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Happy 20th Anniversary, Final Fantasy!

A little late...(not for people on the west coast!)

Lumines remixes winter
Tsuki no Akari -Final Fantasy IV Theme of Love-

Missed this amazing single earlier in the month, thought I'd release it to coincide with Final Fantasy's 20th anniversary. This new rendition of "Theme of Love" from Final Fantasy IV by Megumi Ida is amazing! Also includes the in-game DS version of the song, arranged by Junya Nakano.

The next disc is brand-spanking new! From the "Rockin' Holiday Pack" for "Lumines Live!" on Xbox Live, comes new tracks from Keiichi Sugiyama (Rez, SC5), h ueda (Every Extend Extra Extreme) & Takayuki Nakamura (Virtua Fighter, Tobal 2, Meteos, Ninety Nine Nights). Amazing album, please check it out!

posted by Godai on 19 December


comment #1

Megumi Ida voice sooths the mind.

I can't wait check out the Lumines Remix Winter album.

Thank you for an awesome release!

comment posted by Kikerland on 19 December

comment #2


comment posted by Desides on 19 December

comment #3

Ya! Theme of love, Love you guys!!!!!!!!!

comment posted by Clarious on 19 December

comment #4

Just in time. Anybody that loves FF IV should definitely play the DS version. It's fun, challenging, and the voice acting is fantastic. It's probably the best version of IV since the SFC version.

comment posted by Sir VG on 19 December

comment #5

Thx for sharing so amazing music~~~~

comment posted by Qsar on 19 December

comment #6

Holy crap! thank you gamemp3s!

comment posted by Ragnatic on 19 December

comment #7

I'm sorry Godai, but what is going on with the forum?
I cannot access it.
I'm trying to make a request and the link is doing error...

comment posted by Ricardo on 19 December

comment #8

Theme of Love was worth the wait, and I can't wait to hear an English vocal version. I have a fair amount of confidence in Square-Enix's translation department these days.

Can't wait for the full DS soundtrack.

comment posted by Desides on 19 December

comment #9

Is there anyway to get the vocal tracks from Lumines 1?

comment posted by Zuldane on 19 December

comment #10

Great stuff, thanks a lot.

comment posted by Pizzasrgo on 19 December

comment #11

Ricardo, Our forums were hacked by (the) Turks. The person who made and maintained the forums is no longer with us, so there is nobody to step up and do the job, therefore they are gone.

comment posted by Godai on 19 December

comment #12

i had no idea there was a lumines remix cd coming out. awesome, saves me money from buying the DLC...or maybe i'll be tempted to get the DLC after i give this a listen

comment posted by wario64 on 19 December

comment #13

Thanks for the Lumines one, it is epic material!

comment posted by Prime on 20 December

comment #14

Lumines OST is surprisingly good!

comment posted by Specter on 20 December

comment #15

Check the link please, it's not working.

comment posted by Richter Belmont on 20 December

comment #16

The HTTP TinyUrl link seems to be down. pout pout.

comment posted by shaun on 20 December

comment #17

so...if I wanna make a resquest, what should I do?

comment posted by Ricardo on 20 December

comment #18

Sorry folks, no more HTTP, we got busted for that. Please support us by seeding as long as possible.

As far as requests for reseeds, drop by our channel and we will see what we can do.


comment posted by Godai on 20 December

comment #19

Yay! Thanks so much for Tsuki no Akari -Final Fantasy IV Theme of Love-! x3

comment posted by Win on 21 December

comment #20

Amazing single for FF IV! I'll check Lumines remixes winter soon ).
...and I can't wait for your Anata o Yurusanai OST release... ^_~

comment posted by D!zzy on 21 December

comment #21

awesome cd cover

comment posted by migero on 22 December

comment #22

2 wonderfull rlz!! Keep up the great, kudos

comment posted by cokatrix on 24 December

comment #23

Too bad with the http, but hey at least that means we will get more seeders :)

comment posted by Ano on 27 December

comment #24

anyone have rips of the DVD that came with the FFIV single? Not YouTube posts prz, does anyone have .avi files or anything? Just wondering. I'll probably pick up the OST, but assuming that DVD has different content, I'd like to know what all was on the single's DVD.

comment posted by Ramza on 31 December

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