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Because I Love You


Game Music Concert 2 -The Best Selection-
Game Music Concert 3
Game Music Concert 4 -Live Best Collection-
Game Music Concert 5 -Live Best Collection-

posted by Msia on 20 July


comment #1

Win. VERY nice release. Will listen and seed.

comment posted by jewberry on 20 July

comment #2

I love you.


comment posted by VolkaV on 20 July

comment #3

Since I'm sure this question will be asked multiple times, the first album was already released 2 years ago and is in the G Archive Part 1.

comment posted by Msia on 20 July

comment #4

nicely done. many are probably lacking a good rip of these.

comment posted by Kilu on 20 July

comment #5

Haha, I was like, because you love me? Then the pics loaded up and I was like, holy shit you do love me! Thanks so much!

comment posted by Phatcorns on 20 July

comment #6

Didnt know these excisted at all.. but still thanks :D

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 20 July

comment #7

Wow, thank you very much!

comment posted by kufufu on 20 July

comment #8


comment posted by urutapu on 20 July

comment #9

Woo! Very awesome. Thanks! ^^b

comment posted by CJ on 20 July

comment #10

Wait, wasn't the first album already released two years ago? And isn't it already available in Archive G #1?


Just kidding! I tease because I love.

comment posted by SZK on 20 July

comment #11

Oh yea! Gamemp3's is back in business lately :D
Great work guys! What would the world be without you ;)

comment posted by Ngai on 20 July

comment #12

Words cannot describe the love. ;*

comment posted by Anso on 20 July

comment #13

Some of the finest music I've ever listened to - Thanks for sharing

comment posted by jkage on 20 July

comment #14

We also love you!! =*

comment posted by Marcelo on 20 July

comment #15

Another release so soon!? ..... I... I love you too... (T___T)~

comment posted by Bear on 20 July

comment #16

Many gender role conforming signs of affection #gamemp3 crew!

This should be some epic listening.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 20 July

comment #17

Wow. It's a great release. Collection complete!

comment posted by Vikutoru on 20 July

comment #18

I'll offer many non-gender role-conforming signs of affection for the #gamemp3s crew.

comment posted by GenericLoser on 20 July

comment #19

I just jizzed in my own face. Even though it was unrelated to this torrent, this torrent is awesome nevertheless. Thanks.

comment posted by Eleo on 20 July

comment #20

Thank you very, very much. The last few days have been awesome with so many new releases, I really appreciate it. I'm on vacation right now and the latest releases have made the 11 hour car trip much more pleasent and with the last two releases I'm already looking forward to the long ride back home.

Thank you!

comment posted by Emil on 20 July

comment #21

Good lord... now we knew what y'all been up to during the hiatus: selling non and essential parts of your anatomy and encoding!

comment posted by XISMZERO on 20 July

comment #22

Msia, you are pure love !!! ^^

comment posted by Xenogear on 20 July

comment #23

Seriously. I love you!!!!

comment posted by Any on 20 July

comment #24

A.W.E.S.O.M.E.! :3

comment posted by D!zzy on 20 July

comment #25

Thanks Msia, you are AWESOME! This is simply THE best compiled/arranged/live performed game music collection ever!

Can u release a FLAC version as well?

comment posted by none on 20 July

comment #26

Is today LOVE day?

I LOVE YOU, next time, okay? lolz thank you for the releases!

comment posted by L0v3 on 20 July

comment #27

I love you too! ^__^

comment posted by Win on 20 July

comment #28

I can't keep up with my comments if you guys keep releasing stuff everyday XD haha.. I thank you Msia and of course since it's love day I LOVE YOU 2 :P

comment posted by southrencross on 21 July

comment #29

Wow, another release so FAST! This is an amazing release; these Game music concerts sure are awesome. And I love you too :)

Thank you so very much!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 21 July

comment #30

*Love day XD?*

More love for you from me, too, Msia and #gamemp3s staff

comment posted by Sera on 21 July

comment #31

Nice Mother reference. You guys have been on fire lately! Thanks ^^

comment posted by Caerith on 21 July

comment #32

Awesome release, thanks!

comment posted by Ysy The Red on 21 July

comment #33

Hot stuff! XD

comment posted by thanatosx on 21 July

comment #34

Holy Lord @__@ So much awesomeness should be illegal. I love you too, guys!

comment posted by EGO on 21 July

comment #35

I love you too.

comment posted by borre on 21 July

comment #36

And I/we love you too Msia! Keep going the distance. ^_^

comment posted by MasterZophar on 21 July

comment #37

Anyone noticed that there are weird noise at the beginning of some songs? For example "Because I Love You" from Mother2 : Gyiyg Strikes Back in Game Music Concert 3?

comment posted by Clarious on 21 July

comment #38

Nevermind, the noise are gone after I reset foobar.

comment posted by Clarious on 21 July

comment #39

comment posted by VolkaV on 21 July

comment #40

That was wierd, I know I put words in there?

comment posted by VolkaV on 21 July

comment #41


comment posted by krc on 21 July

comment #42

Game Music Concert 1 is practically impossible to find! Is it possible will see a re-release in the future? No seeds! ;(

comment posted by Ness on 22 July

comment #43

I just want to say thank you guys for the surge in activity here. It's definitely making up for the drought we had to endure for several months. Great work!

comment posted by Kaleb.G on 22 July

comment #44

@Ness: You can get Game Music Concert 1 here:


comment posted by Clarious on 22 July

comment #45

ahh sweet these were in better quality than the ones I already had!

thanx a bunch!

comment posted by Elrinth on 22 July

comment #46

w00t! Great release, everyone should download this torrent :)


comment posted by LiquidAcid on 23 July

comment #47

Please Reseed !!! First Collection!!! *0*

comment posted by magnus on 07 September

comment #48

Ahh that Water stage music (Game Music 5, track 3) - so beautiful and ambient, yet I could never understand why it was so sad... this orchestral version is even sadder now that the nostalgia is kicking! ;_; *sniff* thank you for uploading! *seeds*

comment posted by voxie on 12 September

comment #49

Why did you let this torrent die??? No one seed WTF?!!!!

comment posted by Kalan on 15 February

comment #50

anyone, please help with the seeding!!

comment posted by satoshizure on 05 April

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