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Lost Odyssey Original Soundtrack
No More Heroes Original Sound Tracks

Hello again folks, been a little while. First off, I want to apologize for the lack of updates, I've been a little busy, but I have some time off this weekend, so you can expect to see more albums soon.

Mistwalker's second big RPG for the 360 is almost here in North America, and this is the soundtrack. Once again by Nobuo Uematsu, featuring Sheena Easton (remember her?) with a couple of vocal tracks.

Masafumi Takada is back, as usual, working with Suda51 on "No More Heroes". Awesome album, I've yet to play the game, but I will be getting it soon! I've included scans for this album, you can find them in the usual spot (on the releases page).

In the next few days you should be seeing our releases of, "Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition", "Deltora Quest", "Sonic True Blue", "Naruto Shippuden Naltimate Accel Best Sound"...and maybe others (but probably not!). I've also started to embed cover art into the albums starting with this release.

Edit: Torrent is back up!

posted by Godai on 26 January


comment #1

D: I don't get the post title.

Cool, cool! I've been wanting No More Heroes--looks pretty awesome. And there's a Deltora Quest game now? I knew there was an anime, but...

comment posted by urutapu on 26 January

comment #2

Thanks again, Godai.

comment posted by lostsupper on 26 January

comment #3

Thank You!

comment posted by Jaboon on 26 January

comment #4

Hip hip hoorj!

comment posted by LCC on 26 January

comment #5

Thanks for the up. Everyone needs to dl the deltora quest ost when it comes up because its oh so awesome Basiscape win. I'm getting the No more heroes ost for my girlfriend cuz shes going to be nuts over it and likes the techno stuff more than i do. Can't wait for the DMC4 ost though. My Lost Odyssey copy should be coming in the mail any day now.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 26 January

comment #6

See if you can get that promo CD for Sekaijuu no MeiQ (Etrian Odyssey) II. It was a 7-track piano CD.

comment posted by someone on 26 January

comment #7

Woohoo! Can't wait to listen to these pearls =) Thanks a lot Godai and team!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 26 January

comment #8

Thank You .

comment posted by FF78X on 26 January

comment #9

Many thanks :)
I am also waiting for my copy of LO. This'll keep me going till it arrives :)

comment posted by Argentis on 26 January

comment #10

... and now we want Silent Hill Origins OST ! :-p

comment posted by Sanguinius on 26 January

comment #11

Well, I see I've once again ripped my albums for nothing. Ah well, won't make that mistake again...

comment posted by gloomb on 26 January

comment #12

Someone's a grumpy gus! I haven't even got that far, gloomb.

comment posted by Godai on 26 January

comment #13

Oh yeah, No More Heroes. Haven't played the game yet because the release date in Europe is Feb. 29th but the Killer 7 soundtrack was incredible.

You really made my day with this release, I have been working non stop the last two weeks and therefor have a lot of housework to do because I was working the last weekend as well. Should be a bit more fun when I can listen to the new albums while cleaning the house.


comment posted by Emil on 26 January

comment #14

Thanks again for the sneak preview yesterday on the broadcast, Godai. Awesome tunes, brilliant release.

comment posted by Blizzje on 26 January

comment #15

Lost odyssey is marvellous, nice Nobuo since a long time. Very interresting. Not bad for no mores heroes. Thanx for all gamemp3s staff

comment posted by clad omnislash on 26 January

comment #16


Anyway, why the embedded cover art? It takes extra room for every file and there's only the front cover available and it also is very small.

Wouldn't it be more effective to add the full scans in a zip or a subdirectory?

I know there's no standard for players to show album art stored that way -heck, even embedded artwork is NOT THAT EXTENDED, and the implementation is not a solid standard afaik-, but still, 20k (Lost Odissey) or 25k (No More Heroes) of extra load for each file just for being able to see a thumbnail of front covers whithin the player seems a bit too much.
I calculated the raw combined size of the thumbnails (in raw bytes, not accounting for filesystem alignment to cluster/inode sizes, or id3 tag overhead) multiplying the size of the jpg for the number of files in which it is embedded, and for this release (both albums) it results in 2.8 megabytes.

I'll probably remove them for archiving, which will prevent me from seeding for when the next round of archive torrents come to be (as I did with the last), which is a bit sad, but I have no use of embedded art and I can't accept wasting space for it.

comment posted by Radorn Keldam on 26 January

comment #17

Thank you for sharing music! I can't wait to listen to rock/metal music of Devil may cry 4!

comment posted by huffy on 26 January

comment #18

Great stuff. :)

comment posted by Freezard on 26 January

comment #19

Well I'm done with the kitchen and the living room and sweeping the floor. The soundtrack is still running and I am impressed that despite being very varied the tracks are all really good. Hope Lost Odyssey is the same!

comment posted by Emil on 26 January

comment #20

Sheena Easton?!

comment posted by XISMZERO on 26 January

comment #21

Thank you! I remember Ms. Easton from the 80s... I was a little girl then but I used to like her music. Interesting that Mr. Uematsu has decided to work with her.

comment posted by Aisling on 26 January

comment #22

Radorn Keldam: Don't know if I'm failing something, but I tested something. Removed all the album art jpg's in Lost Odyssey OST, and didn't gain a single bit of free HDD space thanks to that.

Of course, could be that Tag&Rename just deletes the pic, but not the IDv3.2 tag space for album art or something.

But still, crying about 3 megs of space in 558 meg release is bit stupid in my opinion.

For me, album art seems to be pretty nice, thanks to new foobar making things easy to edit the way the player looks ~ Too bad that now I need to get album art for around 250 albums :P

comment posted by Razakin on 26 January

comment #23

Thank you #gamemp3 crew!

Great pair of releases and much anticipation over "No More Heroes".

Thanks for all your labor and time spent.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 26 January

comment #24

Thank You Gamemp3s for another great update :D.
I don't care if I have to wait a little... because here I always have the quality stuff that I need :P

comment posted by Metafalica on 26 January

comment #25

No More Heroes is an awesome game. Too bad it won't sell well. For any fans of Killer 7 or games like GodHand it's a must buy.

comment posted by Tom Kenney on 26 January

comment #26

Thank You for OST Nobuo Uematsu is the Crack ATTENTION for the track CD-1 nu.10 - Neverending Journey INCREDIBLEEEEEE.Greetings From Spain

comment posted by RGGYASUNORI on 26 January

comment #27

Well I for one appreciate the imbedded album art because my ZUNE reads them and it saves me from adding them later myself. I only add them on things that are good enough for me to put on the zune with its limited 30gigs of space so its not too much of a hassle.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 26 January

comment #28


comment posted by borre on 26 January

comment #29

The "No More Heroes OSTs" encoding is broken.
CD3 track #3 and CD3 track #7 have MPEG stream errors. SFV verification is positive, maybe something went wrong right after the encoding process?


comment posted by LiquidAcid on 26 January

comment #30

Sigh... I'll just rip the whole thing over.

comment posted by Godai on 26 January

comment #31


comment posted by Razakin on 26 January

comment #32

link doesn't work

comment posted by sidart on 26 January

comment #33

Down til I figure this shit out.

I tried ripping it again and its still messing up. Going to try on a different computer.

comment posted by Godai on 26 January

comment #34

Thanks but the link doesn't work.

Please fix it.

comment posted by pink872 on 26 January

comment #35

THIS TORRENT IS DOWN. I will let you know when it's back up.

comment posted by Godai on 27 January

comment #36

Thanks dudes. Lost Odyssey rocks. I always wanted to shoot Banjo Kazooie with a shotgun up close.

comment posted by Moiee on 27 January

comment #37

Thanks so much! Don't worry, we'll be patiently waiting here.

comment posted by Dennis on 27 January

comment #38

looking forward for this to go back up for NMH :)

comment posted by section9 on 27 January

comment #39

I heard few tracks from LO some time before release of the album. After that I was expecting this OST very much, and... I'm not dissapointed. Uematsu did really good job. Of course there are some better and some worse tracks but overall it's very good piece of music. Why? Because the better tracks are superb and the worse ones are just good:). I dont' see any bad track here, which surprised me after bit chessy Blue Dragon. Tracks such as Dark Saint, Great Voyage, Gun Barrel of Battle and of course Main Theme are just great! And there is much more of this kind! Whole soundtrack sounds more like Uematsus "historical" FF works such as FF IV,V,VI, so if U like those scores, and U were a dissapointed by Blue Dragon catch this one. Uematsu did a great job with Lost Odyssey:). ****/*****

comment posted by herbaciak on 27 January

comment #40

Thanks for sharing!
but.....is the torrent link not working or is it just me?

comment posted by zax on 27 January

comment #41

ah sorry, this is the result for not reading all the comments...
I will be patient >_Ob

comment posted by zax on 27 January

comment #42

Woo! No more heroes soundtrack! Awsomeness.
Bought the game on day one, beat it several times now. Great stuff.
Though its a little rough around the edges.
The music though, I have it stuck in my head still.
Cant wait to try that soundtrack.

Thanks guys.

comment posted by shadow1w2 on 27 January

comment #43

Torrent is not working right now.

comment posted by Darke on 27 January

comment #44

Its fixed.

comment posted by Godai on 27 January

comment #45

"Anyway, why the embedded cover art? It takes extra room for every file and there's only the front cover available and it also is very small."

Radorn, I've been requesting embedded cover art for a while now. The precise reason is because of portable mp3 players, like the iPod. They can display cover art. With the advent of the iPod Touch and iPhone, and the adaptation of Cover Flow to both of those iPods plus the iPod Nano and perhaps iPod Classic as well, having embedded cover art and correctly-tagged mp3s is more important than ever.

It's a matter of organization, basically.

If you don't care about embedded album art, the filesize difference between an embedded and non-embedded mp3 is negligible. Your hard drives won't strain for space because #gamemp3s is now taking another step forward in perfecting the art of tagging.

Thanks, Godai, for finally caving to my incessant demands for embedded art! :)

comment posted by Desides on 27 January

comment #46

excelllllent thanks!

comment posted by DJ Tetsusaiga on 28 January

comment #47

Thanks so much, I was looking forward to both of these so much!

comment posted by Bear on 28 January

comment #48

Awesome, thank you! I have a question though. These work on Fubar, but I can not get them to open up in Windows Media Player. What would be the best solution to fix that?

comment posted by Ikanian on 28 January

comment #49

track 218 Howl of the Departed from Lost Odyssey. At 2:21, it sounds really weird. Is it part of the track?

comment posted by cubed on 28 January

comment #50

Hmm, there's some noise on 218 of the Lost Odyssey OST, Howl of the Departed. It's right in the middle of this otherwise awesome track, begins at like 2:20 and lasts about 10 seconds. If it's supposed to be there, it would strangely make me feel a little better...

comment posted by eirikr on 28 January

comment #51

I came to mention the Howl of the Departed thing as well. It's such a great track, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed so soon. Any ideas Godai?

As always, thanks for all the hard work!

comment posted by Kansas on 29 January

comment #52

It's on the original CD guys, just confirmed it.

comment posted by Godai on 29 January

comment #53

A damn shame. The Rockman 7 release with the artifacts in Freezeman's stage was lazy, but having it in an Uematsu release just seems...super lazy. I was going to order the OST until I heard this... :/

Now only if someone could confirm if it's in the game. :)

comment posted by eirikr on 29 January

comment #54

You were going to order the cd until you found out there is 10 seconds of noise in one of the tracks? That's insulting to the artist, don't you think?

comment posted by Blizzje on 29 January

comment #55

I had a listen to the 218 track from Lost Odyssey and it sounds like a clock ticking as opposed to an artifact. While I haven't played the game so I don't know what the song is playing to, I'd have to rule that it's intentionally in there as it's got the sound of a ticking clock that speeds up unless my ears deceive me.

comment posted by Lancy on 29 January

comment #56

"You were going to order the cd until you found out there is 10 seconds of noise in one of the tracks? That's insulting to the artist, don't you think?"

Not if this track was one of the few reasons I wanted the album :)

comment posted by eirikr on 29 January

comment #57

Thanks a ton Godai for the OST's, DEEPLY appreciated as ALWAYS. I've been waiting on Lost Odyssey for AGES and now at last lol, now to wait on my OST to arrive as well lol. I was wondering though, Did Uematsu-san create an alternate Battle Theme? Check out this youtube 'video' of the Battle Theme, its incredible and I was simply wondering if anyone had it in mp3 format as well. Thanks again Godai for all the awesome OST's.

comment posted by Musashiden on 31 January

comment #58

Ah, here is that youtube address, sorry lol.


comment posted by Musashiden on 31 January

comment #59

The " (Disc 1)" and " (Disc 2)" is missing from the Lost Odyssey Original Soundtrack's album tags.

comment posted by layzee on 31 January

comment #60

layzee, We don't use that anymore. Disc Number tags ftw.

comment posted by Godai on 31 January

comment #61

Lost Odyssey is still listed on the up-coming release page. It should be removed by now :-)

comment posted by LiquidAcid on 31 January

comment #62

geez you guys are so picky, Godai and the admin(s) can get to whatever whenever they can.

comment posted by AK on 31 January

comment #63

Wow the Lost Odyssey soundtrack was absolutely awful. What the hell happend to Uematsu?

comment posted by Darke on 31 January

comment #64

Darke, other way around. This is some of Uematsu's better stuff. It's about time he stopped using 16-bit sound samples in his music. Final Fantasy VIII could have been so much better without the retrograde blips and bloops.

comment posted by Desides on 01 February

comment #65

The best releases ever! Lost Odyssey is good, and No More Heroes is absolutely excellent!

comment posted by yandexx on 27 February

comment #66

Hey, could you check a thing for me? Jun Fukuda (福田 淳) is listed in the credits as a composer, could you see if the booklet says which tracks he composed specifically. It's probably different, but in the Killer7 OST booklet his tracks are listed in his profile in the second-to-last page. Thanks!

comment posted by traflaz on 27 February

comment #67

Could someone please seed? Thanks!

comment posted by fort90 on 21 March

comment #68

thnx for putting up NMH.....such a awsome game and a even better OST masafumi takada hasnt lost his touch anyway hehe......now all I gotta wait for is a super smash bros brawl album and my life will be complete lol

comment posted by bazzickles on 01 May

comment #69

Hey can someone seed this please?
Thanks ^_^

comment posted by Vigorousjammer on 24 October

comment #70

Could someone seed this please? Thank you somuch for putting this up!

comment posted by Sulli on 15 November

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