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Sword of the New World

Tonight's release is one very near and dear to many of our hearts:

Granado Espada Original Sound Track Volume 1

This is the music to the Korean MMORPG, "Granado Espada", which has just recently been released in North America as, "Sword of the New World: Granado Espada". Music is by SoundTeMP, Kim Junsung, S.F.A and Kubota Osamu. This was a promotional album from the Japanese publisher of the game and is quite rare (and expensive!). Awesome, awesome, awesome four disc set. Do yourself a favor and nab it.

posted by Godai on 29 July


comment #1

God Demn I can't believe it. You're my Andre forever~~

comment posted by Kibbas on 29 July

comment #2

Glad to see amazing stuff :)

comment posted by D!zzy on 29 July

comment #3

Excellent find Godai. Thanks again!

comment posted by MasterZophar on 29 July

comment #4

I spend most of Saturday hunting for this to either buy or download!

comment posted by Scimarad on 30 July

comment #5

So, when is volume 2 out?

comment posted by Razakin on 30 July

comment #6

V0 VBR!!? OMG!!!
This is too amazing to be true
How the hell did you find this!!?
Thank you so much!!

comment posted by Argentis on 30 July

comment #7

by the number of awesome's godai said ...I MUST DOWNLOAD IT

comment posted by Supmotto on 30 July

comment #8

Truly amazing work! I shall treasure this gamemp3s =)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 30 July

comment #9

What about scans? PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

comment posted by Vash on 30 July

comment #10

A lot of great tracks, and a lot of bad ones - almost everything by SoundTeMP is pure crap, I hate this kind of music. But when I delete soundTeMP tracks, than everything shuold be fine:).

comment posted by Herbaciak on 30 July

comment #11

This soundtrack is sooooo good.

comment posted by SailorDaravon on 30 July

comment #12

Where can you order this CD?
It is not on cdjapan?
Please tell me I want to order this....
This is Volume 1 is there gonna be a Volume 2?
Great OST....finally someone has the guts to make trance and dance style music to an MMORPG!!!
It sounds good..
Also the classical style musics are great.....

comment posted by Worp3 on 30 July

comment #13

Worp3 you can't order this cd, it was a gift for a 5 or 6 months subscription in the japanese servers. You might be able to find a copy on Yahoo Japan Auctions, though you'll have to pay the price (10000 to 30000 Yens currently).
I hope they'll release Vol.2 but I don't think they have enough extra tracks at the moment (they come with new episodes and majo updates of the game)

comment posted by Kibbas on 30 July

comment #14


comment posted by egmcary on 30 July

comment #15

Ragnarok has a OST why not this game?
Maybe they will bring out a CD soon....
Anyways thanks for the upload Godai.
When this CD is available please let me know....
I will buy this for sure....

comment posted by Worp3 on 30 July

comment #16

Well I hope there is a commercial release one day - like a boxset or something when they have enough music for it...though that's just a hope :p

I hope SFA get more involved in other game projects - there stuff is just to immense to be missed :D

comment posted by Argentis on 30 July

comment #17

yeah this one certainly lack a lot of song(approxiately still got 70+ song left).... the version of the ost i got from a site is Granado Espadan OST v2.2.15 ~ Witch of bahamaru

comment posted by dragoon86 on 30 July

comment #18

I was not expecting guitars.

I'm glad I took a chance on this.

comment posted by Judge on 31 July

comment #19

Thanks for the soundtrack! I think this is the first time I've heard trance music in an MMORPG; it almost makes me want to play the game for the music alone.

comment posted by SZK on 31 July

comment #20

I agree, excellent soundtrack. Every composer did an amazing job. I wrote a comprehensive review of this album back in April on M4G:


I doubt there will be a volume 2. If you look at the audio from the music folder in the game files, there aren't that many more. It would be an entire album of SFA and commercial techno artists. Even DJ Tiesto had a few tracks placed in the game. It would have been cool if the techno artists had created new pieces for the game, but instead, they just used previously released material. Of note (don't remember if I mentioned it in the review), SFA used to be a member of SoundTeMP. Also, ESTi was one of the main players in SoundTeMP to work on Granado Espada. Lastly, Osamu Kubota, who has done a lot of work on Beatmania, was recently featured on DJ Taka's 1st album milestone. Okay, that's it!

comment posted by Jayson on 31 July

comment #21

WOWWOWOWOWOW, amazing album. I'm writing my organic chemistry research paper while listening to M.I.S.A. by SoundTEMP, and its really stimulating the parts of my brain that I so desperately need! Thanks a bunch!

Also, to the the poster above (i.e. "Judge"), by "I'm glad I took a chance on this," do you mean to say you purchased it? I sure hope you don't consider a free download, graciously provided by Godai, to have taken too much of a toll on your personal resources... that is, unless you consider listening to the radio or conversing a friend as necessitating "taking a chance."

comment posted by BoAss on 31 July

comment #22

I must say I too was taken by surprise to hear so much trance and electornica in the OST to a MMORPG. I was expecting rock-ish songs from SoundTeMP based on my listens of a few doujin artists, but I was presently surprised.

However.. is there any chance we can get a scan of the album cover? I've only found one passable-quality scan online, and that's the out-of-aspect picture found on that music4games review linked above; the other two pictures are.. pictures. I know we shouldn't be requesting album art, but when nothing else exists online... =\

comment posted by neothe0ne on 01 August

comment #23

For the missing track, you can use this util to exact it from GE client: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8206vu (better scan before open it, i'm not sure if it is clen or not)

comment posted by Clarious on 01 August

comment #24


Sorry about the scan on M4G. I guess the reasoning behind that is that we feature games that sometimes don't have official soundtrack releases, or we can't get the album cover, so we use the game's box art instead. So instead of having images of different sizes on the site, we just use the box art as standard.

- Jayson

comment posted by Jayson on 01 August

comment #25

Thank you VERY MUCH, Jayson!

comment posted by neothe0ne on 01 August

comment #26

We do have scans, but we were trying to experiment with better quality, but if bishop743 can't make better ones, I might just add yours to the site and delete your link, Jayson. Is that alright?

comment posted by Godai on 01 August

comment #27

Do whatever you want. Just glad to help. =)

comment posted by Jayson on 02 August

comment #28

I'm adding bishop743's original scans to the site, but thanks for the help Jayson.

comment posted by Godai on 02 August

comment #29

I like this music. Especially track 13 of CD 1 "Forget-Me-Not" Also, is Granado Espadan OST v2.2.15 ~ Witch of bahamaru same as the original OST? Some track have the same names? Please do tell us? Thanks.

comment posted by Da’an on 05 August

comment #30

I like this music. Especially track 13 of CD 1 "Forget-Me-Not" Also, is Granado Espadan OST v2.2.15 ~ Witch of bahamaru same as the original OST? Some track have the same names? Please do tell us? Thanks.

comment posted by Da’an on 05 August

comment #31

I Like it a lot thanks.

comment posted by Da’an on 05 August

comment #32

I Like it a lot thanks.

comment posted by Da’an on 05 August

comment #33

thank you!

out of the four composers the one i liked least was SoundTeMP. the other three had some incredible in-game music.

comment posted by iisdev on 08 August

comment #34

Oh god I love SoundTeMP. If my graphics card didn't BSOD me whenever I enable it and AT&T stopped being an ass about DSL I would be on this game day and night. >__>

comment posted by urutapu on 10 August

comment #35

i love you guys so much for uploading this

comment posted by Raine on 04 January

comment #36

I've been searching for this. Glad to found it, but stuck at %33.8 :( I will pray for the person who will seed. :)

comment posted by suke on 07 November

comment #37

To the One Person Seeding.... I Salute You :)

comment posted by Jake on 16 January

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