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Metal Gear?!

Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots Original Soundtrack

The soundtrack to the PS3's savior, not a lot to say except...

posted by Godai on 29 May


comment #1

zomg spoilers!

comment posted by ddaydj on 29 May

comment #2


comment posted by Zanarkand on 29 May

comment #3

Many thnx Godai :D looks like u are back in action :D

comment posted by metafalica on 29 May

comment #4

tks a lot Godai, awsome work as allways and
lool funny cat pic.

comment posted by silva on 29 May

comment #5

Woah! METAL GEAR?! :D Thx a lot...

comment posted by D!zzy on 29 May

comment #6

Wicked, thanks a lot!

comment posted by James on 29 May

comment #7

Holy awesome! Never played any of the MGS games yet, but I'll probably enjoy the music well enough. Thanks #gamemp3s team, you guys are great!

Hope to see much more of ya guys.

comment posted by papa_haydn on 30 May

comment #8

Thanks a lot for the release.

comment posted by Anonymous on 30 May

comment #9

Where is the cat MP3 album? =P

comment posted by B4-Hunter on 30 May

comment #10

Yeah, the sountrack itself has spoilers. The names of the tracks are strongly suggestive of what happens to Snake in the end.

comment posted by ssfsx17 on 30 May

comment #11

heys! the torrent is stuck at 96.2.. someone with 100% please seed

comment posted by eraz on 30 May

comment #12

417 peers and 0 seeds. are you serious? come on you leechin bitches

comment posted by willie on 30 May

comment #13

Awesome~! Thanx for this beautiful OST~!

comment posted by darkvir on 30 May

comment #14

yeeeeesssss!!! Thank the Light! Good show old bean!

comment posted by Shin_Ein on 30 May

comment #15

\m/ Rock on! Godai Delivers! TKS! Keep it up :-)

comment posted by LBT on 30 May

comment #16

Thank you for the quality of the MP3, good bitrate.
Plus the speed of your release.
Awesome. Thanks again.

comment posted by huffy on 30 May

comment #17

Will i listen or will i not.. will i listen or will i not.. i think i'll keep this in its map till i finished the game, so close till 12th!

Thanks for the release!

comment posted by Ngai on 30 May

comment #18

Awesome, Metal Cat!

comment posted by trion on 30 May

comment #19

OMG Metal Gear 4 Soundtrack AMAZING!!


comment posted by borre on 30 May

comment #20

Incredible! Thank you guys!

comment posted by EGO on 30 May

comment #21

Thanks guys, you're the best

comment posted by Corey on 30 May

comment #22

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

comment posted by MasterZophar on 30 May

comment #23

That picture is full of win!

comment posted by VolkaV on 30 May

comment #24

Hooray! Another release so soon! We all appreciate the effort Godai, thank you!

I can see the resemblance,

comment posted by Bear on 30 May

comment #25

I love that picture. ^^

comment posted by Bear on 30 May

comment #26

"!" ...for that picture

comment posted by XISMZERO on 30 May

comment #27

Woohoo! This is utterly amazing! Thank you over and over gamemp3s =)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 30 May

comment #28

nice release. have been waiting for it. thanks for the effort.

comment posted by LsL on 30 May

comment #29

Savage work..guys...thank you so much....

comment posted by Solidius on 30 May

comment #30

Thank you much #gamemp3 unit!

Freaking wonderful release that even a cardboard box cannot contain!

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 30 May

comment #31

Thanks! And yes, finally I'll put my PS3 to work in a few days!

comment posted by Marcelo on 30 May

comment #32

Godai...awesome as always... You my good sir... you DELIVER!!!

comment posted by Sephirus on 30 May

comment #33


biggest fan of MGS(OSTs) ~


comment posted by Alataby on 30 May

comment #34


Thanks for the OST! I'll pass due to spoilerage, tho.

comment posted by Kreachure on 30 May

comment #35

Godai how did you get this??

comment posted by Sailorcancer on 30 May

comment #36

that's... terribly fast of u all.

comment posted by thanatosx on 30 May

comment #37

There really are no spoiler tracknames guys.

comment posted by Godai on 30 May

comment #38

I think maybe he just wants to hear the music in-game first, I'm like that with a lot of OST's too, unless for some reason I know I'm not going to play the game. ^.^

I think this place still needs some kind of forum, HRMPF!

comment posted by VolkaV on 30 May

comment #39

Haha, nice picture from Destructoid. I laughed my ass off the first time I saw it up there.

comment posted by Arcubalis on 31 May

comment #40

Wowowowo½! thanx a bunch!

comment posted by Elrinth on 31 May

comment #41

Thank you guys for all VGM uploads. Keep up the good work! =D

BTW: Do you have the King of Fighters Arranged soundtracks (from '94 to 2000)? If so, Would you mind ripping @ 320kbps and uploading them?

That rare arranged cds are so damn good and hard to find (@ good bitrates) ... =C

I thank you in advance.

Best Regards.

comment posted by Guxanabaro on 31 May

comment #42

Most of the soundtrack is spoiler free, expect titel 37 (which is a song, though)

comment posted by Ishtori on 31 May

comment #43

Sweet one, thank you! And loved the kitty´s picture too. What is the kitty´s name, please?

comment posted by Aisling on 31 May

comment #44


comment posted by air on 01 June

comment #45

suban el puto ost de MARIO GALAXY y dejende se mamadas de MGS4

comment posted by shy on 01 June

comment #46

Good job Godai ^^ The game music listeners community appreciate it!

comment posted by Vincent on 02 June

comment #47

Sweet thanks, I'm going to download it now but won't listen to it and wont even read the song titles until I finish the game.

I hope to see you on your ps3 playing the game on launch day!

comment posted by PrimeStyle on 02 June

comment #48

Godai, you seriously are made of win!

comment posted by Midget on 03 June

comment #49

Incidentally, the alleged "spoiler" track 37 "Here's to you" is a cover version of a song from the 1971 film Sacco and Vanzetti (score by Ennio Morricone); Sacco and Vanzetti's names are even in the song: Nicola (Sacco) and Bart(olomeo Vanzetti). I'm not really sure if there is any connection between the trial and execution of that historic pair (who, from what I have read, were totally innocent) and the themes of MGSIV, but if S&V are not referenced within the context of the game, I find that a song in praise of them at the close of the game is bizarrely jarring.

comment posted by Aswallom on 03 June

comment #50


It´s not a cover but actually a re-arranged, slower version. Also, I read somewhere, that it was Kojima, who wanted the song to be in the game

comment posted by Ishtori on 04 June

comment #51

#gamemp3s 4 evah!!

comment posted by gierdal on 04 June

comment #52


comment posted by Antignition on 07 June

comment #53

Thanks forthe good release .. so glad to have you back. Again thnx Godai! Go gamemp3s

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 08 June

comment #54

Um, different singer...check. Different arrangement...check. Same song...check. I thought that that is the very definition of a cover version of a song? Oh well, maybe I'm wrong. Also, I know that Kojima placed the song in the game intentionally; my point was that I am unsure if it was a mistake to not alter the lyrics to remove the names of Sacco and Vanzetti, which unless they are referenced either in actuality or by thematic association in the game itself, are rather out of place, it would seem.

comment posted by Aswallom on 08 June

comment #55

wow, what a disappointment... i cant believe that, this being the last of the series, hideo kojima wouldn't go all out on the music production. There is one thing that really bugs me about film, television, anime and games... if it does not have real musical instruments in it, i just cant really get into it as much. Sound is a pretty important role in a lot of entertainment and if it isn't just right it can ruin the experience. Listening to this OST i couldn't find one track that i got excited about. Pretty much anything that is orchestrated on this sounds fake, either that or bad recording.... real musical instruments do not sound like that. Dont get me wrong... im a huge fan of Metal Gear, but i was just expecting something a little more epic...

comment posted by EXIA on 13 June

comment #56

hi, thank you for all your uploads. Is it possible to expect some lossless re-releases of some great albums? :) or should I forget this? :)

comment posted by Denis on 22 June

comment #57

what da heck with that stupid cat!? lol

thank for the soundtrack.

comment posted by noname on 26 June

comment #58

The best!!!

comment posted by dick on 10 July

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