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Special Courtroom

More Gyakuten orchestra music and music from the new Disgaea game on PS3.

Gyakuten Saiban Special Courtroom Orchestra Concert 2008 ~Gyakuten Meets Orchestra~
Makai Senki Disgaea 3 Original Sound Track

posted by Msia on 07 September


comment #1

Thank you.

comment posted by Lodestar on 07 September

comment #2


comment posted by Richard on 07 September

comment #3

PRINNYYYYYYY DUUUUUDDDEEEE :D:D:D Thank you Msia for the Prinny's :P

comment posted by southrencross on 07 September

comment #4

Thank you .

comment posted by FF78X on 08 September

comment #5

thx for the releaseee....gyakuten saiban

comment posted by SouL911 on 08 September

comment #6


My appreciation for these releases! *heart*

comment posted by Bear on 08 September

comment #7

Thanks a lot for the Gyakutan Saiban OST !

comment posted by Ishtori on 08 September

comment #8

More great music! Thanks a lot guys :) I've been looking forward to the new Disgaea soundtrack. Hope it's good! Thanks again, have a great day

comment posted by Gameguardian on 08 September

comment #9

Thanks a lot!

comment posted by Vikutoru on 08 September

comment #10

I will TAKE THAT album home with me right now! Thank you!

comment posted by Eric Mill on 08 September

comment #11

Objection! dood! I think that would make a great crossover game.

comment posted by Tom Kenney on 08 September

comment #12

thanks dood

comment posted by belxephon on 08 September

comment #13

yay, i didn't know about this gyakuten saiban album!

Great! Thanks!!

comment posted by Marcelo on 08 September

comment #14

Awesome new Gyakuten Saiban album. I'll be passing on the Tenpei Sato mess, however. Not a fan of his stuff.

comment posted by MalaiseDivinity on 08 September

comment #15

You guys are always so timely. I can't get the base music out of my head while at work, and now I can listen to it at work, thanks to you!

comment posted by Thanatos on 08 September

comment #16

Thank you as always!

comment posted by SJ on 08 September

comment #17

Thanks again, guys!

But, uh. Are these the official English track titles for the Disgaea 3 soundtrack? It's just...no offense, a lot of the translations are bad ("This Boy Must Hold a Wicked Heart"?) or just messed up in a purely English way ("Alma Master"?).

comment posted by urutapu on 08 September

comment #18

Believe some of them were jacked from the US promo soundtrack. As for the translations, I didn't really look at these myself. Sometimes you just got to get it out there.

comment posted by Godai on 08 September

comment #19

Lol you guys update the site so after the past few days/weeks (which of course is a good thing) but i cant even keep track of things XD thanks!!

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 09 September

comment #20

Hey, do you have the Ace Combat Respect albums? Some of the Comiket stuff doesn't really get released on the Internet, and the last quadruple batch got some of that stuff from there.

Possibly also the the Paradox of Persona and Psyvariar "THE MIX" arrange albums.

comment posted by Strifer on 09 September

comment #21

How about you guys put some better albums up?!?!?!
I'm tired of these weeaboo games. First you put this Phoenix Wright caca, then you put this FAtlus vomit of Disgaea number 3. How about some good Nintendo stuff???
I'm tired of all these sub-par releases. When will you girls put your records on?

comment posted by Jonas = King of Coments on 09 September

comment #22

@Jonas = King of Coments: You could actually buy your music if you want to pick and choose whenever you please.

comment posted by urutapu on 09 September

comment #23

That kind of comment doesn't even need a reply, however, if you don't like what you find here, you can go elsewhere, Jonas.

comment posted by Sera on 10 September

comment #24

Good work with these two guys ^^ can't wait to listen to them, still awaiting my import of Disgaea 3 >.

comment posted by Midget on 10 September

comment #25

King of coments indeed.

comment posted by Msia on 10 September

comment #26

Amazing! When does Infinite Undiscovery's soundtrack come out though?

comment posted by kingoffhej on 10 September

comment #27

@Jonas, Don't be so ungrateful. Besides everyone has its own taste. We appreciate all that the gamemp3s crew does. Like sera said, you can go elsewhere.

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 10 September

comment #28

F*ck off Jonas the whale :@ you ungratefull assh*le... sorry Msia but i can't allow such ignorance

comment posted by southrencross on 10 September

comment #29

Thanks for this update!
However, there seems to be no seeders.
I've tried for 24 hours now. Someone help? Please? O_o

comment posted by Lania on 10 September

comment #30

That Gyakuten Saiban soundtrack is awesome. I still remember when I started playing the first game and though to myself how great the music was. I also thought it was just me so I was even happier when I found out that there are a few soundtracks out there. Great stuff! Thank you for the releases!

comment posted by Emil on 10 September

comment #31

Awesome stuff! Especially lovin' the Gyakuten Saiban. Thanks, guys!

comment posted by hsieh on 10 September

comment #32

Jonas is a silly person. Asks for Nintendo stuff, even though Phoenix Wright is pretty much only seen on Nintendo handhelds and the like!

Anyways, does anyone know how different the arranged Disgaea 3 soundtrack is, and whether we might be seeing it soon?

Great release though, guys, concert stuff is one of my favorite things to listen to!

comment posted by Volcynika on 10 September

comment #33

I've burned a CD of the GS album and it is glorious! I need to get my hands on the original sometime in the future.


comment posted by Strifer on 12 September

comment #34

Thank, Msia for soundtrack. I was wonder, if you have Makai Senki Disgaea 3 Arrange Soundtrack.^^

comment posted by keikeik on 12 September

comment #35

keikkeik: Unfortunately no I don't, but if someone does and wants to rip it for us, please stop by the channel and speak with me or another op.

comment posted by Msia on 12 September

comment #36

DOOD!!! [Prinny Bombs Jonas]

I was wondering how long until you guys put MSD3 up. Thanks, Msia! ^,^

@Jonas.. I'd say more, but it's already been said.

comment posted by donglaaicha on 12 September

comment #37

More like Jonas = King of Trolls, amirite?

As for the releases, I really, really LOVE that GS Album. "Villian Suite" is just too awesome for words. Unfortunately, I couldn't really get into the Disgaea 3 OST. But as ALWAYS, I appreciate every release you guys put out. Bravo, #gamemp3s!

comment posted by Rocky Raccoon on 14 September

comment #38

What's the name of that girl singing in the last song from MSD3, 'A Song for You'? It sounds like it's my favorate jazz singer, Riyu Konaka.

comment posted by Akir on 14 September

comment #39

@ Rocky Raccoon

ur rite

comment posted by Jonas = King of Coments on 14 September

comment #40

Where is MEGA MAN 9 OST!?

comment posted by Ric on 15 September

comment #41

Oho, thank you guys, been waiting for a better rip of the D3 OST

@ Akir

It's two girls, Haru and Miki. Don't know if they go by any other names, I'm afraid.

comment posted by CC on 15 September

comment #42

I noticed that people seem to do more requests lately, this haven't happened before right?

comment posted by Clarious on 16 September

comment #43

>this haven't happened

comment posted by Jonas = King of Coments on 16 September

comment #44

You guys are planning to put up Rockman 9 OST, right?

comment posted by tornado man on 17 September

comment #45

I have already listened to the Rockman 9 OST - Rockman 2 and 3 are still my favourites but it is certainly good music.

comment posted by Emil on 18 September

comment #46

hey GODAI, MSAI. I WAS able to get a hold of dj max portable 2 (all 3 cd's and i was wondering if i could donate it to you?????????????????????????????

i also bought vocal paradigm 1 & 2 which has7 songs not found in the soundtrack?

is that cool?

comment posted by darkphantom on 18 September

comment #47

Can I have some seeds? It is stuck with no seeds or peers

comment posted by Lion on 19 September

comment #48

Lion: Must have been a temporary problem with the tracker because I see over 40 seeders at the moment.

comment posted by Emil on 20 September

comment #49

I see, thanks, it is completed now.

comment posted by Lion on 20 September

comment #50

Whow! Great blog you have, i was searching for something like this for quite long.
Thanks for the releases!

comment posted by Lui on 20 September

comment #51

Could somebody seed this please? There are no seeds at the moment T_T

comment posted by BondEternal on 08 November

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