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Persona 4 Original Soundtrack
Tales of Symphonia -Knight of Ratatosk- Original Soundtrack

Hey guys, it's Godai, remember me? I'm the late night specialist (kek). Two brand new releases, great night for RPG lovers. Please enjoy!

Update (Msia): There was an issue with tags on both albums, the previous torrent was nuked. Please download the new one below.

Persona 4 Original Soundtrack Tales of Symphonia -Knight of Ratatosk- Original Soundtrack

posted by Godai on 25 July


comment #1

sweetness!! :)

comment posted by soran on 25 July

comment #2

I love you

so much D:

comment posted by urutapu on 25 July

comment #3

Oh snap, long time no see indeed~ As for the late night specialist status, I can vividly remember listening to your show whenever it came on; awesome selections I have to say. Kudos for these new albums, anyway, can't wait to listen to them.

comment posted by Conspera on 25 July

comment #4

good jobs :-)

comment posted by chuchu on 25 July

comment #5

This day is great first my drivers license second PERSONA :D thnx Godai :D:D:D:D

comment posted by southrencross on 25 July

comment #6


comment posted by Sailorcancer on 25 July

comment #7

Awesome, thanks for the releases, guys!

comment posted by Muzza on 25 July

comment #8

Gasp! Persona 4 OST!

Thanks so much guys!

comment posted by Kansas on 25 July

comment #9

Thanks for P4, since my copy hasn't arrived yet. Arghh.

comment posted by Priit on 25 July

comment #10

Thx a lot. I'm gonna take it. :)

comment posted by D!zzy on 25 July

comment #11

This is indeed a great day.. very proud of my guy getting the drivers license XD nd second..again another post... Thnxx :D

comment posted by Ghost Of The Heeg on 25 July

comment #12

Yay, thank you so much.

comment posted by Jessie on 25 July

comment #13

Thank you so much, Tales of Symphonia is one of the best game ever, I hope Knight of Ratatosk will be great too (not only the OST ^^)

comment posted by Erdnal on 25 July

comment #14

YES YES YES YES YES! Persona 4 FTW! \(^_____^)/ .oO(Hisashiburi da ne!)

Welcome back, it's been quite some time! Thank you so very much for yet another fantastic upload - we appreciate all your hard work and dedication!

comment posted by Bear on 25 July

comment #15

Ohhhhhhh nice ones!

I was waiting for those! =)

Thank you so much! I love you guys!! =*

comment posted by Marcelo on 25 July

comment #16

good work, godai :)

comment posted by nimnimnim on 25 July

comment #17

Jesus Christ, we love you guys so much! YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!

Welcome back, by the way! :)

comment posted by Petey on 25 July

comment #18

OMG!!! The site has exploded with new releases lately. From the bottom of my VGM loving heart.. thank you so much, everyone of gamemp3s! ^_^

comment posted by soylent_system on 25 July

comment #19

GODAI! Welcome back, again, mang! :D

comment posted by Petey on 25 July

comment #20

Thank you & welcome back, Godai!!!

comment posted by Poephoofdfiets on 25 July

comment #21


comment posted by Win on 25 July

comment #22

My hard drive is complaining, but I'm certainly not! Welcome back and thanks for the new releases. A barrage of VGM certainly makes my week. :)

comment posted by animetayl on 25 July

comment #23

You guys are awesome!

I've been waiting for these 2 releases... thank you very much! =)

comment posted by Jake.Z on 25 July

comment #24

Looks like the site is back in all its glory. Great to have you back Godai; there aren't even words to express the thanks I have for all your hard work. Keep fighting the good fight!

comment posted by Melenor on 25 July

comment #25

Um, this is AWESOME. The recent updates have been cool, but lacking in "new"ness (i.e. - I'd found most of them elsewhere already). But THIS! Now this is just plain hawt. Good work!

comment posted by Anonymouse on 25 July

comment #26

you guys are like holy beacons of giving *worships* you've made my life better, seriously. thanks so much XD

comment posted by DJ Tetsusaiga on 25 July

comment #27

I like #gamemp3s

comment posted by LCC on 25 July

comment #28

Sweet!! Thanks for the Persona 4 OST!

comment posted by Blue on 25 July

comment #29

Downloading P4 (again). Thanks!

comment posted by kufufu on 25 July

comment #30

Great to see you again Godai! But... "kek"?! Now I know why you haven't been around...

comment posted by Vincent on 25 July

comment #31


comment posted by borre on 25 July

comment #32

Sweet, I've been anticipating Persona 4's soundtrack for quite a while. Probably gonna skip out on the Sakuraba, though.

comment posted by Toma on 25 July

comment #33

Godaiiiiii, another sexy member of gamemp3s, but unlike Msia, is married =/ /cries.

...um and yeah thanks for these awesome releases. Yay for Tales of Symphonia!! :D

comment posted by Utopia on 25 July

comment #34

You guys are amazing, as usual.

comment posted by Thanatos on 25 July

comment #35

The motherload!!! Thanks for the Tales (always awesome) and Persona tracks!

comment posted by kyiori on 25 July

comment #36

Thanks for Persona, Godai, but... download link is broken? I get 404'd.

comment posted by Deadbones on 25 July

comment #37

Nevermind, worked right after I posted. Weird.

comment posted by Deadbones on 25 July

comment #38

Wooowww!!! Nice albums Godai! And i´m happy to read your words. ;)

comment posted by Xenogear on 25 July

comment #39

Ho snap, just the albums I was looking for.

Props on the awesome combo!

comment posted by Ysy The Red on 25 July

comment #40

I can't say I'm excited about anything that Motoi Sakuraba releases anymore (or Yasunori Mitsuda and Hitoshi Sakimoto for that matter), but Shoji Meguro, holy crap. I could drop-kick a cat into a dumpster to celebrate new stuff from him... What? It's either that or heroin, and doing drugs is wrong.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 25 July

comment #41

Ah dammit! I've been listening to Persona 4 and it's all vocal crap! I was looking forward to some rocking battle themes; who the hell wants to hear singing during a fight?! I mean, unless it's one of the Rocky songs. It's all going to hell, man... God I need some smack.

BTW, thanks for the various releases this week.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 25 July

comment #42

Lawrence_Bastard, in my opinion Sakuraba is the only composer in the industry that actually evolving his style (or at the very least changing it) while everyone else is sticking to the same formula. This isn't a bad thing per-say, Mitsuda is still one of my favorite composers. But I personally find it very refreshing to hear someone who has been in the business for a very long time trying to do something different with his work.

comment posted by ddaydj on 26 July

comment #43

Sakuraba is changing? He was changing, but since SO:Till the End of Time he still writes the same god damn soundtrack! Don't get me wrong, I like him, I love first Valkyrie Profile (but the second one was boring as hell mostly), older Star Oceans, first Baten Kaitos, his live concerts and few older scores. But now he is so repetitive that it hurts! There's no difference which Tales of... album U will take - all are the same! Except for great, fresh, and overally superb Legendia - but written by Shiina. But still I like his music - I'm just tired of him. So I don't care for his new projects. The same thing with Sakimoto. I like him, his style is very nice, but if U give me one of his tracks and give me a chance to guess from which game it is... No way! But that's a price of writing for 5 games per year I think. And about Mitsuda - he did three great things, Chrono Trigger, Kirite and Xenosaga;).

comment posted by herbaciak on 26 July

comment #44

...but when to compare Sakuraba and Sakimoto than I can actually see a lot of changes in Sakuraba's style:). So ok, Sakimoto is the most repetitive composer for today:).

comment posted by herbaciak on 26 July

comment #45

I agree with Chrono Trigger, Kirite, and Xenosaga being on Mitsuda's great list, but I would also definitely put Xenogears and Chrono Cross on there as well.

comment posted by Stingercjc on 26 July

comment #46

ddaydj, I'd have to agree with herbaciak's assessment. I could understand that you like his music, but to say that he's changing his style suggests to me that you might not have listened to many of his Tales of albums, or you're letting fanboyism cloud your judgement.

I was a huge fan of his work after Star Ocean 2, Valkyrie Profile, and Golden Sun, so I'm certainly not biased against him, but c'mon. You really could switch the Tales of Phantasia OST (the newer one) with this one and have a hard time telling the difference. It's fine if you still like it, yet it's not "something different."

As for Mitsuda, I absolutely hated Chrono Cross (the game and the OST). Chrono Trigger was so good that I didn't hold it against him. However, everything after Xenogears has been completely underwhelming to me. I'm sick of his mediocre soundtracks.

Not that I'm trying to start a fanboy debate here. I'm not interested in making people who like Mitsuda and Sakuraba's recent works feel like crap.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 26 July

comment #47

Here are some sakuraba quotes... I'm speachless...

Q: How do you spend a day ?
A: Since I work at home, it depends on the day, but usually I get up at about 9:00 a.m., have a coffee, and then I begin my work. After the lunch, I continue the composition and the audio mix that I do when the surroundings are quiet, from midnight to early morning. I may say that my bedtime is 5-6 a.m..

Q: Have you happened to compose in a dream?
A: Yes, I have quite often. Unfortunately I forget all when I wake up and it is a little bitter to start over again.

Q: When you complete a work, how do you feel?
A: I hope there will be a sequel!

comment posted by poephoofdfiets on 26 July

comment #48

Well I certainly won't argue that Sakuraba doesn't work hard, especially after reading those (assuming the source is reliable). Even if you hadn't presented that, the fact that most of his releases are usually 3 discs long speaks for itself.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 26 July

comment #49

Motoi Sakuraba put out one of my favorite albums ever, "Gikyokuonsou", we released it a while back. I'm a fan of prog, and Motoi usually delivers the goods.

comment posted by Godai on 26 July

comment #50

Sakuraba had a few underwhelming osts for earlier tales games but the ToS2 ost is much better and after Eternal Sonata ost that was amazing I am very much looking forward to SO4, Infinite Undiscovery, and Vesperia. Sakuraba is one of those composers who has grown on me slowly as I have gotten to notice the nuances of his work.
I am very grateful for the P4 ost because my girlfriend listens to all of Meguro's music like a fiend and requires the english tags to memorize song names.
And please people don't bash Sakimoto unless you have listened to his Romeo X Juliet, Gallian Chronicles, and Odin Sphere osts multiple times. They are fantastic.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 27 July

comment #51

"Motoi Sakuraba put out one of my favorite albums ever, "Gikyokuonsou", we released it a while back. I'm a fan of prog, and Motoi usually delivers the goods."

"Gikyokuonsou" as I remember is Sakuraba's solo album. And yes, I agree, it is great music. But his solo album and his scores are two different things ( Gikyokuonsou was wrote in early 90' as I remember... but could be wrong). But his quasi symphonic works are not as good as they should be. His progresive rock skills are great (because of that I love his concerts), he can write really original tracks. But his orchestral music is very repetitive since some time.

"And please people don't bash Sakimoto unless you have listened to his Romeo X Juliet, Gallian Chronicles, and Odin Sphere osts multiple times"

I heard Gallian and Odin - it's so Sakimotish... Even orchestral tracks in Galian are quite dissapointing. Hey! But it's still good score! So as ASH, so as FF:A2 and many more... but not Odin sphere - it's quite bad. He is good composer. But his style is fuckin' repetitive. And no, I don't wanna listen to bad scores multiple times to find good parts. Every shitty score that last more than 2 hours has good parts. But it is still bad score;). And don't get me wrong, Sakimoto writes cool themes, cool tunes - but (as I said before) he still writes the same soundtrack! FFT:A2, ASH, OS, even FF XII - they are very similiar, and if U don't know the game, there is no chance that U discerne one from another! Still, he is a good composer... but repetitive. So as James Horner - from other world of music:).

comment posted by herbaciak on 27 July

comment #52

One more thing. For example Uematsu - all his scores are different! They are not great (lately), but all of them differ from another! Blue Dragon sounds completely different than Lost Odyssey. The same thing bout his FF scores. FF IX is completely different from FF VIII, an FF VIII sounds different than FF VII or VI or any other FF game. Uematsu at least tryies to make new music worlds - Sakimoto doesn't. And yes, Sakuraba comparing to Sakimoto is Christopher Columbus... And it's funny that I like both of them. I mean Sakurba and Sakimoto... not Columbus;).

comment posted by herbaciak on 27 July

comment #53

So what was wrong with the tags?

comment posted by TheZen on 28 July

comment #54

herbaciak, if you think Sakimoto doesn't change his musical style, you should take a listen to Legaia 2. He explores quite a bit in that soundtrack.

comment posted by Deadbones on 28 July

comment #55

He also explored alot in the Breath of Fire V Ost(my personal favorite). But look how old those albums are.

comment posted by Davidd on 28 July

comment #56

Odin Sphere is vastly different from the rest and one of my all time favorites. I won't try to argue too much because obviously musical tastes are different for everyone. I admit that I can't always tell Sakimoto's music apart from one another but at least I can always tell its Sakimoto and I am a fan of his sound. I won't even bother with the Film Score composer land because there are way too many composers there to even bother getting started with. Then again if you think Uematsu's latest scores (blue dragon and lost odyssey) aren't that great then i think we'll just have to agree to disagree.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 28 July

comment #57

Say what, Persona 4 AND the new Tales of Symphonia OSTs, both at once. This can't be happening. I love the Tales of-music and this shall be interesting, to say the least! Thank you so very much :)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 28 July

comment #58

thank you ,but i am downloading the ffta2 mp3 and there is not seed..

can you upload again>??

comment posted by winsonandcyndi on 28 July

comment #59

@Lawrence_Bastard: ...so is that sarcasm?

comment posted by urutapu on 28 July

comment #60

@Lawrence_Bastard: Er, about the vocals thing.

comment posted by urutapu on 28 July

comment #61

About Sakimoto, Have you EVER heard the Opoona gamerip?? It is different, and one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a LONG time.

comment posted by Poephoofdfiets on 29 July

comment #62

Yes opoona ost is AMAZING and needs to be released officially. Some of the tracks are different although if you hvae listened to other Sakimoto albums heavily, you will notice the familiar piano style in Opoona.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 29 July

comment #63

thanks a ton for tales

comment posted by tennislord94 on 30 July

comment #64

Oh hell yeah! You rock my socks!
Love you to pieces.

comment posted by Lania on 30 July

comment #65

Persona 4 OST rocks, ToS2 no so much, generic.

comment posted by Everaldo on 08 August

comment #66

Oh no, all the seeds are gone! Could somebody please reseed for a day or two?

comment posted by AncientMecha on 19 July

comment #67

Thank you so much!

comment posted by Alien on 17 October

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