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It's here, and a really cool album from the Thunder Force guy.

Rockman 9 Original Soundtrack

posted by Msia on 20 September


comment #1

You made me wait! I had to grab another rip, but I am deleting that and downloading this. Thank you.

comment posted by Godai on 20 September

comment #2

What's with these 2D-Retro soundtracks, the people demand 3D-HD shit, right now.

comment posted by Razakin on 20 September

comment #3

Thanks Msia. Snagged myself a copy of the Rockman 9 OST and have been listening to it since Monday. I hope others will return the favor to Capcom seeing as these soundtracks are helping them recoupe the costs for releasing the game over the net.

Brings me plenty nostalgic feelings to my old heart. I still remember receiving my first copy of Nintendo Power that featured MM2 with the Dr. Wily puppet in his ship on the cover. Enjoy! ^_^

comment posted by MasterZophar on 20 September

comment #4

Most excellent. Thanks!
The Mega Man 9 soundtrack is phenomenal.

comment posted by lostsupper on 20 September

comment #5

What's with these 2D-Retro soundtracks, the people demand 3D-HD shit, right now.
You mean YOU need 3D-HD 'shit'

comment posted by lxs on 20 September

comment #6

Mega Man 9 soundtrack? OMG! I cant wait to actually play this on the Wii later this week :)

comment posted by Matt on 20 September

comment #7

Hyakutaro Tsukumo? ...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I didn't think I'd ever hear anything new from him! (Please don't let this album suck)
Thanks for the release.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 20 September

comment #8

great thanx guys!

btw, what is the claymore ost, is it from the anime?

comment posted by bori on 20 September

comment #9

thx, I'm a huge rockman fan

comment posted by tennislord94 on 20 September

comment #10

Woohoo again 2 nice albums :D can't thank you enough.. And yes we here at #Gamemp3s love old school so Msia don't you listen to that sucker Razakin XD

comment posted by southrencross on 21 September

comment #11

ROOOOOOCKKK MAAAAAAN!!!! My favorite game series returns! Long Live 2D! Thanks guys!

comment posted by Shin_Ein on 21 September

comment #12

@bori - Afaik, it has nothing to do with the anime. I don't really know why Tsukumo came up with that name but you'll notice that most of the track titles contain famous swords names. Also in the album booklet there's this picture of a sword that has the same colors than the ship in Thunder Force V. This game had some names taken from chivalry and middle-age weapons.
Ships were related to swords etc.. Ships, Swords, Chivalry, Battles ... you get the picture.

comment posted by Kibbas on 21 September

comment #13

ROCKMAAAAN! thx msia!^-^

comment posted by SouL on 21 September

comment #14

Two awesome albums. I've been listening to Rockman 9 since it was released last week and it's fantastic. Thanks for the release guys!

comment posted by Emil on 21 September

comment #15

Er... I think Razakin is being sarcastic.

comment posted by Clarious on 21 September

comment #16

Thanks msia once again :)

comment posted by Flamigo on 21 September

comment #17

Nice, thanks. Rockman9 is a nice piece of modern nostalgia.

comment posted by belxephon on 21 September

comment #18

@Kibbas, thanx for the explanation :)

comment posted by bori on 21 September

comment #19

some wants me to share the tv animation claymore ost?

comment posted by coe on 21 September

comment #20

Both albums rock!!, for many a reason :) Thanks gamemp3s.

comment posted by EGO on 21 September

comment #21

"You mean YOU need 3D-HD 'shit'"
No, he means the people.

comment posted by Joseph on 21 September

comment #22

Lol, the RockMan 9 songs remain in my head awaiting to go at the surface ay any moment and sing it! XDDD

Nice albums, i´m happy with these old school themes. ;)

comment posted by Xenogear on 22 September

comment #23

Thanks a lot!

comment posted by Random on 22 September

comment #24

The Mega Man 9 OST is absolutely amazing 10/10 but I haven't heard about the other album at all. The Thunder Force music is awesome though, so I think this will be too! Thank you very much guys :)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 22 September

comment #25

I listened to the Claymore soundtrack and again a great CD, Thanks a mill #gamemp3s crew!

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 22 September

comment #26

Great, Rockman 9! Until I'll buy the ost with the arrange version, I'll download it. Thanks!

comment posted by Vikutoru on 22 September

comment #27

Excellent. Can't wait for MM9!

And where's MM9 Arrange Album? ;)

comment posted by Marcelo-bull on 22 September

comment #28

I love it how everyone is so up in arms about the Mega Man 9 OST. Yet they're 15 years old and listen to Linkin Park and watch Naruto and play Halo 3 on easy mode. Note, they only like it because it's currently cool to like retro stuff durrrr.

Also, Rock Man 9's OST is pretty damn good.
Oh, and I'm 22. :3

comment posted by Jonas = King of Coments on 22 September

comment #29

I love it how a guy who is only 22 says he loves it how 15 year old guys are so up in arms about the Mega Man 9's OST. That guy was only 2 or 3 years old when the best MMs were released.

Oh, and I'm 28. :3

comment posted by Jimmy Somerville on 22 September

comment #30

Guys, whatever the reason people like this MM9 soundtrack, who cares? If more people get to experience this great music, who cares if they only found out about it because of the bandwagon.

comment posted by Robby on 22 September

comment #31

^ ayup. 29 here, although you're never too young or old to enjoy Rockman. ^_^

Hell I'll even credit Megaman 2 and CV2 Simons Quest as the reason for my love of VGM. I've been an avid collector of VGM albums since the early 90's and these days a lot of game music is missing something that the simpler times had. "just my opinion though"

comment posted by MasterZophar on 22 September

comment #32

Quiet Jimmy not everyone can be as loserish as you

comment posted by Jonas = King of Coments on 22 September

comment #33

I love it when I nab your latest release for one album and find that the other one is excellent as well. Thank you!

comment posted by Squid Rooster on 22 September

comment #34

haven't d/l yet waiting for my internet to be uncapped (midnight tonight) lol so it's queued and waiting, can't wait ^^

comment posted by Midget on 23 September

comment #35

awesome, Awesome, AWESOME !!!

comment posted by JiJi on 23 September

comment #36

Man, another retro kewl release, thanks Sky Lagoon (this site's old name) :3

Speaking of retro,this is kinda off-topic, but I just followed up some news on this new RPG Sega is making. They released this teaser - http://dragon.sega.jp

The music will change into the retro style once a flower comes up you need to click on. I JUST KNOW THE TUNE FROM SOMEWHERE!! Maybe some of the other retro freaks here will know??

Back on-topic, looking forward to listening to Rockman 9 :)

comment posted by voxie on 23 September

comment #37

Awesome! Thank you very much for another fantastic upload!

Rock, rock, rockMAN!

comment posted by Bear on 23 September

comment #38

The Megaman 9 tunes have nice melodies, but I'm sick of the retro pandering lately. I look forward to the inevitable remix CD containing actual instruments, or at least samples of actual instruments.

Claymore is the better of the two by default.

comment posted by desides on 23 September

comment #39

Whoo! Hyakutaro!! Always great to hear more from him. He's probably my favorite composer, period.

comment posted by Kitsune on 24 September

comment #40

Megman 9's soundtrack is amazing. Retro as hell and loving every minute of it. I didn't know what to expect from Claymore but it's actually really nice, too. I can't stop listening to 'Cutlass'

comment posted by MinionOfCthulhu on 28 September

comment #41

Agreed on the 'Cutlass' thing. So awesome. And I love retro Megaman music, but I've been hearing it WAY too much from all the MM9 I've been playing.

comment posted by Blues on 30 September

comment #42

I've noticed a generation game, so to speak, in the gaming world. Those in the last 32bit era and younger (late PS1, PS2, PS3) think Rockman 9 sucks. Those in the early 32bit era and older (early PS1, SNES, NES, etc) think Rockman 9 is the GOTY.

Seriously, doesn't seem to matter if it's here, YouTube, whatever.

P.S. Rockman 9 is the best thing to happen to gaming in a LOOONG time. I'm still waiting on Konami to do a new Castlevania in the old school style. I don't care if it's 8bit or 16bit. Or maybe they can actually release the Japanese version of Castlevania III on VC? Or maybe bring Rondo of Blood to the US on VC? PLEASE?!

comment posted by Sir VG on 01 October

comment #43

hey! great upload once more. MM9 is great, can't get enough of it. ;)

comment posted by pete on 09 October

comment #44

Hey, the torrent links don't seem to be working...please fix?

comment posted by Paragon on 24 December

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