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Movin’ Right Along

Today we have three:

Record of Agarest War Original Sound Track
Sonic Rush Adventure Original Soundtrack
The Witcher Original Soundtrack

When I saw the name "Record of Agarest War", I thought about "Lodoss" instantly, but sadly it is not Lodoss...it is Compile Heart/Red Entertainment/Idea Factory RPG with music by Kenji Kaneko and features an arrangement by Ayako Saso. "Sonic Rush Adventure" does not feature Hideki Naganuma, as the first one did, but instead the pairing of Tomoya Ohtani & Mariko Nanba...with Seirou Okamoto thrown in. "The Witcher" is the big Polish PC RPG...some great music here!

posted by Godai on 09 November


comment #1

im from poland hehe
thinks Godai ;]

comment posted by migero on 09 November

comment #2

I'm having pow pow parn flashbacks.

comment posted by LCC on 09 November

comment #3

Cool, more sonic :)

comment posted by Atreus on 09 November

comment #4

Thxs a lot!
Additional Tag Info for
The Witcher -
Adam Skorupa and Pawel Blaszczak
are the composers

comment posted by air on 09 November

comment #5

Great release, just as all the previous releases! I love it you guys!!! More RPG music is never wrong!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 09 November

comment #6

Thanks a lot for the new albums! :)

comment posted by LsL on 09 November

comment #7

Just a heads up - A. Skorupa in the Witcher OST is Adam "Scorpik" Skorupa, of Aural Planet and demoscene fame.

comment posted by Knurek on 09 November

comment #8

Thank you for the wonderful release! I'm really enjoying the Sonic OST. :O

Perhaps somebody could reseed the original Sonic Rush torrent? Asking, since I've had a HDD crash early this year and torrent has been dead for months. ;_;

I'm sorry for being a little off-topic, but does anybody have the composers' of Dead or Alive soundtracks' names in original kanji? If so, I'd really appreciate if somebody could write those, and for Sonic Rush Adventure OST here or to skies.afire@gmail.com! Thanks! ^^;

comment posted by Utakaze on 09 November

comment #9

No Hideki Naganuma? That's a bit disappointing. Fortunately though, I do rather like the three named anyway--not quite as much, though!

comment posted by Angelo on 10 November

comment #10

I don't know what the hell is Agarest War but music sounds nice:). And one question, do U plan to release Kane & Lynch OST? I hope that answer is yes:). And don't forget bout Halo:).

comment posted by herbaciak on 10 November

comment #11

As always, utmost thanks.

comment posted by lostsupper on 11 November

comment #12

Thx again Godai. You are really making my Day. God Bless you.


13.11.2007 Kane & Lynch OST

16.11.2007 Halo 3 OST

Both are Storedates for Europa.

I guess that sooner or later "hopefully" Godai will get them.

comment posted by Sanuku on 12 November

comment #13

Kane & Lynch and Crysis are no longer on amazon.com or sumthing's page, so it looks like they are delayed.

comment posted by Godai on 12 November

comment #14

I thought Halo 3 is 20.11.07 but if it's eariler I won't comply:). Shame that Kane & Lynch is delayed, samples sounds great...

comment posted by herbaciak on 13 November

comment #15


Good to hear that you have an eye on those Two :)


Depending on your region it's eighter Sumthing Else (20.11.07) or. Edel Enter (16.11.07) who are the Label which will publish the Albums.

comment posted by Sanuku on 13 November

comment #16

Where can I find scans for gamemp3 's releases? Want to look at agarest ones in particular

comment posted by axeps2 on 17 November

comment #17

axeps2, Go to the "releases" page and on the right had side you will see some filter links, hit "album scans" and the page will filter the albums that have scans available. The link is beside the album name.

comment posted by Godai on 17 November

comment #18

thanks for the link.

Just asking, is it too inconvinent to bundle them in the torrent? Or feedback in the past show that people dislike them

comment posted by axeps2 on 18 November

comment #19

There's a torrent. Look at the bottom of the main post for the link 'download'.

comment posted by ashmountains on 19 November

comment #20

Not every release comes with scans, so for the sake of consistency, they are never included. Sorry.

comment posted by Godai on 19 November

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