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Recap Compilation Archive: Persona 3

This is something new I am introducing. In most cases, Japanese titles see release much earlier than their North American/EU counterparts. That being said, the soundtracks to said titles also release well before the NA/EU date. We usually put these out as soon as they hit stores in Japan and when it comes time for the game to be released in our territories, the albums are a little harder to download.

"Persona 3" finally made it's debut in North America this week, and as such, the first RCA (Recap Compilation Archive) contains the three albums we have released that are associated with "Persona 3". They are: Burn My Dread -Reincarnation: Persona 3-, Persona 3 Fes Original Soundtrack, Persona 3 Original Soundtrack.

P.S. - Please don't use this comment space to request a similar archive release, I am aware of soundtrack and game releases.

posted by Godai on 16 August


comment #1

Fantastic idea, Godai. I missed the OST first time around. Very happy to see this.

comment posted by Jeriaska on 16 August

comment #2

This game is absolutely awesome. Been playing it since yesterday morning nonstop. Granted, I've been listening to the soundtrack since you released it a year ago, this is great for anyone who picked up the game and fell in love with the music.

comment posted by MalaiseDivinity on 16 August

comment #3


Wonderful act of compilation kindness.

May you be summoned without the need for pantomimed .45mm lobotomies.

A big thank you to yourself and the #gamemp3 crew.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 16 August

comment #4

it's really too bad Atlus decided not to introduce the fes mode in the western world, too.

;_; Metis

and thank you to Godai, I think I have all three already, so i'll help =,

comment posted by karasu on 17 August

comment #5

Good idea. I have all three, but I recommend this to anyone who doesnt have it. :)

comment posted by Vincent on 17 August

comment #6

This is indeed a good idea. I already have them since I download everything regardless whether I know it or not, but I'll definetly help out seeding.

comment posted by Emil on 17 August

comment #7

This is a very very good idea. Sometimes games come out 2 or more years early in Japan and the soundtracks follow suit. By the time something like Rogue Galaxy finally got released over here, the torrent was long gone.

comment posted by Thanatos on 19 August

comment #8

This is one of the best RPG soundtracks since Chrono Cross. Thanks for the Re-Up! Everyone get this now!

comment posted by Shin_Ein on 19 August

comment #9

Hey, great upload! We all pretty much already own all three, though this is a seriously sweet treat! Thanks much. :)

comment posted by Nagata on 21 August

comment #10

Wonderful! I only had Burn My Dread -Reincarnation Persona 3 and really wanted the OSTs too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

comment posted by shini on 24 August

comment #11

Nice upload... but one nitpick (and I blame the Magic Box for introducing this particular bastardization of the English language)... "release" is a transitive verb. Games don't "release." They "get released."

Anal? Yes. Doesn't make it any less correct.

comment posted by Deuce on 25 August

comment #12

quick question! who actually sings Burn my Dread? Is it houko kowashima?

comment posted by eriol33 on 27 August

comment #13

request reseed. please. everyone i need your help ....

comment posted by kira on 18 September

comment #14

Is anyone willing to seed the file? I would greatly appreciate it if someone was willing.

comment posted by Elimin8erX on 26 February

comment #15

A belated comment on this great release:

Track 13 on the Persona 3 Original Soundtrack is mis-labeled. It should be Iwato Dormitory, rather than Iwatodai Station.

Yes, I can update my own, but you guys seem to like ensuring that everything is as correct as possible. :)

Thanks again for this, and all, releases!

comment posted by Jason on 03 April

comment #16

Hi! A little late, perhaps, but I just wanted to thank you for providing this torrent. Awesome!

comment posted by Phoenix on 08 May

comment #17

Wonderful! Just got FES, thank you for providing the OST Recap!

comment posted by Caerold on 02 June

comment #18

Thank You!!!!! Ive been looking everywhere for this

comment posted by Rayn on 29 December

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