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Re: Blackcats Games

More and more, people are taking our releases and posting them on Blackcats Games. Apparently, Blackcats does not allow you to mention other trackers (i.e. mention that you can get the album on a free ratio tracker). This is stupid. While I can't stop all of it, I don't want to see anymore of our releases posted on Blackcats. If it continues, I will look into blocking IPs.

posted by Godai on 13 October


comment #1

o.o; How would you know who's who?

comment posted by urutapu on 13 October

comment #2

What's your policy on other, more public trackers, Godai? I've seen #gamemp3s releases pop up on a few other sites, though they're the kind that usually deal with niche subjects like game music.

comment posted by Judge Ito on 13 October

comment #3

I'm not going to go after every public tracker out there. I just don't appreciate Blackcats' policies.

comment posted by Godai on 13 October

comment #4

I agree with blocking IPs. Blackats don't allow their releases to be posted on other trackers, otherwise, those, who did it, will be baned. So, why can'r Gamemp3s block IPs? It's just logical to do so.

comment posted by Hume on 14 October

comment #5

The fact they don't let you give a mention is a little strange. Regardless of the material; other groups removing the source of where they gathered their materials is like one charity stealing from another.

I support the blocking of IPs for sure. Public trackers are important to preventing other private sites from dominating and eventually pulling out the 'we need to advertise to keep alive' card.

It would be like someone stealing from the public library, altering the material and then putting it into a private bookstore? Maybe. I'm not all here tonight.

comment posted by Christian Mills on 14 October

comment #6

BC has never forbidden mention of other trackers
Just not other game-only trackers
People are freely allowed to mention that such and such is available at say...demonoid, they're just not allowed to link directly to the torrent file/details
And BC doesn't care what you do with the releases.
Rip it, rar it, uharc it, ace it, compress it and upload on mininova or whatever
No one is saying you can't

Personally don't care about IP blocking..it's your site and I respect that.
But if you do enforce such a thing, at least don't go doing it because of misinformation.

comment posted by MH on 14 October

comment #7

I agree, it isn't fair to steal releases from here and put them on a private site where it's available publically anyway.

I don't understand how you would go about doing the IP blocking, but maybe you could try and talk to the webmaster about it and come to a solution.

However it might go, I hope it goes well in your fight for justice!

comment posted by Sinners on 14 October

comment #8

MH: Actually Godai got a warning by promoting our site. Or something. Anyways, most of the private trackers are filled with asshole 'elitists' anyway.

comment posted by Razakin on 14 October

comment #9

Private trackers should eat shit and die.

comment posted by vgmer on 14 October

comment #10

I found how they reacted to Godai's post to be quite repulsive. Godai is putting in lots of effort to release these soundtracks and they reply with a narrowminded message of "Don't mention your tracker, don't mention the person who ripped it, don't mention your group".

The argument of "blackcats users can choose if they want to mention the person/group who ripped it" is a very very weak one. People deserve recognition for releasing something you wouldn't have been able to get your hands on otherwise.

Those are my thoughts. Keep up the good work GMP3's team and don't let sad, elitist pricks ruin the fun.

comment posted by Blizzje on 14 October

comment #11

I like this idea. I'm a member at many private trackers and it seems like it's only BlackCats that refuses to give credit to their proper sources, especially when it's freely available.

And BlackCats usually removes the .nfo or edits them to remove the gamemp3 reference.

comment posted by AlucardDracula on 14 October

comment #12

Damn... thats messed up, im a member of various sites but if someone wants something exclusive to one site then il tell them about that site not put it up somewhere else for them to get, if i see any gamemp3's releases on blackcats(iv been a member for about 2 years) il be sure to post a comment telling people that the release is actually from here, keep up with the good work kids

comment posted by Arkz on 14 October

comment #13

Someone is always trying to take credit for your releases. =p

comment posted by Iadien on 14 October

comment #14

Arkz, I would advise against posting that on Blackcats. They have a weird policy that gets you a warning if you so much as dare post the website or group that ripped the OST. It's pretty ridiculous.

comment posted by Blizzje on 15 October

comment #15

I'm strongly against posting #gamemp3 releases on private trackers.
Why download from there if you can download freely?
I agree distribute on public trackers with proper credits and intact NFO's. Not that way some BC Users do.

comment posted by AHPD on 15 October

comment #16

I actually hate the part that Godai received such an arrogant warning from Blackcats. No respect for others. At least give some respect to whoever ripped the OSTs. And also, I feel sorry for those who donated to private trackers. It's like they are feeding lazy bums with their hard-earned money (if it's not theirs, it's their parent's) just to get VIP status.

Godai, do whatever you have to do man ^^

comment posted by Tekken_Master on 15 October

comment #17

Blackcats are scums. Fuck em. I hate such things.

comment posted by kingoftheryuche on 17 October

comment #18

hmmm.. think il make a new account and post where the releases really come from whilst using a proxy... eheheh

comment posted by Arkz on 17 October

comment #19

Blackcats has some of the most retarded seeding policies ever. Which is probably why people do stupid things like this.

comment posted by Ashton on 22 October

comment #20

any of you are bc members? instead of spreadin misinformation uploaders are required to add their source~ mentioning of trackers isnt forbidden either and mentioning of bc links on other sites isnt forbidden either as you cant do shit w/o an account there so nobody cares at all .. if there is someone mentionin links or sharing his torrents it is his own fault if he gets banned to due public dunno anything about the rules there~ all the stuff i got had proper credits included so for real ..i think you might be mislead there~ still it's your choice what you do with your stuff, but blocking ips is impossible as there is no way to verify the identity of a user/ip as no torrents you can get on bc are allowed to be tracked by other trackers~ and no bc does not block ips either~ guess the entire private tracker subject seems to be somewhat wrong in your opinion~
of course would the better course of action be gettin your releases here~ instead of grabbin it, creatin a new torrent and creditin~ and of course i can't deny this warning you are talkin about as there is still a chance it happened and if it did, it is an error made by the bc staff~

comment posted by Rodxxx on 24 October

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