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Today we have:

Wild Arms XF Original Soundtrack

This is the soundtrack to the PSP SRPG "Wild Arms XF (Crossfire)". It's another 4-disc mother, with plenty of music to listen to. Sadly, once again, Michiko Naruke is not featured on this album, only as a lyricist and a composer for traditional WA tracks which have been arranged by the other composers, Noriyasu Agematsu, Masato Kouda, Junpei Fujita, Hitoshi Fujima and Daisuke Kikuta. Enjoy!

Edit: A typo was found in the release, sorry about this. I remade the torrent and am providing a fix here.

posted by Godai on 30 August


comment #1

Not Found

Sorry pal :(

That's what I got when I click to download the torrent :(

comment posted by DarkBlack on 30 August

comment #2

Episode XX: how do we not found errors in releases and how Godai borks the site..

Either way, this should be another BRILLIANT Wild Arms release. ~

comment posted by Razakin on 30 August

comment #3

Should be all good now, site had a little meltdown, sorry.

comment posted by Godai on 30 August

comment #4

It works now

comment posted by DarkBlack on 30 August

comment #5

Awesome but I still miss Naruke!

comment posted by johnconnor on 30 August

comment #6

Naruke's stuff began to get repetitive as her involvement with the series dragged on. Enough is enough already. Wild ARMs V's soundtrack was fine--hell, excellent--without her. And nothing she's done has ever really matched up to Wild ARMs 1's soundtrack anyway, not even Alter Code F's.

comment posted by Desides on 30 August

comment #7

Ya, don’t get me wrong, I also loved the Vth Vanguard sound track.

comment posted by johnconnor on 30 August

comment #8

The increasing distance in the "Wilderness" tracks though the games is a bit amusing. First, "To the End of...," then "At the End of...," now "From the End of...." Amazing what a single particle replacement can do.

Any chance for a set of scans on this one? Specifically, I'm interested in the lyrics page(s) and the pages laying out who composed what, so I can get the kanji for the names of the new composers.

comment posted by Datana on 30 August

comment #9

My god this soundtrack is absolutely incredible!
Thank you so much for this release

comment posted by Argentis on 30 August

comment #10

Playing WA5 right now...I didn't think you'd have XF up so fast, so I'll be downloadin' it right now.

comment posted by Kaitz on 30 August

comment #11

Is Naruke sick or something or does she other composing jobs?
|I bought WA5 OST it is great stuff.
When this CD is good I gonna buy it to!

comment posted by Worp3 on 30 August

comment #12

Godai tags the albums according to what is in the inserts, that is, they're 100% accurate, and if he makes a mistake, 99% accurate with a fix a day later. Therefore, you don't need a scan of the inserts telling you who composed what, as the tags are a perfect replication of that.

Here is the kanji for the composers(even though a simple http://www.google.co.jp search would have yielded the same results):

Masato Koda: 甲田雅人
Noriyasu Agematsu: 上松範康
Junpei Fujita: 藤田淳平
Hitoshi Fujima: 藤間仁
Daisuke Kikuta: 菊田大介
Michiko Naruke: なるけみちこ

I rip these for the community so you have a chance to hear the soundtracks and (hopefully) make a purchase if you like the music enough. As good a job as we do at releasing soundtracks; with the quality and accuracy of the rip, encode and tracklist / information, we (I) do not pay upwards of 200$ a month so you can feel unsatisfied with our near perfect releases.

If you want high quality scans of the lyrics page, cd cover, obi, case or anything else you can buy the soundtrack yourself, imo. We release music for your enjoyment, not a full packaged archive for your mp3 collection~

comment posted by dancey on 30 August

comment #13

Thanks for the great upload guys. i have needed something new to listen to while doing my studying.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 30 August

comment #14

The information is appreciated. However, I wasn't aware that your Romanization was "100% accurate." In the past, other groups I've downloaded from have made numerous major mistakes in Romanization, especially for names, and finding tracknames or composer names with that is nigh-impossible. I've made it a point to verify any Romanization I see. Neowing doesn't list anyone but Kaori Oda under their credits list for the CD, and amazon.co.jp provided no such information at all. Most other vendors I visted with a search for the disc ID number gave similar results. I would think that I've taken reasonable measures to look for this information already. Your implication, unlike your information, isn't appreciated.

comment posted by Datana on 30 August

comment #15

Mmmmm.more Wild Arms

comment posted by Atreus on 30 August

comment #16

My last post was made in haste. After a chance to cool off, let me rephrase myself.

If I wanted a "full packaged archive," I wouldn't bother with MP3s and would have gone straight to one of the "other sources" with a lossless format like FLAC or APE. If I just wanted full scans of the booklet, I would have asked for them directly instead of asking for the lyrics and staff info pages.

I had asked for the staff information pages (presumably where track authors are laid out, though some OSTs spread this information across half the booklet in composers' notes) so that I could confirm Romanizations on the new composers (Fujita, Fujima, and Kikuta), as I've said before, and because a preliminary search on normally reliable sources didn't yield that information. I've had little success with running direct searches for Romanized names in the past due to variability in Romanization (JSL, Hepburn, whether to extend vowels or not, etc.) plus transcription errors. I didn't bother with that step this time and went straight for common vendor websites (which normally show such info). I'll admit, though, that I didn't read the NFO, which would have saved me the need to ask for the lyrics pages (I already have Naruke and Agematsu's names, and Fujita would have been given by the staff page).

Finally, I had thought asking for some pages was reasonable, as #gamemp3s has provided full scans for some rips in the past, and selective pages seemed less of an imposition than a full set. Had I known the response you were going to give, I wouldn't have bothered asking. I've tried to explain myself as best I can, and consider this issue closed, as I have the information I want. Whether you believe it or not is up to you.

comment posted by Datana on 30 August

comment #17

Okay, I'm not exactly clear here. You want to confirm romanizations? Do you hold JSL or Hepburn as a standard? I'm not sure what you are after. For the most part, because there is so much variability, as you said, I would use what the composer refers to themself as on their website. I was lucky in this case because Elements Garden has that information.

comment posted by Godai on 30 August

comment #18

For one, romanization methods don't matter at all.

Koh vs. Ko vs. Kôh Ohtani is all the same thing. Generally, it's what we find on their official website, etc, if it's not just printed verbatim from the inserts.

Also, the sheer fact that you question our accuracy is silly, as we probably haven't made a mistake on a composers name in well over 5 years. We're not Japanese, but we do our research and I'm pretty sure that's clear!

Tracklists are harder and vary anywhere you go, but even on games like Hanjuku Hero we do a better job than just about anyone else.

comment posted by dancey on 31 August

comment #19

I wasn't after a specific Romanization methodology, simply a kanji set that I could verify against a search (for instance, typing in Fujita's name in kanji would have led to Elements Garden (or perhaps ja.wikipedia.org), where I could confirm the English spelling).

The comment about variability in Romanization was in response to dancey's assertation that the kanji were a search away if I had bothered to input the names as given -- as stated, I've had problems with that methodology in the past to the point where I'd discounted it as not useful. If there were an error in the set, and, say, "Agematsu" was instead rendered as "Uematsu," I would have gotten a completely different set of far less relevant returns (and judging by the number of results and their contents, it's a common mistake).

This isn't to impugn your translation capabilities at all -- in fact, it's proven more consistent and accurate than other groups (remember the original AOST?). I've just been burned enough on the issue of mis-Romanizations to be careful. I don't think this would have even piqued my initial interest if not for the three new composers -- I had none of their previous works to confirm against, unlike Naruke, Agematsu, or Kouda, whose names I recognize on sight.

comment posted by Datana on 31 August

comment #20

dancey: Sorry for apparently ignoring your response. It looks like we posted in close succession, and I missed it.

In reply, you can't expect everyone who visits to be versed well enough in your group's history to know your track record. All you had given me was an assertation that Godai was 100% (or 99 and some change) correct. I had downloaded a few releases before now, but not enough to be assured that the translations were more than average in reliability.

Accuracy in the last five years? There was the release of Wild ARMs: 2nd Ignition OST back in late 2005, and I would hardly call that translation "accurate" -- take a good look at it, or at least the checksum file names (tracks 109, 119, and 126, for starters, though even the first disc contains far more than just those) and compare to the tracknames in the booklet. There are far more than minor errors there. Granted, that translation was from a non-Godai source (it appears to be taken from the RPGFan tracklist before they updated it), but it shows that your releases aren't as dead reliable as you seem to be implying.

comment posted by Datana on 31 August

comment #21

-Album Details-

Title: Wild Arms 2nd Ignition Original Soundtrack
Publisher: SPE Visual Works Inc.
Catalog Number: SVWC 7041~2
Release Date: October 1st, 1999
Price: ¥3,100

Ripped by Brandon (Msia) on 10/28/02
Included Files: NFO, SFV, M3U

PS that was released before Godai ever came here.

comment posted by Msia on 31 August

comment #22

Yeah... I didn't do that...

comment posted by Godai on 31 August

comment #23

Eeh. I stand corrected. For some reason, I had read that as 10/28/05. Forget I ever brought up anything, then.

comment posted by Datana on 31 August

comment #24

From two of my posts ago: "Granted, that translation was from a non-Godai source[...]"

comment posted by Datana on 31 August

comment #25

Does anyone know for sure what's going on with Naruke? Supposedly she got "sick" during Wild Arms 4 which is why she only did some of the soundtrack (and her tracks were the best). But what's up now? Sick for years?

comment posted by Thanatos on 31 August

comment #26

Somehow I think that she could be taking some time off or just being the music supervisor in WA games or something. Or drinking sake with Higashino and coming back to do one fucking awesome soundtrack for future Suikoden- or Wild Arms-game. Atleast that's my wet dream of the moment.

comment posted by Razakin on 31 August

comment #27

This is slightly off topic, and I hate to beat a dead horse, but in the Legend of Xanadu KLEENE Arrange, ripped by demalavor on 3/24/05, "Toshino _k_ i Hiramatsu"? His official site reads Toshino _r_ i Hiramatsu. Just curious, since I'm assuming I'd have a greater chance of getting a response on Romanization here since it's already covered it..

comment posted by neothe0ne on 31 August

comment #28

Thanatos, I would imagine "sick" in this context means "sick of Wild ARMs games."

She's doing work for Smash Bros. Brawl (yeah, so is everyone else, I know) so it's not as if she's quit entirely.

comment posted by Desides on 31 August

comment #29

Can someone seed this soundtrack? I have been looking for this soundtrack for a long time... T_T

comment posted by Chaos Master on 01 August

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