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Happy 20th Anniversary, Rockman!

Rockman 1~6 20th Anniversary Rock Arrange Ver.

Today is Rockman's 20th anniversary, and even though most of your already have this album, I thought it was fitting to release it today. It's too bad the Techno album isn't out yet, otherwise that would have made for a nice double release. My radio stream at http://oddr.net:8000 will be playing Rockman music most of the day (after the initial release upload hump), so tune in and celebrate the Blue Bomber's 20th!

posted by Godai on 17 December


comment #1

Thank you.

comment posted by Skyy on 17 December

comment #2

Happy Rockman day!

comment posted by Jeriaska on 17 December

comment #3

Thank you!
To tell the truth I was sort of disappointed by the track list. But what IS there is certainly awesome! ^^

comment posted by soylent_system on 17 December

comment #4

It should be noted that Guilty Gear guitarist Tohru Iwao is behind much of this awesomeness, if you weren't already aware.

comment posted by Judge Ito on 17 December

comment #5

^^^ And if that isn't an incentive to download, I don't know what is.

comment posted by Judge Ito on 17 December

comment #6

So that's where I know that name from.

Happy Mega Man day, thanks for the great release.

comment posted by Anonymous on 17 December

comment #7

WOW, no, I don't have this album, but it seems amazing. This is, as always, a great release indeed!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 17 December

comment #8

Thank you!!!!! Famicom Rockman music is probably the highest form of art in the world.

comment posted by Burplings on 17 December

comment #9

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Rockman's 15th anniversary.

comment posted by Cyantre on 17 December

comment #10

Happy birthday Megaman. You have brought much joy to my life!

comment posted by Mozgus on 17 December

comment #11

The radio is rad. Thanks! Happy Rockman Day!

comment posted by arremmdee on 17 December

comment #12

Aaah, more Rockman. Thank you #gamemp3s! If only you had scans for this...

comment posted by EGO on 17 December

comment #13

Didn't have this one. Thanks a lot! :)

I liked Metalman mix the most. :)

comment posted by Freezard on 17 December

comment #14

No FF4? :(

comment posted by Desides on 17 December

comment #15

Oh yes, this is what I have been waiting for. Megaman has such great music, it's unbelievable that after all this years it's still not boring to listen to them in the slightest, even after countless remixes.

comment posted by Emil on 17 December

comment #16

This album is totally awesome (From what I have listened through so far)
Much appreciation for the DDL :D

comment posted by Argentis on 17 December

comment #17

This album is totally awesome. I think it was also interesting that they included the original versions of the songs. Only thing they missed were versions of the boss battles and titles used in the remixes. Other than that, fantastic album. :)

Track 4 is full of win.

comment posted by Sir VG on 17 December

comment #18

It's great to have a Rockman rock album out after all these years but not including more diverse arranging ideas and instruments to boot, this album results in a somewhat flat, passable but not exceeding expectations by any means.

comment posted by XISMZERO on 17 December

comment #19

Yeah, it definitely was a tall order from a fan perspective with all the awesome doujin remixes/covers out there.

comment posted by Godai on 17 December

comment #20

One of the best soundtracks of the year :D thnx Godai

comment posted by Southrencross on 18 December

comment #21

Awesome arr.! Yeah :)

comment posted by D!zzy on 21 December

comment #22

Thanks a lot!

comment posted by Daniel on 10 November

comment #23

links are broken...

comment posted by Lui on 15 January

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