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I want! you! …r power…!

Tonight's release might please the retro crowd:

Extra Official Compilation
Hudson Premium Audio Collection
PuyoPuyo! Original Soundtrack

"Extra" was a game concert that just happened in Japan last week, this is not the live album, for the record. It does have remixes and live performances by some of VGM's big names (i.e. Norihiko Hibino, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Shinji Hosoe, etc.). The "Hudson" album is a remix and arrange album based on classic Famicom and PC Engine Hudson titles such as, "Star Soldier", "Hector '87", "Milon's Secret Castle", "Soldier Blade", etc...the arranges are done in that retro style also. Names on here are, Shinji Hosoe, Kimitaka Matsumae, Takeshi Abo, Takayuki Aihara, etc.. Finally, "PuyoPuyo!" celebrates it's 15th anniversary with this soundtrack to the DS game released last December.

Edit: There was a couple of typos in the filenames and tags for "Hudson Premium Audio Collection", I remade the torrent with a fixed version. My apologies to those who were downloading and to those who have already downloaded...I really need to stop doing these so late. :P

posted by Godai on 14 July


comment #1

Yay! Can't get enough of Hosoe! Thanks a lot. :)

comment posted by aclors on 14 July

comment #2


comment posted by lostsupper on 14 July

comment #3

Plenty of good stuff on the Extra Compilation! Cheers! ^^

comment posted by soylent_system on 14 July

comment #4

sweet, Takeshi Abo!

Thanks a bunch!

comment posted by Liphian on 14 July

comment #5

wow... so many good names on extra official compilation
okubo! koshiro! furukawa! namiki!

comment posted by crinale on 14 July

comment #6

I havent heard this official compilation but the idea sounds great.

comment posted by EdwinSidu on 15 July

comment #7

Thanks! Sadly though I cannot download or seed this as I need a new harddrive - the old one is dying on me :/

comment posted by Emil on 15 July

comment #8

Thanks guys for such great releases =).

comment posted by Ragnatic on 15 July

comment #9

Just asking : In the Hudson collection, "Star SOLIDER" (track 2) and "Super Star SOLIDER" (track 6) instead of SOLDIER, is it normal ?
I guess it's possible, japanese people being pretty wild with english langage (as I am, but I'm french :).
Thanks GMP3s for all what you've delivered us so far.

comment posted by Gaor on 15 July

comment #10

I love 'Out of Nowhere' on the Extra Official Compilation, but does anyone have the lyrics anywhere?

comment posted by Maisoul on 15 July

comment #11

Goar, Nope, that's a mistake, on my part...even though it might be too late, I am going to kill and remake the torrent with a fix for this. Thanks for pointing it out.

comment posted by Godai on 15 July

comment #12

A great addition, thank you very much!

comment posted by Bear on 15 July

comment #13

Oh my, Extra is quite nice! A lot of them are very familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on what they remind me of.

Thanks can't be said enough.

comment posted by Drem on 16 July

comment #14

WOW! Retro forever! Thanks a lot gamemp3:s!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 17 July

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