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Last Legs

L.II remixes
Silent Hill Zero Original Soundtracks
Star Ocean First Departure Original Soundtrack


posted by Godai on 19 February


comment #1

Thank you for this trio of fine releases #gamemp3 crew!

Especially excited about Silent Hill Zero.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 19 February

comment #2

Whoa! Nice collection there, mister! Oh man, what a neat bundle. I don't mind if I do--

Wha! The torrent has already loaded in my client and is already downloading... wow. It's like those discovery channel underwater life documentaries where you sea large fish suck up small ones in fraction-seconds, like the fish did it subconsciously.

That's what happened!!

comment posted by papa_haydn on 19 February

comment #3

Mmmmmmmmm, music! I'm hoping the Star Ocean OST is sweet and not too Sakuraba flavoured. ;)

comment posted by Ano on 19 February

comment #4

oh shi--. Fourth in line. DOWNLOADING NAOOO

comment posted by GreatImp on 19 February

comment #5

Thank you! Star Ocean CD looks pretty interesting. I hope the soundtrack to Silent Hill won't disappoint as well. A bunch of nice presents for my eighteenth birthday. :D

comment posted by Mezame on 19 February

comment #6

Thank you gamemp3s =)

comment posted by Ragnatic on 19 February

comment #7

Oh my, finally Zero Soundtrack... amazing, and another Lumines album? That's always cool, thank you so much!

comment posted by Reit Zephyrox on 19 February

comment #8

What do we have here, then? Looks like some interesting uploads, eh wot?

Thank ye kindly for these contributions, I've been waiting for Silent Hill Zero and Star Ocean, but the L2 remixes are a nice surprise.

comment posted by Bear on 19 February

comment #9

Nice releases, thanks guys.

comment posted by Moiee on 19 February

comment #10

Thank you so much for the release of Silent Hill Origins Soundtrack (and Lumines remixes). Nice gift for today :D.

comment posted by Lord Kefka on 19 February

comment #11

Thanks again.
(Scans links not working.)

comment posted by lostsupper on 19 February

comment #12

Silent Hill Zero is nice but... don't U think that it is way too melodic? There is no atmosphere, no SH feeling. Good music but not so good SH...

comment posted by herbaciak on 19 February

comment #13

Last legs? Please tell me I'm paranoid.

comment posted by Sir VG on 19 February

comment #14

Thank you for yet another awesome release!
And please tell me those "last legs" aren't yours...

comment posted by soylent_system on 19 February

comment #15

OH NO SQL error =(

But THANKS A LOT! Godai you always supply the goods! YOU ROCK!

comment posted by Sailorcancer on 19 February

comment #16

Oh yeah! Awesome. I love Star Ocean music, and this is amazing. Thank you so much guys. A great release, as always!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 19 February

comment #17

lumines inheritance loop for the people http://tinyurl.com/2dxokx

comment posted by Alcahest on 19 February

comment #18

Anyone else notice that a lot of the Silent Hill: Origins songs get their names from songs by heavy metal bands? I noticed 3 Black Sabbath titles and started looking up some of the other tracks. ACDC, Avenged Sevenfold, and Joan Jett are among the other bands I found to have matching song titles with tracks on the OST.

comment posted by Jehuty on 19 February

comment #19

Ok i must know what you guys did to tag this. It showed up on my zune player as One album for once with Various Artists for the artist but when i click on them in foobar they are all tagged with the correct artist. Must know how to make it so that i can have both. Otherwise the zune player shows it as five different albums, one for each artist.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 19 February

comment #20

Sirusjr, when I download these albums and put them on iTunes, the same thing happens to me. When I change the "Album Artist" field to Various Artists or the chief artist on the project, it shows up as one project, but it still lists the artists for each individual track. I hope that helps.

I haven't downloaded this release, but perhaps they did something in that field. Someone else might be able to confirm.

comment posted by MoonlightJellyfish on 20 February

comment #21

Well that Star Ocean album was a disappointment, almost a carbon copy of KDSD-00028~29.

comment posted by Kilu on 20 February

comment #22

That's what I figured about the Star Ocean soundtrack. When I was playing it, I thought to myself that it sounded very much like the arranged Star Ocean soundtrack released years ago. Also, if you play the remake it's funny to hear the title screen music still in SPC quality... Which makes sense because that arranged CD they ripped the music from didn't have an arranged version of the title screen. Oh well.

comment posted by That Guy on 20 February

comment #23

The L II remixes are pretty awesome.

comment posted by Moiee on 20 February

comment #24

Scans links don't working.

comment posted by StScSi on 20 February

comment #25

Lovely, thanks so much. :)

comment posted by Cooltown on 21 February

comment #26

The link to the L.II remixes scans isn't working.

comment posted by aquagex on 21 February

comment #27

"Last Legs" ... what's the meaning of this? :O

comment posted by AZUMiCHAN on 21 February

comment #28

i was wondering why this site provide torrent files for its rlses
game osts r not illegal
i don't mean to go off-topic but my isp blocks p2p programs
so i can;t download these great release
also bypassing isp by socks proxy gives verylow speed

comment posted by mongon on 21 February

comment #29

Thank you very much for this update. Truly appreciated.

comment posted by Delf on 21 February

comment #30

wow, that's some soundtracks!!

comment posted by zerojad on 22 February

comment #31

Thanks a lot to the team for the releases!

I have to mention that scans for these albums are not working.

comment posted by Rak on 22 February

comment #32

Sorry guys, scan links are up.

comment posted by Godai on 23 February

comment #33

Godai, any chance of seeing Endless Ocean in the near future? Its vocal tracks are absolutely gorgeous.

comment posted by Desides on 23 February

comment #34

I don't think the vocal tracks would be on any official game ost.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 24 February

comment #35

Don't think there is one. Vocals are probably by Hayley Westenra anyway. She's good.

comment posted by Godai on 24 February

comment #36

Sorry if its a stupid question but.....
I keep getting a tracker response error that says "torrent not registered with tracker" when using bt. I see that in the tracker page there's a login area
(http://www.gamemp3s.net/tracker/login.php) but where is the place to register? Or is that for administrators only and there's simply something wrong with my bt client? (I'm using bit comet 0.98)

comment posted by Finzes on 24 February

comment #37

The Silent Hill Zero soundtrack is fantastic! I am really enjoying it, I never really listened to the other Silent Hill soundtracks to be honest - but this one is absolutely brilliant. Thanks for this great release!

comment posted by Emil on 25 February

comment #38

If you like this one you should dl the other silent hill soundtracks. They are fantastic as well.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 25 February

comment #39

can you guys try to get the Soma Bringer OST? its great

comment posted by Rau on 26 February

comment #40

I remember Godai mentioning plans to release the Phoenix Wright 3 soundtrack a long time ago...are the plans still there, somewhere in the backlog?

comment posted by ashmountains on 26 February

comment #41

Soma Bringer's OST comes out in April. Are you talking about the music heard in the trailers, etc.? If so, yes, I think it is also pretty good.

comment posted by Don on 26 February

comment #42

Excellent Release, Guys! Do you have any plans to release deltora quest?

comment posted by Ram on 27 February

comment #43

From all the albums in this release the only fantastic one is Silent Hill Zero. Very good beats, guitars, background sounds... and vocal tracks are good too!

L-II is quality, but I wouldn't listen to this as a normal album. (Those 2x2 blocks still come in my memory, heh.)

Star Ocean First Departure? I listened to the first half of CD 1 and didn't find anything exciting. Maybe if I played the game, then... but I haven't.

comment posted by yandexx on 27 February

comment #44

Silent Hill Zero is amazing, another quality job from Akira Yamaoka - backed up by Miss McGlynn. Going to order my copy from Play-Asia in the next weeks to complete my Silent Hill score collection :-D

Thanks #gamemp3s for another superb release!

comment posted by LiquidAcid on 29 February

comment #45

Almost forgot. Any news on the upcoming releases?

comment posted by LiquidAcid on 29 February

comment #46

Great upload, been searching for the Star Ocean opening for several weeks and now it is finally here thanks btw im seeing BC also uploaded your tracklist from your nfo

comment posted by Albert on 01 March

comment #47

hmm Silent Hill! The album scans is not available? The art is so great... Anyway, thanks a lot for the music!

comment posted by Alexo on 03 March

comment #48

Godai's Ass Adventure? :)

comment posted by Emil on 04 March

comment #49

thank u so much for the silent hill soundtrack :3 i never heard of the others and I will try them out :3

comment posted by hana on 09 March

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