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Just wanted to post a small update regarding the releases (... or lack thereof) recently. Some of you may or may not know how we are currently organized, but the responsibilities involved with "releasing" has generally fallen on one person. It's quite a lot of work for one person to do and other responsibilities sometimes prevent us from being able to put the time in to prep a release.

We're trying to find a way to streamline the process to get more of our rippers and long-time members to be able to contribute more towards the process of releasing, but it is a work-in-progress. That being said, releases may be coming somewhat slower while we figure this out. We're not going anywhere and we're certainly not changing our methodologies or idealogies. We would appreciate your patience and understanding :D.

On a side note, we could really use the assistance of anyone who is fluent (read: fluent) in both Japanese and English to help us with translations for soundtracks that either do not have a translated tracklist available or have a translated tracklist that is just terrible and needs correction.

You can contact any of the @'s in the IRC channel or contact me via e-mail (jsutan @ gmail) if you can help

posted by dancey on 07 April


comment #1

Good luck on everything!

I don't know if I'd prefer translated or romanized track titles. It is possible to use unicode (UTF-8) Japanese names for the track titles. Other than all that, keep up the good work. :)

comment posted by Win on 08 April

comment #2

Win: I'm on a pc with Windows ME most of the time, for me it would be impossible to use tracks with titles in kanji (Windows ME doesn't support kanji and other characters in file names. It even says "access denied" when you try to copy that kind of file from a flash drive, for example). So I'd prefer if #gamemp3s staff kept their usual way of working.

Anyway, yes, good luck #gamemp3s staff!

comment posted by Sera on 08 April

comment #3

windows me? son, get XP or die trying.

comment posted by zoomba on 08 April

comment #4

Some media players have problems with Unicode tags, too. I know Winamp

comment posted by Judge Ito on 08 April

comment #5

Somehow my comment got truncated. That should read:

"I know Winamp before version 5 can't read Unicode no matter what version of Windows you're using."

comment posted by Judge Ito on 08 April

comment #6

Sorry if I'm no help regarding your translations or release issues, but I'm cheering for you and I wish you good luck in finding people willing to help organize the releases! I'm rooting for you team gamemp3s=)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 08 April

comment #7

I would also like to have unicode support. It would be more authentic.

And it is silly to translate titles anyway. Think how it'd be, if every beatles song got translated into russian or vietnamese =D.

dear god, ME...;)
- how about if the filenames are in romaji, but the song titles would be in their real form?

comment posted by Nobuo on 08 April

comment #8

Hehe. Okay sorry. I forgot not everyone can view unicode characters. Using unicode would be more authentic, yes. But I forgot about consistency with other of their releases. So if gamemp3s were translating to English then they should continue to translate, though I still think romanized Japanese would be a little more authentic than translated. Anyway, it's all about consistency, okay? :)

comment posted by Win on 08 April

comment #9

I`ve been a lurker for quite a while, but I`m fluent in Japanese and English and would be happy to help. I also live in Japan (permanently, not here on a teaching stint) so if there is anything I can do to help, feel free to drop me an email.

comment posted by tamyuun on 08 April

comment #10

I think I don't have to explain why I'm most of the time on a pc with ME, but since you don't know my reason, zoomba, maybe you should please keep rude comments to yourself.

By the way, ME allows to view Unicode characters in Web pages (I regularly visit Japanese websites), e-mails, etc., the only problem are file names and the text in plain text files.
And what Judge Ito said is true as well.

comment posted by Sera on 09 April

comment #11

I would really appreciate it if you could provide an original japanese tracklist in some form along with the releases. Many people prefer to tag everything in the original language and it can be quite confusing at times.

Scans are helping out, but the above mentioned suggestion would be much of help.

Thank you!

comment posted by Creciente on 09 April

comment #12

* Japanese

Also, I would like to know what awaits #j-rhythm in the future, if possible.

comment posted by Creciente on 09 April

comment #13

Personally, I use translated filenames and Romanized/kanji ID tags...

comment posted by urutapu on 09 April

comment #14


comment posted by Yume on 10 April

comment #15

Heya, there's no worries, no hurries, you guys! Life outside of video game music can take much time and requires a lot of work, I know. Please take your time! :D

Now, is there anything else you'd like help with? I can do... SOME stuff. Seriously. I'll do stuff for you.

Here, this might cheer you up:

comment posted by papa_haydn on 10 April

comment #16

You guys should try adding a new database user if the host will let you (you can probably buy another for a not-unreasonable price, at the very least). The option should be in Plesk. Or else just ask them to increase/remove your SQL resource limit (max_questions, specifically). It seems like the 'just wait for it to go away' work-around has run its course, wouldn't you say?

comment posted by anon on 10 April

comment #17

I'm so sorry I can't really be of much help... but I'd just like to write a line to say how much I appreciate your hard work and all the happiness you have given me. Take it easy. Love to all of you guys and gals!

(And sorry about any English mistakes... one day I will be fluent in both this language AND Japanese).

comment posted by Aisling on 11 April

comment #18

Hmm, I also prefer tagging in Kanji, I think it will bemore "original" this way. I am using XP with foobar and have no problem with unicode character in file name. But If not everyone can read unicode named file then i'm okay with the current tagging.
@sera: Why don't you try Ubuntu? It does support unicode, light and free.

comment posted by Clarious on 13 April

comment #19

Thanks for the advice, Clarious! I looked for some info on Ubuntu, it seems interesting!

comment posted by Sera on 14 April

comment #20

@all: Pardon me, I will go off topic a little bit

@sera: Ubuntu is quite easy to install and use, but that doesn't mean it won't have any problem, so if you have any problem using/installing ubuntu, you can contact me via mail at: Clarious (a) gmail (dot) com

comment posted by Clarious on 14 April

comment #21

Clarious: It's kind of you, thanks again!

comment posted by Sera on 15 April

comment #22

Winamp may support unicode fine.. but my ipod doesn't.

Also, being the opposite of fluent in any form of japanese. I like knowing what the song titles actually are. It may be nifty to a few to have a song titled "Sariman no mahoujin -shiro he no kikan-". But to me it's a long stream of jibberish.

comment posted by Syl on 19 April

comment #23

All iPods running the Apple firmware support Unicode, to the extent that they support Roman, Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, anyway. Japanese is even one of the fuckin display languages that come with the iPod. (Rockbox is also supposed to support Unicode, but who knows how to get that shit working anyway?)

Another vote for Unicode btw. Put them in the comments field or something maybe if you aren't willing to alienate your non-Japanese-reading audience.

comment posted by big on 21 April

comment #24

i noticed you were tagging with covers the mp3s but i do,'t know if this is a good idea. moreover you should use the original 200x200 pixels pictures published on the publishers websites in order to save space but also to have the real digital colors (colors scans are horrible if you ask me)

comment posted by Sylver on 22 April

comment #25

the anticipation is killlling me lol. I check every single day, atleast a dozen times during the course of the day. I hope everything works out, gamemp3s has been my main musical sanctuary for the longest time.

comment posted by DJ Tetsusaiga on 24 April

comment #26

Well, many time passed away when i arrived to this site and cry like a child with her Christmas gift. The most important is to make it all fine and if this way you select is the best i await.

Thanks for all your efforts, i´m sure that many people add to my post. Be patient is the most difficult but that´s the only way.

PD: Sorry for my english, only adquired via RPG`s and internet. XDDD ^^U

comment posted by Xenogear on 01 May

comment #27

Mang, I hope you can get more helpers.
I would love to help, but I am not mentally competent... or stable.

I am going to lick my monitor now.

comment posted by Heavy Balls on 09 May

comment #28

I guess the site died :( Btw what's the problem? x.x Can't it continue the way it was all this time?

comment posted by Vincent on 13 May

comment #29

I miss you guys too. u_u I hope you can come back soon.

comment posted by Devin on 13 May

comment #30

I lament the absence of updates. Do you guys need help/donations for releases or just more staffers? Gotta keep gamemp3s alive!

comment posted by XISMZERO on 13 May

comment #31

That's a great idea... some donations of the sort... this site has been a favorite of mine so gotta keep it alive ;)

comment posted by Metafalica on 14 May

comment #32

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, something I'd go along with. Would donations help you guys out at all? You gonna try and bring in some new staff?

comment posted by papa_haydn on 15 May

comment #33

yeah I miss you guys. Plz come back.

comment posted by AnonyMOUSE on 15 May

comment #34

Where'd my other comment go? :x So the sites dead, but not dead enough to delete my comment asking if its dead? :(

comment posted by tweeter on 17 May

comment #35

I am assume that this site/organization is now defunct?

comment posted by Darke on 17 May

comment #36

Hey guys, nice to see some of you care. I decided to stop doing releases myself, but unfortunately the other staffers haven't got their stuff together to keep up with regular releases. I don't think it's a money issue as much as it is a time issue.

I'll see what I can do.

comment posted by Godai (U.S.A.) on 17 May

comment #37

Yeah man, we all care - well I do, I love this place.

comment posted by Anonymous on 17 May

comment #38

Yo, man i enjoy your site heaps, just hope you can get the help you need, i would help if i was fluent in japanese, but alas, i know no kanji, sorry and good luck

comment posted by Midget on 18 May

comment #39

Thanks for your work and time, Godai. Take care.

By the way, I haven't downloaded many OSTs (practically only KOEI and SNK Playmore related ones), but I always visit #gamemp3s because I like it here. So, yes, many of us care.

comment posted by Sera on 18 May

comment #40

Of course we care, well at least I do. It would be a shame if this site dies :/

comment posted by Emil on 19 May

comment #41

I second that..

comment posted by soylent_system on 19 May

comment #42

Hope you guys will come back soon.

comment posted by Dennis on 20 May

comment #43

If you guys need technical help, or ripping help, just let me know. I can probably automate much of it (except obviously translation).

comment posted by Andrew Watkins on 20 May

comment #44

I remember not too long ago when gamemp3s was at the tip top of its game: releases several times a week, podcasts, radio shows reviewing and previewing up and coming music, even a branch-off into J-rhythm, you guys were on fire! But yeah with so much time involved its taxing i'm sure. The professional and friendly appeal that this site and community has always offered us has been a true treat through all these years. I hate to see this happen to you guys. I wish there was some way i could help, i'm sure all of us feel the same. There just ISN'T another site of this magnitude and calibur out there, its not like we can just go "oh well, i always can go to this other place" not to mention the experience is nare the same in any place i've visited. I'm willing to stick around for as long as it takes for this to get up and running again, i owe you guys atleast that much. Thanks for all wonderful wonderful music, and great times. gamemp3s RULES!!!

comment posted by DJ Tetsusaiga on 21 May

comment #45


Donations, anything you need, just ask!

comment posted by Marcelo on 21 May

comment #46

I would like to help too, but I'm not fluent in japanese, is there anything else we could do?

comment posted by Heavenfang on 22 May

comment #47

Will there be boobies?

comment posted by Nukkus on 22 May

comment #48

Many thanks go out to you Godai and your comrades the last couple of years for working your butts off for us and this site. What boggles me is this post has recieved a surge in the last two weeks with no response from the peeps who are responsible for this sites releases for now. It's your site but everything DJ Tetsusaiga posted rings true. This is the best site out there for game music mp3's and you have some of us willing to help. I just hope we get an update again soon to brighten the mood. I would hate to see another of my favorite sites go poof...

comment posted by MasterZophar on 22 May

comment #49

Actually, it's been a lot longer since a maintainer posted. Mr. "Godai (U.S.A)", is not an admin. If you look at previous posts by Godai, you'll see a star beside his name and if you point at it it actually says "Godai is a #gamemp3s staff member". Soooo.... I fear the worst...

comment posted by Amp on 22 May

comment #50

I hope you guys manage to get things together. You guys are like THE release group I use for game music, and have been since 2003 or 2004 (I really don't remember). I actually don't know who I would turn to if you guys stop for good. (I swear, don't say Galbladeria or whatever its called. Their rips are so sub par.)

Anyway, thank you guys so very much for the years of releases if this is the end, but I hope its not.

comment posted by TheLurkerBelow on 22 May

comment #51

Amp, Yeah that was me posting from the U.S., I didn't bother logging in.

comment posted by Godai on 23 May

comment #52

Shit happens; take your time sorting everything out.

I'll be one of the first to grab the next torrent; whether it's a week or a year from now.

As always, your time and effort up to this point are appreciated.

comment posted by Antignition on 23 May

comment #53

I'm gonna call dr Frankenstein to revive U!:D

comment posted by herbaciak on 23 May

comment #54

This is a tragedy.

comment posted by Lodestar on 23 May

comment #55

Whoops, my apologies, Godai. O.o

comment posted by Amp on 24 May

comment #56

I have some soundtracks that I would be willing to share (FLAC and v0 MP3, ripped from my own copies), mainly Bemani CDs.

comment posted by ThatsGobbles on 24 May

comment #57

Just wanted to point out that while Ipod works with japanese characters the Zune does not. I can't get it to display jack on mine. Also since this site is primarily a bittorrent site I would suggest people try going on
http://tokyotosho.com and downloading game ost releases on there from grps. Sometimes I have to dl them in flac and reincide them but its better than nothing.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 24 May

comment #58

I'm with the folks that say that #gamemp3s is seriously one of the most convenient (and fantastically so, at that) places to get VGM steadily. While y'all aren't necessarily COMPREHENSIVE (it'd be impossible, anyway), you get a lot of pretty damn good stuff out to a largely English speaking audience who definitely doesn't have the cashflow to afford this wonderful outlet for music. (I only have the cash for some NON-VGM music that's released domestically, so yeah.)

Anyway, I know this is overwhelmingly been overruled in these comments, but y'all are an English website. Why would you not continue translating the track titles for the sole purpose of increasing album output. I'd gladly take less quantity for English track titles any day. I'm in the school of thought that more people would like English than a string of "gibberish" that's not necessarily supported by some of the portable players/software out there. The vocal minority (as seen in this thread) can very easily find the kanji (whatever, I don't visually know the difference between the different types of Japanese text) or romanized Japanese titles to put in themselves, while consistently GOOD English titles are tough to find. Hell, you could even put the romanized into the .nfo. That's perfectly reasonable.

So yeah. That's just me.

tl;dr: Y'all fucking rock, Please stick to English.

comment posted by wvlfpvp on 26 May

comment #59

̉^_____^ Thanks ! I hope, u will to update your web everyweek :D ( hope, hope hope).

I love u !!

comment posted by Â_______Â on 28 May

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