

comment #3

Thanks, I've been looking for Nephilim since I saw the trailer of the game long time ago...

comment posted by Zeta on 06 July

comment #4

more you all you? My Sega fandom is defeated by your Engrish. ^_^

comment posted by heptadragon on 06 July

comment #5

ABS are indeed awesome! However , I can't help feeling that Lost Reason would've made a better single. Oh well, another great release! I'm loving the Monster World Collection.. only problem is I'll probably start feeling the urge to play them all again now. ^_~

comment posted by soylent_system on 06 July

comment #6

Truly an amazing release! I love it, and those techno tracks are awesome! As always, you are in my debt gamemp3s. Thank you!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 06 July

comment #7

Thank you very much for "milestone -dj TAKA-". I've been looking forward to this release. Feel free to add beatmania IIDX 14 -GOLD- OST if you'd like as well. =D

comment posted by Cyantre on 06 July

comment #8

Thank you so much. I've been searching for milestone forever and a day, lol.

comment posted by Tea on 06 July

comment #9

milestone from dj.TAKA kicks ass :>

comment posted by Bakke on 07 July

comment #10

AWESOME RELEASE! First you release the Folks Soul OST, then this, your killing me! but in a good way, thank you so much :D

comment posted by egmcary on 07 July

comment #11

Castlevania Live! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQuwpcHHLDY

comment posted by tomahawk360 on 08 July

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