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Bald Space Marines 4EVA


Gears of War The Soundtrack

Twenty-eight tracks from Epic Games' Xbox 360 (and soon PC) hit game, "Gears of War". Score is by Kevin Riepl.

posted by Godai on 02 August


comment #1

Very cool. Without playing, the music score sounds pretty different.

comment posted by Gaor on 02 August

comment #2

Thanks for giving me 28% of the game , until the PC v. get out to taste it 100% .

comment posted by Younes on 02 August

comment #3

Woo! Stand up!

comment posted by Prime on 03 August

comment #4

AWESOME! I was pleasantly surprised by how awesome this music is. I was expecting it to be horrible but its almost up to god of war quality.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 03 August

comment #5

Got an official review of this one as well:


While the orchestral music stinks, there is a lot of atmosphere here. Great stuff as far as that goes. Let me know what you guys think!

- Jayson

comment posted by Jayson on 03 August

comment #6

The music is pretty boring in my opinion. There's about 1 track that I like on the the soundtrack.

A tip, never use the Northwest Sinfonia, the orchestral quality is horrible.

comment posted by Erik on 03 August

comment #7

Thanks #gamemp3s for another quality rip :-)

comment posted by LiquidAcid on 03 August

comment #8

Maybe this is one of those soundtracks you'd appreciate more after you've experienced the game. :/

comment posted by JiJi on 04 August

comment #9

JiJi: I haven't played the game and I enjoyed this ost a lot. So much that it went to my buy-list.

comment posted by Razakin on 04 August

comment #10


comment posted by Blizzje on 04 August

comment #11

I have experienced the game and sure, the music fits the mood. But nothing I'd listen to outside the game, which is a shame. :/

comment posted by Erik on 04 August

comment #12

Really dig this soundtrack. Thanks for the up! Don't own the game, and its making me seriously consider it.

comment posted by Adamtehrgeat on 12 August

comment #13

I don't particularly like those orchestral tracks either. It's those orchestral + ambient tracks that really got my attention...

Well, especially "14 Years after E-Day". When I play the game before getting this soundtrack, I thought it's just some boring ambient sound effects until I heard that low brass blaring out the main theme at 0:40, it made me very curious and then I waited at the main menu to get the whole song out... It's really an awesome piece of music :D

comment posted by Ovelia on 22 August

comment #14

This is one of the best FPS scores written.
I just wish I could download the 45% that I don't have yet.
Please seed!

comment posted by Zerahl on 21 January

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