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Falcom Bonanza

Tonight we have a slew of Falcom & Falcom-related stuff:

Bloody Chronicle -append disc:01-
Bloody Chronicle -experiment edition-
Jill's Project -the expansion-
Jill's Project -the expansion- Memorial Campaign Single
The Legend of Heroes -Sora no Kiseki the 3rd- Original Soundtrack Mini
Ys Origin Super Arrange Version

The official Falcom stuff here is the "Ys Origin" Super Arrange and the "Sora no Kiseki the 3rd" mini soundtrack. All the rest of it is Falcom Sound Team jdk's Masashi "Jill" Okagaki's "Jill's Project". Original and "Melty Blood", "Ragnarok Battle Offline" arranges are contained in these albums, awesome stuff if you like hard rock.

posted by Godai on 19 July


comment #1

Excellent. It's like Yngwie Malmsteen Lite, except there's nothing lite about it.

comment posted by Judge on 20 July

comment #2

I've heard Ys Origin SAV is the best Ys arrange yet - look forward to it :D

comment posted by Argentis on 20 July

comment #3

Haha, long time no see mr. Falcom bundle. Thankfully this isn't like the two old sets sizewise, those releases over about a gig were fun to download.

comment posted by Razakin on 20 July

comment #4

Marvelous release, as always. Great Falcom stuff all of it!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 20 July

comment #5

Thx a lot guys.

comment posted by Testament on 26 July

comment #6

Hope there's still some life for this torrent. Thanks a lot anyways.

comment posted by Richard on 10 October

comment #7

I hope there's still some life in this torrent too. I know I'm late for this party, but damn, I want to enjoy every bit. Jill's my favorite. I hope someone's still willing to seed this.

comment posted by fatedsoul on 22 February

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