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The Best Is Back

Something very near and dear to me:

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 Original Soundtracks

Yuzo Koshiro is back again with an awesome hard dance/techno/trance racing soundtrack. The original 1+2 soundtrack is one of my favorite VGM albums ever. Paula Terry lends her voice once again on this album.

posted by Godai on 29 September


comment #1


comment posted by LCC on 29 September

comment #2

Yeah, Wangan Midnight music is awesome. Been looking forward to this album. Can't wait to start download and listen to it.

comment posted by Kant on 29 September

comment #3


comment posted by Nookadum on 29 September

comment #4

awesome. I'd been waiting on this one :)

comment posted by Kei on 29 September

comment #5

I downloaded this soundtrack that day it was released, but I might get this version as well.

comment posted by Serangate on 29 September

comment #6


comment posted by Stan64 on 29 September

comment #7

Awesome. I like this album! Thank you very much!!

comment posted by Player-S on 29 September

comment #8

Awesome music! Great music from a great composer and a great release from a great site =)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 29 September

comment #9

ich liebe gamemp3s ! :-***

comment posted by Marlon on 29 September

comment #10

Yuzo Koshiro,yeah my favorite.But I think I prefer his old stuff.Anyway,thanks a lot!

comment posted by Renja on 29 September

comment #11

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 has remained one of my top vg soundtracks I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. This release made me squeal with joy. :)

comment posted by animetayl on 29 September

comment #12

thank you

comment posted by asasega on 29 September

comment #13

fucking koshiro strikes back!

comment posted by Razakin on 29 September

comment #14

Thank you very much for this. ^^

comment posted by Bear on 29 September

comment #15

very awesome, thank you Grandai. :)

comment posted by Alcahest on 29 September

comment #16

Rad, thanks for this. :]

comment posted by GoPudding on 29 September

comment #17

His name is Grandia, JEEZ! Spell it right next time!

By Noriyuki Iwadare!

comment posted by LCC on 30 September

comment #18

sorry for double post, but i must thank you a second time for this awesome album, where i live it's very hard to get this albums

comment posted by asasega on 30 September

comment #19

savage work guys..thanx ;)

comment posted by Solidius on 30 September

comment #20

Thanks so much!

comment posted by PhantomaZero on 30 September

comment #21

I am convinced that Godai is an advanced sex robot sent back from the future to supply us with awesome OST's. Will grab soon and bang my head to the undoubtly amazing dance tracks.

comment posted by Blizzje on 01 October

comment #22

Amazing musician to draw to. Much thanks.

comment posted by ARTIZAN365 on 01 October

comment #23

The idea of releasing a cover art, even if it is that small, is absolutely awesome, hope you guys keep doing just that :D


comment posted by TuncaCeleste on 02 October

comment #24

Could anyone reseed this?

comment posted by Jason on 24 August

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