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Classic Sega Is Awesome

Another (new) classic Sega album:

Galaxy Force II & Thunder Blade Original Sound Track

Here's what NightsB has to say on this one:

Tonight we have the second release in Wave Master's Sound!Shock Series (the first being the recently released "Super Hang-On"), which includes music from "Galaxy Force" and "Thunder Blade". Recordings include original tracks from the arcade, Master System/Mark III, and Genesis/Mega Drive versions of the games as well as new arrangements from Koichi "Mickey" Namiki and [H.]. Fans of old-school arcade music owe it to themselves to check out these Sega classics!

posted by Godai on 02 August


comment #1

Thanks a lot, more great music indeed!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 02 August

comment #2

SEEEEEGA SEEEEEEEGAAAA....... :) , Thanks a lot .

comment posted by Younes on 02 August

comment #3

wow...I loved theses old classics...many thanks for the memories..now where is my chopper helmet!....

comment posted by Solidius on 02 August

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