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Updated SFVs, etc.

The SFVs for deathsmiles and Deltora Quest each had a file it shouldn't be checking for. Valkyria Chronicles also had an issue with one track. All of the fixes for these are here:

deathsmiles SFV
Deltora Quest SFV
Valkyria Chronicles

posted by Msia on 25 July


comment #1

I trusted you, Msia.

comment posted by Judge Ito on 26 July

comment #2

Thanks for posting all of these corrections. It's good to know you guys like to iron out the imperfections in past releases.

comment posted by Kaleb.G on 28 July

comment #3

Thanks to those corrections, there's something new to download everyday !

comment posted by Jimmy Somerville on 28 July

comment #4

Great news for Motoi Sakuraba fans:

comment posted by Rictrunks on 28 July

comment #5

Wow, didn't expect battle tracks cd. It's missing A LOT of good tracks if it is just those 12 tracks.

comment posted by pressstart on 28 July

comment #6

"Great news for Motoi Sakuraba fans:


I came.

comment posted by jewberry on 28 July

comment #7

I can't wait for that cd

comment posted by tennislord94 on 05 August

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