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Back again after a short break with the following:

Alphabet Planet
Ragnarok Online II Original Sound Track
Yuzo Koshiro Best Collection vol. 2

"Alphabet Planet" is an original 2-disc album by "Seiken Densetsu 2" composer, Hiroki Kikuta. Yoko Kanno scores the new "Raganarok Online II" soundtrack, with performances by Gabriela Robin, Ilaria Graziano and the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. The second volume of the "Yuzo Koshiro Best Collection" is here, this one covers "The Super Shinobi (Revenge of Shinobi)" and the "Bare Knuckle (Streets of Rage)" series and features some unused material.

posted by Godai on 15 August


comment #1

Kikuta, Kanno and Koshiro, should be superb release. :o

comment posted by Razakin on 15 August

comment #2

Yeah, this is one of the best releases I've ever seen! Thanks, guys!

comment posted by Muzza on 15 August

comment #3

Great stuff guys
Thanks as always

comment posted by Argentis on 15 August

comment #4

Revenge of Shinobi + Streets of Rage , Ouhh great times .
Thanks, guys.

comment posted by Younes on 15 August

comment #5

Hiroki Kikuta = GOD!

comment posted by StrayFire on 15 August

comment #6

Damn! Fine release pack :)

comment posted by D!zzy on 15 August

comment #7

OMG, Yuzo Koshiro, a lot of thanks!!!

comment posted by Reit Zephyrox on 15 August

comment #8

Yes! Ragnarok Online II!!
What an update! You guys rock.

comment posted by Morphballer on 15 August

comment #9

Couldn't ask for a better release. THANKS! :)

comment posted by aclors on 15 August

comment #10

Great release, but 06 Yoru in the Ragnarok Online II Original Soundtrack ends about 12 seconds too early :(

comment posted by Ashton on 15 August

comment #11

Dude. Ragnarok 2? I love you.

comment posted by urutapu on 15 August

comment #12

Legendary release. You have my thanks, as usual~

comment posted by Kanji on 15 August

comment #13

Ashton, 06 Yoru last exactly as it should (4.04), merging with the following track. Maybe you need a player with gapless playback?

comment posted by FMsaziri on 15 August

comment #14

Ashton, What FMsaziri said.

comment posted by Godai on 15 August

comment #15

Awhile ago, nipponsei (or one of the other groups that just uses the minglong tracker, I honestly forget) released the .ogg soundtrack for the RO2 beta. It's just that that had way more tracks than this.

Is this like a promotional album or something? Just asking.

comment posted by urutapu on 15 August

comment #16

Wow, Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. This must be good.

comment posted by Hiki on 15 August

comment #17

Yes as far as I know; I recently download a copy of this same soundtrack and it was called in the tags RO2 Highlight soundtrack. It has all the best tracks on there :D

I think this soundtrack was available at a concert or through some other kind of obscure means.

comment posted by Argentis on 15 August

comment #18

Awesome stuff as usual, thanks #gamemp3s!

comment posted by Conspera on 15 August

comment #19

As usual, the gamemp3s mangod godai delivers. Great sounds. :D

comment posted by Blizzje on 15 August

comment #20

Heya thanks for the music, guys. I remember being fairly enamored by Kikuta's enchanting tunefulness and upbeat songs from Secret of Mana, its sequel and Soukaigi. Thanks again!

comment posted by papa_haydn on 15 August

comment #21

Is this an advance copy of Alphabet Planet? Cocoebiz says the release date is the 30th.

Er... anyway, this is an incredible release!

comment posted by Moogy on 15 August

comment #22

Hmmm there goes my money.
Ragnarok 2 and Yuzo Koshiro......I have to place an order again.....
Great releases as always....

comment posted by Worp3 on 15 August

comment #23

Thanks a lot for Yuzo Koshiro BEST COLLECTION vol.2!!

comment posted by Shredder on 16 August

comment #24

Now that you've released Hiroki Kikuta's second album, you should release his first album "Lost Files" too. =)

comment posted by Cyantre on 16 August

comment #25

Ragnaraok Online 2 is very, very nice. A lot of great and catchy tunes. Great release. Thanks!:)

comment posted by Herbaciak on 16 August

comment #26

Thank you guys! A pleasure as always.

comment posted by Klondike on 16 August

comment #27

Yoko Kanno, yes! thnx!

comment posted by Shin_Ein on 16 August

comment #28

Great release indeed. Thanks #gamemp3s, I'll help seeding after I get it :)

comment posted by Vincent on 16 August

comment #29

Great Release. I'm loving Alphabet Planet! Thank you!

comment posted by Daicon on 17 August

comment #30

Oh, I had no idea that Yoru merged like that. Thanks for the heads up :)

comment posted by Ashton on 17 August

comment #31

Alphabet Planet is really wonderful. I've been listening to it practically nonstop since the other night, and will probably order it along with Lost Files this weekend. (I had no idea Mr. Kikuta was doing original albums.) Thanks very much for this release.

comment posted by metaly on 17 August

comment #32

Holy fucking shit! Kikuta AND Kanno in one update? Wonderfulness.

And how the hell did I miss hearing about Alphabet Planet? Maybe I just haven't been paying attention in the new Kikuta thread over at GFF.

comment posted by wvlfpvp on 18 August

comment #33

Kikuta, Kanno and Koshiro. It's like a Holy Trinity of K.

comment posted by Jay on 23 August

comment #34

Loved the yuzo koshiro collection. Thank you for torrenting it:)

comment posted by reloaded on 25 August

comment #35

Can anyone please seed this?

comment posted by chibiusa255 on 19 October

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