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Recap Compilation Archive: The “Arc” SRPG

The RCA idea seems popular and I've been getting requests for the soundtracks to these newly released games in North America. So here is: Jeanne d'Arc Original Soundtrack and Luminous Arc Original Soundtracks.

Please remember to seed as much as possible, this is a free, non-ratio tracker. Only way for it to stay that way is to help seed.

posted by Godai on 21 August


comment #1

Do I sense a jab against certain tracker site with shitty underaged mods? :D Seeding this after I'll d/l this tomorrow prolly, who knows. Good stuff anyway

comment posted by Razakin on 21 August

comment #2

What tracker site?

comment posted by xybur on 22 August

comment #3

Coolness. Oh your missing the K in 'Jeanne d'Arc Original Soundtrack'

comment posted by egmcary on 23 August

comment #4

Good call.

comment posted by Godai on 24 August

comment #5

Great post. Been looking for this for a bout 3 months now!

Thanks again!


comment posted by Kageluz on 21 September

comment #6

Somebody wanna seed this? I've been looking for this sound track for a while, but nobody is seeding the torrent :(

comment posted by Jay on 22 September

comment #7

How come some of the luminious arc songs won't play? do I need to wait for the entire torrent file to download?

comment posted by Jay on 22 September

comment #8

Never mind, the files are downloading fine, i'm new to this kinda stuff.

comment posted by Jay on 22 September

comment #9

thx very much ^^

comment posted by nah on 29 September

comment #10

Many people stuck on 67%. Would any one seed this here. Great appreciated!

comment posted by Ben on 17 January

comment #11

Would someone please seed this? Looks like there's no one at the moment.

comment posted by Rachele on 19 November

comment #12

I'll see what I can do about getting my seed for this one up again. It'll be slow, but I'll do what I can.

comment posted by Matthew on 24 April

comment #13

The download links are 404'ed. I can't seed without the torrent file unless someone wants to give me their .torrent file.

comment posted by Matthew on 24 April

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