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Here's what we got tonight:

2Spicy Original Sound Track
Super Hang-On 20th Anniversary Collection

Here's what NightsB has to say about tonight's release:

""Super Hang-On" celebrates the game's 20th anniversary with a collection of songs from "Hang-On", "Super Hang-On", and "Cool Riders". It also features some new arrangements by Hiro and Koichi "Mickey" Namiki, who some of the more astute fans might recall as the lead guitarist for the S.S.T. Band. "2Spicy" is the soundtrack to the new Sega arcade game. It's a fast-paced 1-on-1 versus light gun game with music by Makito Nomiya, who worked on "The House of the Dead 4"."

posted by Godai on 16 July


comment #1

The Mickey arranges on "Super Hang-On" are killer, make sure you give them a listen!

comment posted by Godai on 16 July

comment #2

Nice!!! Super Hang-On is awesome!

comment posted by aclors on 16 July

comment #3

Mickey's weiner is too spicy!!!

comment posted by Thomas Magnum on 16 July

comment #4

Thanks I'll be sure to spcie this up when I get it =)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 17 July

comment #5

that's supposed to be spice, not spcie =)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 17 July

comment #6


Amazing stuff. Thanks so much. This is one hell of an OST.

comment posted by magicianlord on 17 July

comment #7

Oh holy crap, I've wanted to hear the "Theme of Love" from Cool Riders again for about 12-13 years now.

Thank you guys!

comment posted by Kei on 20 July

comment #8

what should i use to download it

comment posted by shinobi on 12 August

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