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Final Destination, no items, Snake banned

Not a new release, but Basil has uploaded a high quality personal rip of Smash Bros Brawl to the tracker. The first torrent has all of the music from the game, while the Bonus torrent contains additional music from the other modes. You can get both in either VBR or FLAC using the links provided below:

Brawl VBR
Bonus VBR

Brawl FLAC
Bonus FLAC

posted by Msia on 01 July


comment #1

Ah man, totally freaking awesome. Thank you!

comment posted by Klondike on 01 July

comment #2

Wow... 1.3 gigs of music. This must've been some feat (not to mention the tagging!)...

comment posted by XISMZERO on 01 July

comment #3

Holy freaking CRAP! FLAC? What did you guys do, read my mind? :) Many thanks to Basil and the entire #gamemp3s crew. Beautiful stuff.

comment posted by punkmaggit on 01 July

comment #4

Great job, Basil. I'm sure a lot of people appreciate the work you put into this.

comment posted by miles on 02 July

comment #5

I've already got all the normal music, but I'll get the cutscene stuff and all that because I'm just into that sort of thing.

comment posted by urutapu on 02 July

comment #6

This is amazing. A big thanks to Basil and I know what I will listen to the next few days, months and years :)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 02 July

comment #7

I wonder only why you release a "FLAC" version of a Gamerip, instead of using the original BRSTM files to play looped in Winamp or XMPlay :o)

comment posted by manakoAT on 02 July

comment #8

Many thanks Basil and Msia! Love me some SSBB music.

comment posted by MasterZophar on 02 July

comment #9

Haha, yes, been waiting for a definitive rip!
Regarding the skipping that might be present in other rips, you might notice that in BRSTMs decoded with in_cube. It happens right at the loop point, as in_cube isn't accurate enough with the timing to decode it without discontinuity. vgmstream fixes this.

comment posted by hcs on 02 July

comment #10

(and in case it wasn't clear this uses vgmstream, I downloaded the .nfo first to see if I got any props...)

comment posted by hcs on 02 July

comment #11

Thanks Basil aswell as Msia.. Great Music and then with that quality.. simply great!

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 02 July

comment #12

WHOOT great i love smash and i love gamemp3s... THNX Basil you rock

comment posted by Metafalica on 02 July

comment #13

FLAC ! This is awesome !

comment posted by pwet on 02 July

comment #14

Can I prop basil here too?

comment posted by wvlfpvp on 02 July

comment #15

Wow, this is just awesome. Thanks a ton.

comment posted by Echo on 02 July

comment #16

manakoAT: As mentioned in the NFO, I did some small editing to all of the files in the rip, mainly with adding silence at the beginnings and ends of the tracks. I also personally feel as though it'd be a bit awkward to release a rip with different filetypes (I did line-in record all the jingles at the end).

hcs: Were you the one that ripped and leaked the entire BRSTM set? I asked BigCN401 about that and he said he didn't know. I would have credited you if that was you that released it.

comment posted by Basil on 02 July

comment #17

Thats some amazing work you have done there!
Thanks for your great work, Basil!

comment posted by air on 03 July

comment #18

no, just vgmstream and in_cube

comment posted by hcs on 03 July

comment #19

Kickass dudes.

comment posted by Anonymous on 03 July

comment #20

omg, thank you so much, this is like one of the best soundtracks ever... ty!

comment posted by Marcelo on 03 July

comment #21

"Final Destination, no items, Snake banned."

Worst way to Smash EVER.

But I'm diggin' the tunes. :D

comment posted by DLV on 04 July

comment #22

Hey Msia and Basil good job!

I have an unrelated question though. Are you guys getting a hold of Persona 4 OST on July 23rd? That's one OST I would like to check asap and I can only count on you gamemp3s to deliver that on time :~

comment posted by Vincent on 04 July

comment #23

Thank you :D ...

Finally, the definite SSBB rip is here...

Should I download the VRB versio or the FLAC one? Which one would you guys recommend? ^_^

comment posted by Zeta on 05 July

comment #24

Does anyone know where to get a decent rip of MELEE's soundtrack? The one that I have now sounds scratchy as hell.

comment posted by aquagex on 10 July

comment #25

Wow thanks for this great release! Extra thanks for the FLAC release as well. Too bad this site doesn't do lossless releases much more often.

comment posted by Spagnutty on 14 July

comment #26

A big thanks goes to Basil/#gamemp3s for this great (and huge *g*) release.

Now reencoding the FLACs with flake to sqeeze some more bytes out of the rip.


comment posted by LiquidAcid on 23 July

comment #27

I know this is old, and no one will read this, but THANK YOU Basil!! I'm still enjoying this definitive SSBB rip; in lossless, no less! Never have I seen a better gamerip in all my days (besides, maybe, the 7-disc Twilight Princess). All this work...an amazing product. I would pay for something like this is a HEARTBEAT.

comment posted by Alphaleon on 02 December

comment #28

Would someone mind reseeding this one, please:


There are 13 of us hanging on waiting for it to complete! Thanks :)

comment posted by McBain on 05 March

comment #29

Thanks to whoever reseeded this. Much appreciated!

comment posted by McBain on 18 March

comment #30

Would someone please re-seed the Brawl VBR torrent, please? I'll take over seeding duties afterward.

Thanks in advance.

comment posted by bluedragonx on 30 March

comment #31

Would it be possible to re-up the FLAC torrents? It's impossible to find this in FLAC anywhere and I'd love to be able to listen to it.

comment posted by snapple on 05 May

comment #32

Yes if someone could please re-up these torrents, I would be grateful.

comment posted by Datsun on 21 July

comment #33

Could someone reup this?

comment posted by SonofKalas on 07 August

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