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Still Here!

Omega Five Soundtrack
Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! Original Sound Track
The Black Mages III Darkness and Starlight

"Omega Five" is a horizontal shmup by Natsume on Xbox Live Arcade, awesome game! This album features arrangements from your friends at SuperSweep.

"Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan!" or what would be known as "Yakuza 3" if it ever came out here, which it won't, is the PS3 action/adventure/sim game that was just released recently in Japan. Music is once again mainly by Hidenori Shoji (F-Zero GX, Ryu ga Gotoku 1 & 2, etc.) and features some chums from NoisyCroak, who worked on the the second one as well as the new "echocrome" game for PS3 and PSP.

Finally, the third entry for "The Black Mages", not a lot of explanation needed. Yay for FFIX final battle theme.

ATTENTION: Thanks for the heads up about the SFV for Omega Five, I have no clue how that happened and why its the different versions of the same tracks like that, but...I am uploading the new SFV to the site and putting a link here as well.

posted by Godai on 21 March


comment #1

Thank you, FRIEND!

comment posted by LCC on 21 March

comment #2

Omega Five--really wanted to hear this!

comment posted by Jeriaska on 21 March

comment #3

Black Mages III!? Oh man, that's amazing! I can't say I'm familiar with the other albums, but I'm nevertheless grateful, as always! I can't wait to hear the new Black Mages album. Thank you Godai and team!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 21 March

comment #4

Excellent upload Godai!
Im not saying this fast to a man.., you're a man right? hehe but damn.. i love you!

BlackMages III just wow, didnt see that one coming! Just great!

comment posted by Ngai on 21 March

comment #5

Thnx Godai... as always whenever you bring something out it's always worth the wait :D

comment posted by metafalica on 21 March

comment #6

Awesome release, Omega 5 is an awesome game and so is the music and Kenzan is also awesome, and Mages III, Wow. Super Thanks!!!

comment posted by armando mendez on 21 March

comment #7

The Distant Worlds on BM3 brings back the ffxi memories!
Such a great album!

comment posted by Ngai on 21 March

comment #8

Omega Five was composed by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki who is my favorite video game composer.

comment posted by Nottank on 21 March

comment #9

Is it just me or is anyone else getting CRC failures from Omega Five? >_>

comment posted by Epsilon on 21 March

comment #10

Nothing spectacular on BM III. They did all the songs worth doing on the first album, anyway.

Omega Five is beyond amazing. It's by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki (Natsume composer from the NES/SNES days) and it's really in the vein of his SNES works (Gundam Wing, Power Rangers). Thanks a bunch!

comment posted by Judge Ito on 21 March

comment #11

WOW! Black Mages III suckz even more than second part;). And cover? OMG! Anorectic chick and gayboy in tights;). Sorry;).

comment posted by herbaciak on 21 March

comment #12

tracks 4, 11 and 18 fail on the SFV checker :/
Other wise, many thanks for these releases.

comment posted by Argentis on 21 March

comment #13

Thanks, I'll grab ryu ga gotoku kenzan. Already got black mages from another source and im not really a fan of shmup music.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 21 March

comment #14

Thanks! Oh, new Black Mages... interesting.

By the way, I think it's SHMUP, not schmup. That one sounds too much like 'schmuck' to me :)

comment posted by Kreachure on 21 March

comment #15

SFV checksum verification fails on the "Omega Five" rip, however scanning the files with a MPEG stream tool doesn't show any (obvious) errors. Packaging error?

comment posted by LiquidAcid on 21 March

comment #16

Wasn't Yakuza 2 just released here? I'm pretty sure 3 will be too.

comment posted by Shpank on 21 March

comment #17

I put up a new SFV for Omega Five.

comment posted by Godai on 21 March

comment #18

Great black mages "the extreme" remix from ff8. One of the best song of this FF. Thx for all.

comment posted by clad omnislash on 21 March

comment #19

Thank you so much for another great VGM torrent upload!

comment posted by KĊ­adranto on 21 March

comment #20

Thanks for the updated SFV and thanks for the Omega Five release. :)

comment posted by Epsilon on 21 March

comment #21

Thanks Godai for the updated SFV. Gonna continue seeding (till I reach a 2:1 ratio).


comment posted by LiquidAcid on 21 March

comment #22

Anyone else getting an error when trying to download the torrent?

comment posted by Conspera on 21 March

comment #23

Sounds like some inklings of Square snobbery on high!

comment posted by XISMZERO on 21 March

comment #24

WOW. I did not know that something like that exists. Really. I am a little away from gamemusic and return to this site today and found this. Unbeliavable. THANK YOU.!!!

comment posted by Zidane_FF on 21 March

comment #25

HOLY $HIT!!! BLACK MAGES III!! Waited so long for this, thanks a TON!!!

comment posted by Sacredforce on 21 March

comment #26

Wow... Nobuo's song, LIFE. So beautiful....

comment posted by HakuGaara on 22 March

comment #27

I thoroughly enjoyed the Omega Five OST.

comment posted by Mike on 22 March

comment #28

np Kenji-kuuuuuun.

comment posted by Alcahest on 22 March

comment #29

Love the Black Mages!
Thank you so much!

comment posted by Lania on 22 March

comment #30

Black Mages III! Thank you! :D

comment posted by Win on 22 March

comment #31

Thanks for the update, Godai. I'm a little surprised the Black Mages are still putting music out, but if people buy it, I suppose they can keep making it. (Not a big fan, as you can tell. Uematsu needs to lay off the synthesizers.)

Any word on Mario Galaxy or Smash Bros. Brawl releases?

comment posted by Desides on 22 March

comment #32


comment posted by Yume on 22 March

comment #33

RGG 2 and 3 are already confirmed US releases, and will be getting dates at Segas upcoming Gamers Day.

comment posted by Delightful Hobo on 24 March

comment #34

"Anorectic chick and gayboy in tights;). Sorry;)"

Holy fuck you're a retard

comment posted by Pitier of fools. on 24 March

comment #35

Can't wait for the solo cd from Yoko Shimomura!
Anyone knows where i possibly could find the ost from 1992/4? game LIVE A LIVE? Would be awesome!

Keep up the great work gamemp3s.net, you're my #1.

comment posted by Ngai on 24 March

comment #36

This is awesome, thanks so much for Black Mages III!!!

comment posted by Bear on 24 March

comment #37

Wow, super thanks for the Black Mages torrent! "Distant Worlds" totally blew my mind (myself having not played XI). Thanks, as always Godai, for your hard work! ^__^

comment posted by s1ipstream on 24 March

comment #38

Nice to hear the BMIII album early. I have to agree though with somebody earlier, not very good. Try BMI if you want the best of what the Black Mages had to offer. And have a listen to 'Over the Rainbow' from BMII if you want an alternative. BMIII I believe is the worst of the three, some interesting haunting sounds from Track 4, but overall not very good. Assault on the Silver Dragons only starts to be like the original Black Mages I album about 3:40mins into the music. Maybe they are running out of ideas, or songs which would make great rock tracks. I'll end my rant on a happy note. Thank you for the Other albums, especially Omega Five.

comment posted by SJ on 25 March

comment #39

I was expecting the BMIII album, and it was really disappointing, I really had high hopes, but it's really mediocre.

I don't know what happened to them, most of the tracks they chose could have been really great rock songs, but I think they made them worse than the originals, and I hate the way they use the synthetizer sounds, what's the point of remixing the tracks in rock style if they are going to throw horrible synth sounds everywhere?, i'd like it much more if it where only electric guitars.

The previous two albums where ok, not spectacular but I listen and enjoy them sometimes, but i don't think I'm gonna listen this much.

comment posted by RLeonhart on 25 March

comment #40

hey, thanks for the release ^^

btw, is the song for this video on Kenzan's OST?
which one is it ?
or what song is this ? (RRG1/2?)

comment posted by Shin on 25 March

comment #41

Cool, i love this sound tracks.
Nobuo Uematsu rox

comment posted by Seyfertt on 25 March

comment #42

@SJ: I can't find 'Over the Rainbow' track in BM I nor BM II. Are you sure it is there?

comment posted by Clarious on 26 March

comment #43

"I can't find 'Over the Rainbow' track in BM I nor BM II. Are you sure it is there?"

The last track on my BMII soundtrack is "Winning The Rainbow", maybe he meant that?

comment posted by Anonymous on 26 March

comment #44

Hey, great release!
When's Drammatica -the best of Yoko Shimomura- coming? And what about Deltora Quest? Will it still be released?

comment posted by ram on 26 March

comment #45

"Holy fuck you're a retard"

Yes, I am, but it doesn't change the fact that BMIII sucks;P.

comment posted by herbaciak on 26 March

comment #46

@Clarious - the name could be slightly wrong, but it was the bonus track on BMII. The style was more like the original BMI. I thought it was the best track on the album. I'm sure its' called 'Over the Rainbow' maybe somebody here can verify it. Thanks again to Gamemp3s, any releases you do is more than welcomed. I've noticed you released the Age of Empires 2?3? Soundtrack and the Heroes IV Soundtrack, did you release the Elder Scrolls IV Soundtrack too?

comment posted by SJ on 26 March

comment #47

@SJ: There is a track named "Blue Blast - Winning the Rainbow", I think this is it.

comment posted by Clarious on 27 March

comment #48

i love how you kids are talking shit about bm3 without a single hint of musicality to back any of it up.

comment posted by king-carl on 27 March

comment #49

I stand corrected, Yes, Winning the Rainbow! :-) Where did I get 'Over the Rainbow' from..???? Memory like a sieve. Hope you like the track Clarious.

comment posted by SJ on 27 March

comment #50

What happened to the message boards?

comment posted by Morphballer on 28 March

comment #51

It was eaten by a grue.

comment posted by LCC on 31 March

comment #52

Great release!! As always, the new albums are greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps.

comment posted by Viper on 31 March

comment #53

Thank you for this upload. Oh my god. What a beautiful soundtrack. Even if i'm not very familiar with the game (since i've never played it) I really appreciate the compositions.

comment posted by April on 04 April

comment #54

Where is the World Ends With You OST?

comment posted by Morphballer on 05 April

comment #55

The World Ends With You OST was released a while ago under the Japanese title of Subarashiki Kono Sekai.

comment posted by Centrum on 05 April

comment #56

Godai, send me an e-mail or catch me on AIM. I need to talk with you about that interview. Thanks.

comment posted by Kaleb.G on 06 April

comment #57

Sorry, Godai, but Sega said they have plans to release Ryu ga Gotoku 2 and Kenzan worldwide. ;)

comment posted by Visionnerz on 07 May

comment #58

Please seed! I have been looking all over for the Omega Five soundtrack - nowhere else seems to have it.

comment posted by lucozade on 22 March

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