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Moon Over

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Original Game Soundtrack

Long time no see! I haven't had very much free time recently as you can probably see from the lack of updates. I have more than GT5, but it's all I have time for at the moment.

This would also be a good time to mention that our tracker has been home to nih0ngaku, so thanks to Tackey, you can check out some of the latest in Japanese music. Also on our tracker are a variety of lossless -> V0 encodes of new and old anime soundtracks from child_of_eve, so check them out while we are in downtime mode.

posted by Godai on 07 March


comment #1

Sweet thanks for this!!!

comment posted by Sirusjr on 07 March

comment #2

I'm waiting for Gran Turismo 5 Kicks Goa/Psytrance album. Thank you.

comment posted by Mosabsolum on 07 March

comment #3

Goodjob dude!

comment posted by kane on 07 March

comment #4

Thanks again Godai!

comment posted by Sailorcancer on 07 March

comment #5

Is it just me, or is the torrent awfully slow? I'm uploading at my max rate, but downloading at 0.1kbps.

comment posted by Desides on 07 March

comment #6

As always i'm very proud of you Godai. You again blessed us with a superb OST - Thx for it

comment posted by Sanuku on 07 March

comment #7

Thanks a lot

comment posted by Zev on 07 March

comment #8

Availability = 0.921
Let's see how it goes...

comment posted by yandexx on 07 March

comment #9

I hope this has the song from the Gran Turismo HD demo that I adored so very much...if not...I will scream.

comment posted by Mike on 07 March

comment #10

Well, the soundtrack sounds good so far. The song I want is not on the OST, though.

Can someone *please* rip the menu song from the PS3 Gran Turismo HD demo?

The song can be heard here if you don't know what I'm speaking of.


comment posted by Mike on 07 March

comment #11

NO SEED....all 93% stop......

comment posted by EverCloud on 07 March

comment #12

Awesome. Thanks!

comment posted by belxephon on 07 March

comment #13

Thanks Godai!
I took your advice and explored some of the stuff on the tracker NOT gamemp3s and was wondering if you or someone could re-seed the metalchicks albums. I never thought to look at non-gamemp3 stuff on the tracker before so missed my chance earlier.

comment posted by jt4703 on 07 March

comment #14

Oh sweet, I didn't even realize all the other music was on there. Right now I'm grabbing the Def Tech album, but I'll probably make use of this newfound knowledge more in the future :) I'm gonna make sure to check the GT5 out as well, I only know a few tracks from the series but they definitely impress.

comment posted by Toma on 08 March

comment #15

Oh wow, this is some pretty *smooth* jazz! Given GT's history on soundtrack selections (rock but jazz mixed in there), I was expecting this to be the opposite given there's no Isamu Ohira on here.

A huge improvement over GT2~GT4's let-down.

comment posted by XISMZERO on 08 March

comment #16

Man, Vince DiCola is a name I haven't heard for awhile. Transformers ftw.

comment posted by LCC on 09 March

comment #17

Heh, did a doubletake at the upcoming releases page. :P

comment posted by ashmountains on 09 March

comment #18

A double-take is about right. I pray that's a typo meant to say "Dragon Quest IV."

comment posted by Desides on 09 March

comment #19

Smashing work mate..as usual ;)

comment posted by Solidius on 10 March

comment #20

Thank you guys for all VGM uploads. Keep up the good work! =D

BTW: Do you have the King of Fighters Arranged soundtracks (from '94 to 2000)? If so, Would you mind ripping @ 320kbps and uploading them?

That rare arranged cds are so damn good and hard to find (@ good bitrates) ... =C

I thank you in advance.

Best Regards.

comment posted by KĊ­adranto on 11 March

comment #21

Thx a lot awesome release, enjoying the jazz part of this soundtrack as we speak, really awesome.

comment posted by webcider on 17 March

comment #22

I'm really liking the stuff by Jonathan Underdown...anyone got any other stuff or can reference me to any web page that has information on him? Thanks and good upload Godai.

comment posted by bravefencer on 17 March

comment #23

thx@Godai & #gamemp3s-team

comment posted by LiquidAcid on 21 March

comment #24

I've been looking for this OST for a long time.

Thank you very much!!! Cheers ^_^

comment posted by ///M Power on 31 March

comment #25

Reseed please

comment posted by pink872 on 28 September

comment #26

Thank you for giving these good things!

comment posted by victor on 16 December

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