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More Tales music in glorious piano definition; and music from the hit PSN game PixelJunk Eden.

PixelJunk Eden Original Soundtrack
Tales of Series Piano Arrange Tracks

posted by Msia on 29 September


comment #1

Sweet, thanks for this release.

comment posted by jewberry on 29 September

comment #2

Thank You :D

comment posted by southrencross on 29 September

comment #3

Gorgeous Msia, thank you so much!

With love,


comment posted by Vincent on 29 September

comment #4

Yeaa motoi (H) Thanks Msia :D *not that i haven't heard enough piano already haha*

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 30 September

comment #5

Thanks for piano tracks!! Never can get enough sakuraba piano. I have no clue what pixeljunk is though D:

comment posted by Sirusjr on 30 September

comment #6

Thanks! Glad to finally have the Pixeljunk Eden music. :D I've been playing the game a lot, but it's tough, so I havent seen some of the later levels.

comment posted by geebee on 30 September

comment #7



comment posted by will_orz on 30 September

comment #8

Pixeljunk is a pretty cool puzzler on the PSP, I think.

comment posted by voxie on 30 September

comment #9

PixelJunk is a series of games on PS3 made by Q-Games. Monsters is tower defense, Eden is a fusion of platforming/puzzle, and I can't comment on Racers, having never played. Monsters & Eden boast excellent design, art, & music, definitely worth checking out.

comment posted by will_orz on 30 September

comment #10

Hooray. Just bought PJ Eden recently. Neat to find its soundtrack over here.

And also, a Tales album is always a nice album. Thank you!!!!

comment posted by Marcelo-Bull on 30 September

comment #11

One of these days i'm going to learn how to play the piano. If it's one thing i love, it's piano and violin arrangements. Thanks for this guys.

comment posted by Shin_Ein on 30 September

comment #12

Gotta love the Piano XD

comment posted by southrencross on 30 September

comment #13

*IntelTeaser* XD

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 30 September

comment #14

Is there a reason that you always post the album art, but don't include it in the torrent? I always have to start the torrent, wait for it to make the folder, and then save it in

comment posted by Atreus on 30 September

comment #15

Atreus: The album art is already embedded in the mp3.

comment posted by Msia on 30 September

comment #16

Awesome release. The Tales of Piano arrangements are amazing Sakuraba contributions!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 30 September

comment #17

Eden, such a good surprise! Thank you #g.

comment posted by Gaor on 30 September

comment #18

Hm. Is it just me or has game music gone downhill lately? Then again, Xenosaga Episode III was a freaking hard act to follow.

comment posted by desides on 30 September

comment #19

Msia: Ah. That'd explain it. I have my player pull it from the folder.jpg only, as I generally strip it out of id3v2 metadata (I find it redundant to have it in every mp3)

comment posted by Atreus on 30 September

comment #20

desides: Is your post serious? I must know.

comment posted by KJ on 30 September

comment #21

Heya thank Msia and the #gamepmp3s crew! for further allowing me to consummate with the completist desires of my filthy heart.

Will be neat to listen to some piano Tales and the funky name of "Pixeljunk Eden" (where do they come up with this stuff?) interests me in a few listens.

Thanks again!

comment posted by papa_haydn on 30 September

comment #22

Heck yes, PixelJunk. Glad the soundtrack finally came out; I think my purchase of it from Play-Asia is gonna arrive like tomorrow or the next day... glad to see I'll be able to jam a few days early. ;)

comment posted by Snivets on 01 October

comment #23

You guys are wonderful. Thank you so much!

comment posted by Lania on 01 October

comment #24

Thank you so much, Msia!

comment posted by Bear on 01 October

comment #25

Great another cruddy release.
Well Pixel Junk is a crap game and so are most of the Tales game.

Also I'm gay and like men.

comment posted by Jonas = King of Coments on 02 October

comment #26

PixelJunk Eden.
Thank you.

comment posted by maxmontezuma on 02 October

comment #27

@ Jonas: I'm seriously incredibly FREAKINGLY annoyed of you being so ungrateful, Be smart enough to know, that perhaps some people do like the music you dislike. And some people do appreciate exactly those releases you don't like. Be happy that we at least have a website with a crew that does it's job as good as this one. I actually wonder if you ever thought about commenting something positive. So far for, the "King" of coments.

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 02 October

comment #28

@Ghost of the Heeg: Do you really need to reply to him? :) By doing that, you have fallen into his trap, just ignore him, like what you often do with spam (viagra, cialis?).

comment posted by Clarious on 02 October

comment #29

yessss let's ignore the little sucker from now on... maybe we should block his IP XD

comment posted by southrencross on 02 October

comment #30

Was just thinking the same thing, and I'm surprised anyone's gotten even a little mad about it. I don't think he's being genuine about his distaste for the releases-- he might really like the stuff-- so it can't be taken seriously. Jonny just wants to read our responses.

The implied paradox between calling himself the King of Comments and leaving poor ones might be intended to heat ya up. He may have even spelled comments wrong on purpose. Hmmm interesting, he may be deeper and more profound than we first imagine.

. . . . actually nevermind that last part.

comment posted by papa_haydn on 03 October

comment #31

How I wish they will do the violin collection too
But as for the time being, piano will do! THANKS!

comment posted by Pixy Polly on 03 October

comment #32

"desides: Is your post serious? I must know."

Yes. I don't think releases over the past 6-12 months have been very good. There have been a couple of GREAT soundtracks, like Mario Galaxy, Age of Conan, and MGS4, but on the whole it's been pretty disappointing. Silent Hill Zero was a letdown, ZX Gigamix was horrible, and even Mitsuda's Soma Bringer isn't nearly as good as his past works (then again, neither was Armodyne.)

comment posted by desides on 03 October

comment #33

Thanks so much for both tracks Motoi and PJE perfect!

comment posted by Midget on 04 October

comment #34


comment posted by silent on 04 October

comment #35

@ desides
While Soma Bringer wasn't "blow-you-away great" it was still really good stuff. I do have to disagree with you about Armodyne. I felt like it was a very emotional OST and that's something that Mitsuda seems to have misplaced in a few other releases. Listen to "Beautiful Day" from disc 2 again. I think music like that shows that Mitsuda needs to be doing more than just game music...

comment posted by Paul on 14 October

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