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One Long Tale

Tales of Series Battle Arrange Tracks
Tales of Vesperia Original Soundtrack

It's a "Tales of" night! First is an arrange album of some of Motoi Sakuraba's best battle tracks from 10 years of "Tales of" games, some of the best battle tracks ever, can't go wrong!

Next is the 4-disc soundtrack to the recently released in North America, "Tales of Vesperia", featuring veteran Motoi Sakuraba and instead of partner, Shinji Tamura, we have Hibiki Aoyama. Yay, 360!

Tales of Series Battle Arrange Tracks Tales of Vesperia Original Soundtrack

posted by Godai on 30 August


comment #1

I already have the Battle Arrange Tracks album, but I guess I'll download it again.

I was waiting for the #gamemp3s release of the ToV OST though.

comment posted by Moogy on 30 August

comment #2

Moogy, Loyalty is a good thing. :)

comment posted by Godai on 30 August

comment #3

I think I'll celebrate playing my first 360 game by downloading this torrent and seeding. Thanks!

comment posted by Ysy The Red on 30 August

comment #4

You never can go wrong with Sakuraba. Thank you guys!

comment posted by Emil on 30 August

comment #5


comment posted by jewberry on 30 August

comment #6

Thanks, Sakuraba is very very good!

comment posted by borre on 30 August

comment #7

Thanks, but is the torrent seeded?

I would like to seed it but can't finish it currently. ; ;

comment posted by Zero on 30 August

comment #8

Woohoo, awesome indeed. The Tales Of-music has always been a favourite of mine, and Motoi Sakuraba proves his wonderful musical talents time and again. Thanks Godai and team, for bringing these pearls to us :)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 30 August

comment #9

Thanks Godai, i bet they'll be great!

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 30 August

comment #10

wowowo!!! thanx for awesome imba tracks! I just love Tales of Musaks! :D

comment posted by Elrinth on 30 August

comment #11

Thanks :)

comment posted by Freezard on 30 August

comment #12

Thanks Godai. I can't resist Battle track CD's. You made my holiday weekend! ^_^

comment posted by MasterZophar on 30 August

comment #13

i bet they'd be great too, if only they were being seeded grrrrrrr.

comment posted by sickfcuk on 30 August

comment #14

Sorry about the slow speeds guys, but the torrent is being seeded. You should see some more seeds in a couple of hours.

comment posted by Godai on 30 August

comment #15

Thank you so much! I've been waiting for these lovely OSTs (yay Motoi!!)! You rock!

comment posted by Ashi on 30 August

comment #16

Thanks so much, these look great! It always makes my day to see a new release from you guys. ^^

comment posted by Bear on 30 August

comment #17

OMG, I love you more than words can say. ;_;
*hugs gamemp3s*

comment posted by Lania on 30 August

comment #18

thanks so much!!!!!!!

comment posted by tennislord94 on 30 August

comment #19

Just wondering if anybody knows why the theme from the intro video for Tales of Vesperia isn't included, or at least I didn't find it. Anybody know the name of the song and where to find it?

comment posted by Joe Cam on 30 August

comment #20


comment posted by Thanatos on 30 August

comment #21

I think the theme song for the US ver. is call Ring a Bell(Kane wo Narashite JP ver.) by BONNIE PINK.

Thank you Godai

comment posted by PiNK on 30 August

comment #22

It doesn't get much better than this.

comment posted by Tom Kenney on 31 August

comment #23

What an AWESOME way to start the holiday! Thanks for the release -- was hoping to get it after getting Tales of Vesperia. The game is FUN!

comment posted by Chrosius on 31 August

comment #24

I love you. Seriously.

I started playing Vesperia this weekend, and I was thinking about visiting GameMP3s with a small hope of having this awesome OST uploaded.

My wish was granted. Thank you so much!

comment posted by Marcelo on 31 August

comment #25

thnx for the hot battle tracks :D

comment posted by southrencross on 31 August

comment #26

Cool a new release! Time to see if Sakuraba is still rehashing his same battle theme melodies..

comment posted by Visionnerz on 31 August

comment #27

Outstanding release guys. I'm currently playing through Vesperia and it's an outstanding game. The music is very well done.

comment posted by Shin_Ein on 31 August

comment #28

Ring a Bell
Japanese Single
pass: sonixgvn

Personally I tried listening to the ost for vesperia before playing the game and was really bored. Now that ive played the game for 27 hours though I can't wait to listen to the ost next time i am studdying.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 01 September

comment #29

I can't believe it's taken thirteen years for a an actual Tales arrangement album.

comment posted by Cless on 01 September

comment #30

Jesus Christ, we love you man! And I agree with Cless. It's hard to imagine, too. Apparently it's Motoi doing his thing as usual with a ton of synth in the background. Oh well. There's Star Ocean in my Tales of ellipsis!

Thanks man. :)

comment posted by Pete on 01 September

comment #31

I'm sending hearts over your way. I can't wait to listen to both of them~

comment posted by Ayumi on 01 September

comment #32

Thanks again! I can't wait to get listening to these

comment posted by Midget on 03 September

comment #33

I'm at 99.6%, can someone seed please? >.

comment posted by Rurouni Link on 04 September

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