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Where Are You

Two albums for you tonight. Definitely listen to The Outer Rim.

Final Fantasy Remix
The Outer Rim

posted by Msia on 10 August


comment #1


Both boxarts had me WTFing, although for different reasons.

comment posted by GenericLoser on 10 August

comment #2

Good stuff. Everyone loves FF Remixes!

comment posted by Shin_Ein on 10 August

comment #3

Outer Rim? Same dudes that did that NMH remix? Neato. Thanks for the upload Msia.

comment posted by Jenga on 10 August

comment #4

More FF remixes... Meh. I am curious about The Outer Rim, though. Thanks.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 10 August

comment #5

Is that a Bomb for the FF cover? It's kinda cool.

comment posted by Johnny on 10 August

comment #6

Speak for yourself, Shin_Ein.

But many thanks for The Outer Rim!

comment posted by Judge Ito on 10 August

comment #7

The Outer Rim cover is so absurdly hilarious that I'll try it immediately.

comment posted by urutapu on 10 August

comment #8

Actually I believe this FF Remix album was done by the big man himself, Uematsu. I'm looking forward to listening to this download. :)

comment posted by Cheezeman3000 on 10 August

comment #9

Q: Could someone give a low-down on this Outer Rim shtuff? Is it from a game, or some original workings by a game composer (ex: Forest of Glass)?

comment posted by TJF588 on 10 August

comment #10

@Cheezeman3000: No, it's by two apparently famous guys collectively called Ante. All Uematsu compositions, though, unless I'm mistaken.

comment posted by urutapu on 10 August

comment #11

@TJF588: The first track is named N.M.H. (No More Heroes?) so I'm assuming Masafumi Takada at the moment.

comment posted by urutapu on 10 August

comment #12

That's wrong. Info here:


comment posted by Mesoderm on 10 August

comment #13

Outer rim... dunno what it is but i'll be sure to take it XD Thank you

comment posted by southrencross on 10 August

comment #14

Best Week ever, Thank you! :D

comment posted by Xander0311 on 10 August

comment #15

Well, I´ll find out soon enough!

Thank you! /o/

comment posted by Marcelo on 10 August

comment #16

Outer Rim! I've been waiting to get some samples, even though it probably is good, I wouldn't want to buy it before hearing at least something.

comment posted by Echo on 10 August

comment #17


The Outer Rim is a Japanese band sporting a smooth “spiritual jazz” sound and epic hairstyles. The group is headed by bassist Jeff Curry (not Japanese!) and features game composer Norihiko Hibino on sax and computer, Hakuei Kim on keys, and Nobuaki Fujii on drums.

comment posted by Edge on 10 August

comment #18

Ill be happy to take those with me too ^^ thnx already again :D

comment posted by Ghost of The Heeg on 10 August

comment #19

WOAH! BIG THX 4 The Outer Rim' album! ^_^

comment posted by D!zzy on 10 August

comment #20

Thank you so much for the FF Remix album!!!! you guys rock!!! Thanks for outer rim too

comment posted by Midget on 10 August

comment #21

Ahhh yeah, I thought Uematsu was working on a remix album too though. I guess this must've been the one I was thinking about. Oh well.

comment posted by Cheezeman3000 on 10 August

comment #22

Just listening to The Outer Rim, definitely one of the pleasant surprises of the year in VGM so far. A good jazz arrange album is hard to come by.

comment posted by Toma on 10 August

comment #23

The album FF Remixes is just produced by Uematsu, is not the one doing the remixes.
Thx gamemp3s. :)

comment posted by Testament on 10 August

comment #24

Thanks Msia again Love and respect

comment posted by Flamigo on 10 August

comment #25

Woah! Two great uploads! Thank you so very much! (^_^) It goes without saying that you're the best!

comment posted by Bear on 10 August

comment #26

thanks for these releases, they really made my day :)

comment posted by tennislord94 on 10 August

comment #27

Pick up The Outer Rim on CD Baby. It's a great album. We're going to be doing a giveaway of three copies of the album on OSV very soon, so stay tuned to the site.

comment posted by Arcubalis on 10 August

comment #28

Well, Outer Rim is officially one of the best weird NMH radio drama/jazz album I've ever listened to.

comment posted by urutapu on 11 August

comment #29

Wow, thanks alot!

comment posted by Random on 11 August

comment #30

The Outer Rim is pretty good, but the drama kinda annoys me sometimes lol.

comment posted by Vincent on 11 August

comment #31

I really enjoyed the Outer Rim album. The drama was a little put offish on repeat listening though.

I also enjoyed the FF Remix for the most part. It's like a OCR cd. Some are good some you could deal without.

comment posted by Hero Killer Id on 11 August

comment #32

The Outer Rim's album is absolutely amazing! Hightened emotions affected my DMW. Big thanks for such great release!

comment posted by Ult iMate on 11 August

comment #33

Thank you for these potentially excellent remixes #gamemp3 crew!

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 11 August

comment #34

Yeah I really really like The Outer Rim after giving it more listen. I'm hooked on track #2 "The Instant". Do these guys have any other albums or composed any other soundtracks?
I'm a huge jazz fan, I need this, I need more!! \o/

comment posted by Vincent on 11 August

comment #35

Yeah I second that Vincent, track # 2 ROCKS!!
Thanks for this awesome upload #gamemp3 crew!
Anyone can recommend me some bands artists that play this kind of Jazz, muchly appreciated!!

comment posted by Echolyn on 11 August

comment #36

Ask and ye shall receive my friend Echolyn =)

You should look into Kyoto Jazz Massive and Nicola Conte for starts. There is also a compilation of Electro Jazz called "Saint-Germain Des Près Café" which consists of 8 or 9 albums. Reaaaaally good material =) You should be well-served having those for a while.
You can contact me on vincent.elnith@gmail.com if you are interested

comment posted by Vincent on 11 August

comment #37

Woooo~! Thanks a lot for the awesome albums! :D

comment posted by Win on 11 August

comment #38

Thanks to XISMZERO for letting me know about and contributing 'The Outer Rim', amazing album.

comment posted by Godai on 11 August

comment #39

These releases have made a shining impression amongst a week of dull and depressing crap.

Thanks for the inadvertent cheering up :)

comment posted by Cyberzombie on 11 August

comment #40

Also an interview with Jeff Curry, The Outer Rim band leader:


comment posted by Arcubalis on 12 August

comment #41

From what I've heard of The Outer Rim, I'm liking it. I love well done jazz music, and this sounds well done.

Final Fantasy Remix, however, is horrible. I rank this down at the bottom of my video game music list, along with Dracula X Remixies. Thanks for providing it, but to those that want good FF music, this is NOT it.

comment posted by Sir VG on 12 August

comment #42

Although I am always happy to see new releases here, I must agree with Sir VG, the Final Fantasy Remix album is very, very lousy. And that's sad, because it had the potential to be good. The Castlevania Remixies, good memories from that one :)

Anyway, thanks a lot for the Outer Rim gamemp3s and XISMZERO. That shall be very interesting to listen to.

comment posted by Gameguardian on 12 August

comment #43

Funny someone mentioned Forest of Glass, because The Outer Rim is easily the best album that's been released since then.

comment posted by KJ on 12 August

comment #44

Thanks a lot, Vincent!
That really helps me, in broadening my music taste, awesome! Really digging Kyoto Jazz Massive.

comment posted by Echolyn on 12 August

comment #45

Echoing the sentiment about FF Remixes being garbage. If you want quality Square remixes, OCR already has tons of them. The Outer Rim, on the other hand, is easily the best release in recent memory. The comment about Saint Germain des Pres Cafe is greatly appreciated too! I love that genre.

comment posted by Lache on 12 August

comment #46

Wooooow, Final Fantasy Remix is awful. Sounds like the dregs of OCR. I was super excited for this one too.

comment posted by SailorDaravon on 12 August

comment #47

No problem guys, feel free to contact me through that address I gave up there ^^' It's cool to meet new people interested in Nu Jazz and other variations =) I'm currently giving "Jazzanova" a listen, sounds good, though I still prefer Kyoto Jazz Massive.

comment posted by Vincent on 13 August

comment #48

Oh yeah and FF Remixes sucked. OCR has much better ones o.o lol SE should have hired Joshua Morse or some other oldschooler from there to take care of this album.

comment posted by Vincent on 13 August

comment #49

The Outer Rim ftw i love this album it is so diferent and warry nicly done.

comment posted by Kunio on 13 August

comment #50

1st post to this great site!!!! i've been lookin for a site like this for years, ever since i lost track of could villa :P

why don't you guys include the cover art in the torrent?

thanks for such an awesome, AWESOME resource!!!

comment posted by cubivore on 13 August

comment #51

It is embeded in the mp3 tags.

comment posted by Godai (mobile) on 13 August

comment #52

To anyone who enjoys this Outer Rim album: I would recommend you check out the bands Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever, and Weather Report. Weather Report, in particular, is the most similar, but I would recommend checking out all three. They're masters of the genre.

comment posted by Wizard 03 on 14 August

comment #53

Thanks for the tip Wizard 03. I'm checking out one of Weather Report albums. I see a few classic names in there, such as Wayne Shorter =) Good stuff.

It seems like The Other Rim lured all jazzers among us VGM fans haha

comment posted by Vincent on 15 August

comment #54

Are there any plans to get back to archive releases? I'm sure many people would appreciate them.

comment posted by Bubble on 15 August

comment #55

The Outer Rim is freakin' awesome! Thanks #gamemp3s crew for this fine release!


comment posted by LiquidAcid on 16 August

comment #56

Thx awesome for the Outer Rim very nice with some Jazz music ^^

comment posted by webcider on 17 August

comment #57

May as well add myself to the evergrowing comment list. The Final Fantasy album was a huge mess. I haven't been disappointed with an OST for quite some time. People around the world have been doing far better arrangements since I was a wee lad and they had this thing called the internet. Thankfully The Outer Rim was there to pick up the pieces. Solid! Thanks again Msia and helloooooooo Godai!

comment posted by MasterZophar on 17 August

comment #58

Hey guys thanks so much for the FF remix album, Do you think you may be able to get your hands on the Tales of Vesperia OST? please ^^ if you can it'd be totally awsome

comment posted by Midget on 20 August

comment #59

thanks for the release!

Final Fantasies Remixes sounds old, but this one is great. The Outer Rim is also good. Thanks again!

comment posted by Hix on 21 August

comment #60

I was wondering when GameMP3 are gona release Metal Gear 20th Anniversary which was released last week?

comment posted by ALLEN on 21 August

comment #61

Surprisingly, I liked Final Fantasy Remix, and I was left mostly unimpressed with The Outer Rim. FF Remix has a good tracklist, it does neat things with some of the compositions, and it sounds well produced. The Outer Rim had its moments (mostly in the first few tracks), but the Jazz seemed too sporadic and improvisational for my tastes. I actually found the spoken segments to be charming.

comment posted by Kaleb.G on 21 August

comment #62

Wow im am RREEALLLY impressed with the Outer Rim, what a great CD for when you are on ur balcony enjoying a beer or wine and you talk to ur girlfriend about both of ur day :)
shit that track Sanctuary, what a great samba track. I like how the album starts then kicks in with 'the instant' and then goes slow (not the musical ability tho but the mood) and kicks in major again. Really talented musician in there.

MSIA if you have some other stuff like that please post it.

thanks for letting us dicover stuff like this other than used and reused FF albums...
Peace and enjoy the OuterRim people

comment posted by David_b on 22 August

comment #63

The cover of FF RMX, little bigger:

comment posted by Alexo on 30 August

comment #64

Tasty stuff. Never heard of the Outer Rim, gonna try 'em now!

comment posted by hsieh on 10 September

comment #65

Big thx for this one :)

comment posted by Aserot on 16 September

comment #66

Outer Rim is amazing - thanks for the recommendation! Fantastic post - looking forward to more work by these guys.

comment posted by Viper on 14 October

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