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2008 Spring CROSS. ver

Hi guys, here are two albums released within the last two months:

Falcom jdk Band 2008 Spring
Sengoku Basara X Original Soundtrack

posted by Msia on 09 July


comment #1


comment posted by Leandro on 09 July

comment #2

Thanks!! Sengoku Basara really ROCKS!!

comment posted by Shinn_Itsuki on 09 July

comment #3

Thanks guys!

comment posted by jewberry on 09 July

comment #4

Many, many thanks.
(Scans links not working.)

comment posted by lostsupper on 09 July

comment #5

Thank you for this fine aural media #gamemps crew!

Falcom looks to be sheer joy.

Sengoku Basara feels like Samurai Showdown crossed with Guilty Gear. Which is not a bad thing.

Your efforts tagging and encoding are appreciated.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 09 July

comment #6

Yay. The SB X OST doesn't sound like the 44kbps mono tracks on the PS2 version. Can finally hear them in decent quality!

comment posted by Chikalin on 09 July

comment #7

I have absolutely no idea what this jdk Band is, but since Falcom does Ys I completely trust you in that I'll enjoy this.

Thanks for more music!

comment posted by urutapu on 09 July

comment #8

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Sengoku Basara is great :D Falcom jdk Band also rocks.. Another Great update from my favorite site.. Thank you

comment posted by Metafalica on 09 July

comment #9

Great release. I always love everything by Falcom.


comment posted by Blues on 10 July

comment #10

Woohoo! Awesome release. I love the Falcom JDK Band and it's always interesting to hear new music from them :) Thank you very much gamemp3s, as always.

comment posted by Gameguardian on 10 July

comment #11

Ah man.. again a great good quality release from you guys.. you're awesome (And Insane XD)! thnq.. Loveee sengoku basara (L) :D

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 10 July

comment #12

Nice release!
Nice RELEASE OF THE FAR WEST OCEAN as well. Huhuhuhu ^^

comment posted by Akatsuki on 10 July

comment #13

That Sengoku Basara cover really reminds me of the Musashi Samurai Legend OST cover. Anyone else see the resemblance?

comment posted by Masamune on 10 July

comment #14

Yesssssss!!!! I´m happy! The JDK Band albums are great and this is a nice add.

Thanks Msia for your work. All your last posts contain great pieces that bring us hope and happiness to our hearts. ^_^

comment posted by Xenogear on 10 July

comment #15

Thank you Msia. A fantastic treat for me to come home to after a hard day at work. Many thanks!

comment posted by MasterZophar on 10 July

comment #16

Msia is so sexy, god I dream about you everynight, your voice = orgasm.

oh... uhh thanks for the new releases. .> .

comment posted by Utopia on 10 July

comment #17

looking forward to hearing the falcom album, cheers!

comment posted by SJ on 11 July

comment #18

Thanks, I've been waiting on a higher qual release of the JDK album. it's choice.

comment posted by VyseLegend on 11 July

comment #19

Awesome, thanks a lot!

P.S. Thanks for that overshare, Utopia. :p

comment posted by SZK on 11 July

comment #20

JDK?!?! Praised Be the Name!!!!! /bow

comment posted by Shin_Ein on 12 July

comment #21

Masamune, thats the same thing that i thought when i first saw the cover art. Its just about an exact rip-off of Musashi Samurai Legend... probably by the same artist, kinda looks like it too.

comment posted by EXIA on 12 July

comment #22

I also thought the same thing. That's why I read the comments in the first place. Good to see someone else saw it too.

comment posted by McLovin on 14 July

comment #23

thx....the song really fits sengoku basara movies....
(u v u )

comment posted by oeyheri on 03 January

comment #24

Don't know if anyone checks comments on torrents this old, but I was hoping against hope that someone would notice this post. I've been on the torrent for 6 days now along with several others (currently showing 9 peers). Unfortunately, there are no seeds. Torrent is stuck at 91.3% completed. If anyone sees this and can seed it for a few hours for everyone to finish, I'm sure myself and several others would be thrilled.

comment posted by AncientGuru on 11 June

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