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The Broadcast

Well, the radio is up and running again...so if anyone wants to tune in, go right ahead.

#gamemp3s Pirate Broadcast

Also forgive the lack of recent updates...I've got some stuff, just need to find the time and willpower to work on them.

I got the mic working, so I decided to do some live DJing tonight (the 4th of October) at 11 EST. If you get this, tune in to listen to sexy Godai.

I've also made an AIM account just for taking requests/comments/etc. during my live DJ times...you can reach me at screen name GMP3 Radio.

posted by Godai on 03 October


comment #1

fuckin awesome!
but is it possible to give more information about the music which is being played? like the name of the soundtrack?

comment posted by StrayFire on 03 October

comment #2

Enjoyable. I have the entire #gamemp3s archives but I only listen to about 5% of the soundtracks.

Tonight gave me a few new artists/soundtracks to try out. Thanks.

comment posted by Antignition on 04 October

comment #3

Let's see how good the radio is. So far, I hadn't found a really good VGM radio :/

comment posted by Hamu-Sumo on 04 October

comment #4

It's just the #gamemp3s archive set to random, so don't blame me for drama/sound effect/character voices tracks! I will skip ahead if I am around though.

Still not sure how to make the album show up, and it seems to be cutting off the first name of the artist for some reason.

comment posted by Godai on 04 October

comment #5

I've no problem with the archive. ;)

Negative on current game music radios:
- Not enough variety (playing always the same few albums) (e.g. Radio GOSU)
- Not up to date/seeming to be dead (e.g. Gaming.fm)
- No moderated shows for a special reason (ok, can live without that)

*sigh* It sucks. If you want to listen anime soundtracks you can go to Keiichi.net EX² for instance; if you want to listen movie soundtracks you can go to streamingsoundtracks.com for instance. :/

comment posted by Hamu-Sumo on 04 October

comment #6

the archive is ok for me too.. but some moderated shows would be awesome ^^

or even some shows with a real "dj" behind the playlist.

and.. it's only half the fun without the albumtitle :(
iam listening to some great music right now but i dont know where this musik comes from

comment posted by StrayFire on 04 October

comment #7

I will be doing live DJing on Friday at 10pm EST, if I can.

comment posted by Godai on 04 October

comment #8

Awesome news, man. Lookin' forward to it! :)

comment posted by Pete on 04 October

comment #9

damn.. 10pm EST is like 4 in the morning at my country ;)

comment posted by StrayFire on 05 October

comment #10

As above :(.
I'd like to listen to Godai too.

comment posted by Sera on 05 October

comment #11

I'll try and go on at 7PM EST for you guys.

comment posted by Godai on 05 October

comment #12

ah ok so 4 pm my time, that's cool with me, only 2 hours away :P

comment posted by egmcary on 05 October

comment #13

Sam, I don't mind you posting your show here, but maybe in the forums and not hijacking this comment thread.

Nice choice with The Sketches of Moondays, a rare treasure I'm sure a lot of people have not heard.

comment posted by Godai on 05 October

comment #14

Hey, how do you guys record? I have been doing a similar type of show and me and the other guy live far away from each other and I do all the recording on my computer while he gets on Skype. The problem is his voice drops out a lot and it's really hard to get his levels matched up. How do you guys do it?

comment posted by Phatcorns on 24 October

comment #15

Oh and I am referring to your podcasts, which I guess this isn't?

comment posted by Phatcorns on 24 October

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